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Reply with a resistance symbol, or Enlightened symbol. Less info for sticking with our faction. See where this is going? Make Niantic write the change horribly, again.
The Agents in control of the contents of the box from Seattle have been given a difficult choice: Trade their precious knowledge with Jahan, and gain highly beneficial intelligence in return. Or, s…
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Anyone have an aluminum welder I can borrow for the weekend?

If so, I will drive to pick it up, you can drop it off at the shop and I will be responsible $ for it. Reply, ping or PM me to help or make whatever other arrangements.

My friend and current employer's financial circumstance will not allow him to buy one and the body shop next to his shop got rid of theirs. My friend's brother that does it for a living would be the one using the aluminum welder. He just cannot take one from his work.
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The Web making begins. Night 1 of ... took about two hours to get the base right. We'll see how long it takes to "spin" it.

I wanted to do this while my Mom and stepdad were still here, but I enjoyed just hanging out with them too much to get busy. I am also afraid the size of this will not excuse me from +Debbi Clark​​ wanting another one made in our "back yard."
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I posted mine. I used twine for it. Harder to tie but better effect than when I use string
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I agree with the replies on the original thread regarding the reality aspect of Ingress and being able to put a face with the agent name. However, I believe the maturity of my fellow toads and opposing smurfs that helped to start the respective local communities as well as the active community members are most of the reason I cannot recall any gender, or even sexual orientation harassment in this augmented reality phone game. I also firmly believe both sides would make it their top priority to deal with any concern regardless of the agent's faction that felt harrased.

+Beth Winegarner+Joe Philley+Brian Rose+Matilde Tusberti+NIA Ops
I'm a writer and journalist who has been playing Ingress since December of 2012, and for me one of the more remarkable aspects of the game (at least where I play, in San Francisco) is the lack of sexism/trolling against women. I have some theories about why that is, largely based on how the game is played, particularly once you hit L8 and beyond and need to work closely and in-person with other teammates. 

I'm thinking about writing a piece (for Medium or similar) about this experience. I'm wondering a few things, and would love to open this up to a wider discussion: 

1. Is it your experience that women who play Ingress, regardless of whether there are equal numbers as males in your community, are treated as respected and valued players?

2. Have you ever seen female ingress players trolled/harassed in the way some other female gamers in other gaming communities have been? If so, what have you witnessed among Ingress players?

3. If your experience has largely been one of equality/respect among players, why do you think that is? Does it have to do with how the game is played? If so, how?

I am not going to quote anyone without their explicit permission first; feel free to discuss without feeling like I'm going to use what you say without consent. Thanks!
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The "smoking gun" is [Brady] telling the NFL his phone will not be submitted for investigation. I find it hard to believe that not wanting to set a precedent is the reason he destroyed his phone, and also cannot push the "I believe" button that contacting the phone company after the fact has any merit.

Being labeled, "The best quarterback ever." Wouldn't you want to clear your name? The problem is he can't. Is it possible to imagine any seasoned NFL player did not know the ball in their hands was different? I might not say anything at the time, but I would own up to it. "Yeah, but I thought it was me feeling good."

Then, I would seriously overpay a friend to follow my phone with the best video recorder, and sue the crap out of the person and employer that leaked my "dick pic" or sext text affair.
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The text of the original post does not translate to English well, but this is awesome!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

«У меня к тебе один вопрос. Любишь ли ты Star Wars, как любят их все?» - именно с такой фразы началась меж фракционная подготовка нашего ФА, так ответ был однозначно утвердительный. 
А за пару дней до этого подготовка началась в голове и на рисунках в интеле у evrdaysprhero. 
Ну что драфт есть, желающие есть, чатик готов, город по окончанию выходных (чтобы не сильно обламывать АП ребятам) накрыт. Дальше всю неделю чистился город, обсуждался и дорисовывался план ФА. У йоды задвигались уши, Вейдер научился пускать молнии, появилась и нарисовалась идея надписи: «Выбери свою сторону». 

Выбор стороны, осознанный это или нет – самый важный выбор, как во вселенной Star Wars, так и в Ingress, так-что идея была принята единогласно, и также единогласно надпись стала двухцветной.

В пятницу вечером старт. Банки заряжены электричеством, головы заряжены планами линковки, тела заряжены упорином, и в некоторых случаях алкоголем. Поля сняты – погнали. 

Рисовке добавляли остроты кракены на пол города (кроссов то нет) то с одной, то с другой домашки. Кто-то выпускал кракена, чтобы отметиться, и сразу флипал, кто-то флипал, и повторял с соседних порталов. Такие сразу были найдены и наказаны вразумлены кроссовыми экипажами. 
Йода готов. Вейдер готов. Первый скрин. Восторг переполнял всё окружающие, агенты, которые не участвовали в ближайших шагах по анимации отогревали в ближайших кафе себя и свои сканеры… 
Дальше всё шло, как по маслу, никто практически не мешал. Пара недоразумений были умело остановлены, т.к. на агента падала (по доброму, конечно) мощь обеих фракций. 

