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Seems like #G+ is growing. Finally! :)
Google+ has 62 million active users, according to Paul Allen, Google's unofficial statistician.
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finally.. it's really taking off. I just wish it would allow you to have comment here feed to twitter and facebook too.
interesting that we are talking about the integration of G+ with Twitter and Pete Cashmore is at CES as they are talking (or not) about the squabble/battles between Twitter & G+.. C'mon.. the sandbox is big enough for everyone....can't we play nice?
I agree but G+ is much more of a threat to twitter then it ever was with Facebook because G+ takes a lot from twitter and makes it better visually. Twitter is naturally not going to be best pleased just as FB wasn't b4 they realized the G+ wasn't trying to compete with them.
totally agree that Twitter will be greatly affected but I can't see why they don't realize that the sandbox is big enough for everyone. G+ has the graphics but if you are on mobile (and I don't mean tablet), twitter is effective to get you a quick soundbite where G+ can give you more detail than having to search the web for it. While my smartphone is fabulous;.. and I can tweet, I can't load everything that links on twitter feature. I haven't loaded G+ on the smartphone bec it has it's own issues. Tablets are another story entirely
But given there is a huge resevoir of people who won't use twitter because of the 140 character and the abbreviated content.. G+ would give those who do use twitter a way to get their message out there and G+ users would be broadening their reach..
I just don't think that everyone has realized just how large a resevoir of non-users it is.. (and within my realm of contacts it's <bold> substantial </bold> ( html there for emphasis.. not that I expect it do show up as truly bolded)
You are right but they are competitive companies that dont want to share. They want to monopolize and dominate. Thats why they dont necessarily care if there are enough users to go around. The other thing to think about is that each platform globally has different usage dependant on the country in question. i.e. Twitter only has 2.3% of global usage coming from Australia but in N.America it is very competitive and comparable to FB in usage.

Twitter usage globally in 2010-
Interesting.,. I had no idea that there was so much difference (shows you how little I am traveling globally and how I have not kept abreast of what's going on in platform usage globally as well).. The "domination" thing is illusory since platforms evolve and change and new ones emerge-- the domination doesn't last long.. and even Apple is not impervious to this situation. I just find it sad to see this because I know more people would use G+ more if they 1) understood how to implement it better (that is the #1 question I get asked all the time when I talk about it) 2) how to integrate it into their current platforms and 3) how to physically set it up.
and -- a last #4.. why should they use it?
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