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Now if the pilot would pull a few meters closer to the terminal, I could continue hacking until our delayed flight takes off.
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Again, the creation of phantom fields. Please try to remember that link order matters as a link can create just one field on each side, so in the first row the South link will not make a field between the two South portals and a middle, only between the two South portals and the North, so when the North portal is destroyed there is no standing field remaining. The field created is always of the biggest possible area. You can link inside fields from a portal which has at least a very small angle not holding a field. A reply to +Max Rovensky​ .
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Imagine being in this place when it got hit, "Is that all you got!?" Awesome.
“Ready for #PortalAppealReview 160 to 17."

+NIA Ops​​​​​​​​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​​​​​​​​ +Anne Beuttenmüller​​​​​​​​​ 
Portal: La palla di cannone/Cannonball (1813)
City: Trieste, Italy
Location: 45.659512, 13.774601
Appeal Category: [Rejected submission, it does not meet the criteria]
Reason/comments: Please consider this site as a valid portal. In 1813 in Trieste there was a fierce battle between the army of Napoleon and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, supported by the British naval fleet. A troop of 800 French soldiers barricaded himself on the hill of San Giusto, while the British ships from the Gulf heavily bombed the city. The Napoleonic army surrendered and left the city, but in some historical buildings of the city are still traces of that battle. / Vi chiedo di considerare valido questo portale. Nel 1813 a Trieste ci fu una dura battaglia tra l'esercito napoleonico e l'impero austroungarico, affiancato dalla flotta navale inglese. Una truppa di 800 soldati francesi si asserraglio sul colle di San Giusto, mentre dal golfo le navi inglesi bombardarono pesantemente la città. L'esercito napoleonico si arrese e lasciò la città, ma in alcuni edifici storici della città rimangono ancora le tracce di quella battaglia.
Here some information/Qui ulteriori informazioni: ; ; .

Pics taken with my Nikon Coolpix S6600.
I believe this is a valid portal for its historical and educational value.
I hope you can reconsider your decision, thank you.
209 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Review this appeal! [Yes]
Not a valid/complete appeal. [No]
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First pictures taken with my Note 4.

Other than blacking out the buildings, this was exactly what I saw. It was a good thing since the apartments where I live are nothing worth looking at.

The difficulties I have had so far, is always remembering the back and app-switch buttons are reversed from the DNA. The symbols are not associated with the same letters and no more return key in text messages or GroupMe. The soft button to switch apps is a little bit of a stretch, one handed. It would also be nice if #Ingress scaled the menus and buttons better.

Though, the difficulties are nothing I won't forget with time. The Note 4 being noticeably faster than the DNA, the stylus, and the bigger screen are why I wanted this beast.

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works for me ... only problem is battery runs out fairly rapidly!
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I agree with the replies on the original thread regarding the reality aspect of Ingress and being able to put a face with the agent name. However, I believe the maturity of my fellow toads and opposing smurfs that helped to start the respective local communities as well as the active community members are most of the reason I cannot recall any gender, or even sexual orientation harassment in this augmented reality phone game. I also firmly believe both sides would make it their top priority to deal with any concern regardless of the agent's faction that felt harrased.

+Beth Winegarner+Joe Philley+Brian Rose+Matilde Tusberti+NIA Ops
I'm a writer and journalist who has been playing Ingress since December of 2012, and for me one of the more remarkable aspects of the game (at least where I play, in San Francisco) is the lack of sexism/trolling against women. I have some theories about why that is, largely based on how the game is played, particularly once you hit L8 and beyond and need to work closely and in-person with other teammates. 

I'm thinking about writing a piece (for Medium or similar) about this experience. I'm wondering a few things, and would love to open this up to a wider discussion: 

1. Is it your experience that women who play Ingress, regardless of whether there are equal numbers as males in your community, are treated as respected and valued players?

2. Have you ever seen female ingress players trolled/harassed in the way some other female gamers in other gaming communities have been? If so, what have you witnessed among Ingress players?

3. If your experience has largely been one of equality/respect among players, why do you think that is? Does it have to do with how the game is played? If so, how?

I am not going to quote anyone without their explicit permission first; feel free to discuss without feeling like I'm going to use what you say without consent. Thanks!
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The "smoking gun" is [Brady] telling the NFL his phone will not be submitted for investigation. I find it hard to believe that not wanting to set a precedent is the reason he destroyed his phone, and also cannot push the "I believe" button that contacting the phone company after the fact has any merit.

Being labeled, "The best quarterback ever." Wouldn't you want to clear your name? The problem is he can't. Is it possible to imagine any seasoned NFL player did not know the ball in their hands was different? I might not say anything at the time, but I would own up to it. "Yeah, but I thought it was me feeling good."

Then, I would seriously overpay a friend to follow my phone with the best video recorder, and sue the crap out of the person and employer that leaked my "dick pic" or sext text affair.
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I can't imagine trying to frost one of these and keeping the detail. I'd probably just hang the thing on the wall of my office at home.
Bake a mythical creature in your own home! Dragon Cake Pan:
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‪#‎puffpuffpasstuesdays‬ Alaska PUFF PUFF PASSED!
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This is hilarious! Makes me entertain the idea of singing this to a cop every time I see one.

Dover Police DashCam Confessional (Shake it Off):
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always here, not always there
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Check for a room here first. Top notch staff, very nice rooms, and 1st place in the free breakfast department - that area gets packed quick! They also know how to handle CLC accounts.
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reviewed a month ago
Awesome, grill cooked burgers delivered to your car by great looking women on roller skates. Onion rings are good, but I wanted more.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Absolutely, no reason to look anywhere else. If a room is available, book it. This place fills up fast for more than one reason. Awesome staff, nice clean rooms, and the best free breakfast I have had to date.
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I currently work for RMSI. It is a merchandising, not a software company.
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11 reviews
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
There are probably better places, but even their newest employees know how to handle CLC accounts. The rooms are decent, all the staff is courteous, and there is a free breakfast. I keep looking elsewhere, but always stay here with no regrets.
Public - a month ago
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Go anywhere else. This seemed to be the only place that would take my CLC card in Corvallis/Albany, so I got a room here because I thought I would save my company and my vehicle mileage. A room was just about all I got. No refrigerator or microwave. The third floor ice machine was not only out of order, it was leaking all over the hallway. Pleasant staff, though I will never stay at one of these hotels again and suggest Springfield/Eugene for CLC users. For everyone, a pleasant room makes for a better day. Spend however many extra dollars you can afford and go elsewhere.
• • •
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