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Wonder if it would work in court. Tell the jury you thought it was just a dime bag of kale
Cop Mistakes Kale Chips for Pot -

Many claim #kale to be quite the superfood, and we can't totally disagree - there's many ways to prepare the leaf. Blended in a smoothie, tossed in a fresh salad, and even baked for a delicious kale chip treat.

Megan Ange caught the attention of a Georgia police officer recently, who suspected that she might have been the one that was baked, nearly landing her in trouble with the law.

We linked to this chuckle-worthy story above from +Babble, here's a highlight:

“I only made eye contact with the officer briefly when I pulled up next to him,” Ange tells me. “I’ve always been a fan of our local police departments so I just nodded and then turned my attention to the snack in my passenger seat. Red light = hands free for snacks!!”

Instead, the officer looked her over, then immediately flipped on his siren lights. Ange quickly turned into the nearest gas station after the light had turned green and was shocked by what happened next.

Check out the link above for the complete article.

#funny #marijuana #drugs #kalechips

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Does Technology Erode The Fourth Amendment? -

The more that #technology becomes part of our day-to-day lives, and indeed our whole culture - the more we see digital communications make their way into court cases.

The natural question that arises is where does an individuals Fourth Amendment protections lie in this technological age? It may a moving target, and identified on a case-by-case basis:

Other circuit courts viewed the issue differently, such as a Florida court in the eleventh circuit which held that a defendant police suspected of drug trafficking had no reasonable expectation of privacy in the outside of his vehicle, where police had placed a G.P.S. tracking device to monitor his movements, and therefore the protections of the Fourth Amendment do not apply.

Check out the link above for an interesting read about the Fourth Amendment as it pertains to our modern society on the Moses & Rooth website.

#lawyers #legal #rights #Florida

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Concerned About Pot Candy This Halloween? It Might Be All Smoke And Mirrors -

An interesting #opinion column in +Orlando Sentinel discussed some concerns of children being handed pot candy during trick-or-treating this Halloween.

The column is written by Scott Maxwell, and can be found in it's full form through the link above. Here's a snippet of the piece we wanted to share today:

And while I'm not surprised that paid consultants trumped up such hooey, I was disappointed that sheriffs Jerry Demings of Orange and Bob Hansell of Osceola, two men I normally respect, allowed themselves to be used to spread it.

Listen, reasonable people can have logical objections to medical marijuana. My own newspaper's editorial board is opposed. (Though every other major Florida paper endorsed Amendment 2, saying that suffering patients have a right to choose a natural substance over a synthetic, highly addictive one.)

Really, the entire concept of candy-coated ganja is a red herring, since Florida's health department and (very conservative) Legislature would get to decide how medical marijuana is handled. And that could include banning products designed to appeal to kids, as other states have done.

#Halloween #MedicalMarijuana #Candy #TrickOrTreat #Orlando

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New Tinder Nightmares -

Should #dating apps have to perform more due diligence when populating their members? A recent story from Orlando brought to light a meaning to the term "Tinder Nightmare" when an unsuspecting Florida man was robbed and murdered in his own home.

While this is an extremely unfortunate story, it does bring to light some important things to consider before swiping right. We discussed this story in more detail on our blog, you can find the complete post on the link above, but here's a couple of takeaways:

Before inviting them back to your place for dinner or post-date romance, you may consider running a background check. In Florida this can be done at on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website and it costs $24.00. There are also a number of private companies that can do national checks for a fee.

#Florida #Orlando #lawyer #legalblog

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Should felons automatically have their right to vote returned after their sentence is completed?

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same effect on tooth enamel

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Thank you again for all who entered
Congrats to the winners of the +Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law scholarship winners. We had many great essays to review. Thank you to all that participated

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New article on the possibility of voyeurism charges

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