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I'm looking forward to the new Senses Fail album.  Many songs from their previous albums resonated with me.  My favorite is the song "Fireworks at Dawn" which is basically a call to get with it, yeah life hasn't worked out like you hoped, made too many mistakes, but move along anyway.

AP (+Alternative Press ): "Where did the title 'Pull The Thorns From Your Heart' come from?"

Nielson: "It’s a Rumi quote. Rumi was a Sufi poet.... The full quote is 'to wander in the field of flowers, pull the thorns from your heart.' The whole idea is that so many of us have a difficult time in our lives and we don’t truly get to live in the beauty that is life because there is so much wounding, so many defense mechanisms, and so much built up around our heart and conditioned behavior. What that quote is really saying is that in order to truly live you really have to be vulnerable enough to experience what it feels like to pull thorns out of your heart...."
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It's funny.  I was going through my Gmail contacts--doing some updates--and I noticed that your YouTube page was linked.  I thought, "Ivan has a YouTube?  Oh, I've got to check this out."

I never got a chance to congratulate you on your graduation.  Congrats man.  Wish I could've been there.  Look at that smile on your face!
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"There was no question about it: Tegularius was a willful, moody person who refused to fit into his society. Every so often he would display the liveliness of his intellect. When highly stimulated he could be entrancing; his mordant wit sparkled and he overwhelmed everyone with the audacity and richness of his sometimes somber inspirations. But basically he was incurable, for he did not want to be cured; he cared nothing for co-ordination and a place in the scheme of things. He loved nothing but his freedom, his perpetual student status, and preferred spending his whole life as the unpredictable and obstinate loner, the gifted fool and nihilist, to following the path of subordination to the hierarchy and thus attaining peace. He cared nothing for peace, had no regard for the hierarchy, hardly minded reproof and isolation. Certainly he was a most inconvenient and indigestible component in a community whose idea was harmony and orderliness. But because of this very troublesomeness and indigestibility he was, in the midst of such a limpid and prearranged little world, a constant source of vital unrest, a reproach, an admonition and warning, a spur to new, bold, forbidden, intrepid ideas, an unruly, stubborn sheep in the herd. And, to our mind, this was the very reason his friend cherished him."
-- The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse
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