Йода, Вейдер отрисованы, все кадры анимации готовы. Настало время букв. Была шальная идея начать с двух сторон разными фракциями, потом ломать и строить, а в фотошопе допилить красиво, т.к. не хотелось заставлять ребят одной из фракций ждать 2 часа рисовку букв, а потом ещё 2 часа рисовать самим, но т.к. это не TRUE, пришлось страдать) По старой доброй традиции страдал энлайт) 
Часы показывали 6.20. Небо отсчитывало поля до окончания ФА. 6, 5, 4, 3 ребята поднажмите, 2, 1 поле, ВСЁ. Бурные аплодисменты, операция на 8 часов в поле завершена. Восторг и эмоции с той минуты не покидают чаты и до сих пор.

Спасибо всем, кто участвовал в операции, в том числе всем, кто добавлял нам сложностей и динамики… Спасибо небу и скриноделам, у которых, в отличие от нас была вероятность взять и уснуть посередине опрц, чего не произошло. Спасибо Шэду за то, что у него заглючил Зело, и весь чат ловил дикий фан на протяжении пяти минут. Спасибо Мозгу за пьяные бредни. Спасибо всем, кто был на машинах, и ловил для сугреву агентов по всему ЕКБ. Ну, и самое главное, спасибо МФ сообществу ЕКБ, благодаря которому у нас получилось за неделю придумать, развить и реализовать такой отличный план.

С нами сила.

План: MrBinnary [Enl].
Экипажи: 1: Sar1k [Enl], F1ight [Res]. 2: LittlePoni [Res], FireZulu [Res], Nika243aki [Res], MrBinnary [Enl]. 3: 1747 [Enl] + Ada.
Кросы: Половина резиста и энлайта ЕКБ. Отдельное спасибо Ninjadura, который оделся и попилил вечером в соседний город снимать кроссы.
Небо: Diffurchik.
Экипаж перевесить “случайно” упавшие поля: 1747 [Enl], Shadowbeast94 [Res].

Идея и рисовка всех этапов: evrdaysprhero [Enl]
Координация: MrBinnary [Enl], Diffurchik [Enl], LittlePoni [Res]
Критика (Люди доводящие идею и картинку до идеала): Toxyd [Res], Nowelet [Enl], sergV45  [Res], Diffurchik [Enl], LittlePoni [Res], MrBinnary [Enl], VilliVinki [Enl], a001xp [Enl]

Экипажи линковщики/полесносители/победители кроссов:
Nowelet [Enl] + VZREkb [Res] + VilliVinki [Enl] + sergV45 [Res] + Deka23 [Enl] 
RAVIOLIS [Enl] + valcor159 [Res] + BerkutReven [Enl]
Shadowbeast94 [Res] + Mozg13 [Enl]
Nika243aki [Res] + 13omg [Res]
LittlePoni [Res] + evrdaysprhero [Enl] + FireZulu [Res] + MrBinnary [Enl]
Jserov96 [Enl] + Amy1013 [Res]
Kirik66rus [Res] + PogladZaUshkom [Enl]
F1ight [Res] + Vaz270 [Enl]
FrauGerman [Enl] + AntonGwozd [Enl] + 0x7b [Enl]

Небо/Скриноделы и повелители .gif:
Diffurchik [Enl] + Makcimko [Enl] / Bacowaha [Enl] + MegaZet [Enl]
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Google will add the dark/light side of the force theme to some of your Google apps through February.

I chose the Dark side.
Awaken the Force within you. Choose a side and your Google apps will follow your path.
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I finished the web last Thursday. +Debbi Clark​ said it looked awesome after she came home and saw it. Then asked if I was gonna put the lights up, so I did that the next day after work.

The best time was had two weekends ago carving the pumpkins with family, as well as the trip to the pumpkin patch with them while my Mom and stepdad tagged along visiting from SoCal!
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well done good sir
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Now if the pilot would pull a few meters closer to the terminal, I could continue hacking until our delayed flight takes off.
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always here, not always there
  • ITT Technical Institute
    Electronics Engineering Technology
I was a Senior Printed Circuit Board Designer. I would like to be again.
  • RMSI
    Lead, 2011 - present
  • Plaid Pantry
    Sales Associate, 2011 - 2013
  • EADS North America Test & Services
    Senior PCB Designer
  • National RV
    Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Jardon Engineering
    PCB Designer
  • Talon Instruments
    Engineering Aide III
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I'm just not a fan of Chinese fast food, but this is a fast friendly place I go when my wife wants Chinese food and we want to take it home. I like the chow mein and fried rice. I'm also more of a broccoli beef fan, but the teriyaki chicken is awesome!
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The staff is friendly and I enjoy the food. There is usually an open pool table. This is my first choice for dinner at a bar and not just because it is close to home. Wish they had a soft tip dart board or two.
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Cheap but not a great selection.
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Really good BBQ.
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21 reviews
Not a very well organized buffet, nor the best Chinese food.
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This is the place to go if you need any type of recreational vehicle fixed.
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