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always here, not always there
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We have openings for all shifts. Fill out and print your application at You can turn in your application at my store in Lake Oswego 24/7.

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Added photos to First Saturday: Hillsboro- PDX 09/03/16 #IngressFS .

In the beginning
XM overpowered the scanners
in all agents' hands.
But in time
the portals grew weak
and our resos fell to decay
while XM grew strong.
In the dusts of Lawson cubes
lurked the blackest of badges
For it whom they feared awaited them...
Now many many cycles later
Lay destroyed, beaten, beaten down.
Only the corpses of agents
ashes of resos and drift stained streets.
It has been written,
"Those who learn the game
make the fields."
So come now, agents of Ingress
Hack keys.
And link all the things!

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Added photos to #IngressFS in Leverich Park 08-06-16.

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All agents regardless of level are invited to Ingress First Saturday event in August for NR13-Romeo-10 (and beyond) at Leverich Park in Washington. Meet agents of both factions, compete, and play frisbee golf (bringing your own frisbee is required). Pokemon Go players are welcome to learn how to use Ingress and discover more about the area you are visiting.

Check IN/OUT: Leverich Park Picnic Shelter –

We are also going to raffle off prizes. Raffle tickets will be 3 for $1 or 18 for $5. #PowerOn  

11:00 – 12:00 Check in (then scanners down)
12:00 – 2:00 Battle/Golf Play/Missions
2:00 – 3:00 Check out (Scanners down until after you check out)
3:30 - Winners announced/Raffle Prizes/BBQ

The mission for this FS event will include all of the Frisbee golf portals.
As well as AP, we will also track KM, deploys, and destroys.
Top Frisbee Golf score for each team will also win a prize.

Note: Once you have checked in, please be fair and turn off your scanner until the beginning of the measurement cycle. Likewise, when the measurement is over, please turn off your scanner until you have checked out. If you are going to be late to the event please take a screenshot of your stats as close to noon as you can. We will use that as your starting amount.

Saving a screenshot of your AP while waiting in line to check in and check out is a good idea. It will help us correct any errors made in recording your numbers.

Your hosts +Miss Priss  (TheIrishMarader) and will be happy to answer any questions. (I'm currently having issues tagging myself)

The main purpose of First Saturday is to have fun, train and have a hands_on experience helping new players of your faction understand the game and learning from the experienced players.

The second purpose is to compete against other cities worldwide. The combined levels gained by both sides during the event are what is used to rank the participating cities. The combined AP gained by both sides is the tie breaker.

The last and distant third purpose is to compete locally. Will the Resistance continue to hold the FS Flag or will the Enlightened take ownership of the flag in August 2016?

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Added photos to #Ingress FS Portland July.

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I was one half of running June's First Saturday and these little guys came up. I can't remember what they were raising money for, but I thought the poems one of them read out loud to us were cool.

Help them out if you are able and see them. They and their poems are included in the pics.
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Added photos to #IngressFS Oregon City - 06/04/16.

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Practicing right now.
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