Okay, I need some help. NaNoWriMo is coming up and I'm kind of stuck. I have many, many unfinished projects and several ideas for new ones to work on and I'm paralysed by choice.

So far, I have the following unfinished works:

Crowd Dodging ( http://prt.ag/YWLk ) - a Young Adult story about kids that develop a new sport that gets co-opted by big media and their fight to reclaim it.

Boxed In ( http://prt.ag/YVjw ) - an experimental sci-fi action with a twist - the entire story is told from the point of view of a man trapped in a sealed, invulnerable coffin. He has no means of moving himself and can't see outside.

The Becoming ( http://prt.ag/YVGv ) - a super-hero horror/memoir story about a man who develops the ability to become (and thus replace) other people and how this effects his mental state and the loved ones of the people he Becomes.

Little Angel ( http://prt.ag/77So ) - a crime/horror about an investigator that gets involved with a little girl with creepy, supernatural powers.

Filth Wizards ( http://prt.ag/78cc ) - a comedy/urban-fantasy about the alchemy inherent in trash and the secret world of filth-magic that surrounds it.

Don't Shoot The Messenger ( http://prt.ag/767Q ) - a horror/supernatural story about a man plagued by a prophecy that wont stop following him and making those around him kill themselves to deliver a message he doesn't understand.

Sick ( http://prt.ag/75Tr ) - a crime drama about a cop dying from cancer and the reappearance of a serial killer that likes to use vomit as his calling card.

Prophets and Loss ( http://prt.ag/75B3 ) - an odd post-apocalyptic story set in a post-economic collapse world where the lines between religion/economics/magic are blurred.

My Friend Brad, Werewolf ( http://prt.ag/6SfS ) - a weird time-travel, supernatural western about two hicks trying to find a cure for the lycanthropy that effects one of them.

Terminal ( http://prt.ag/75iM ) - a bizarre medical action/supernatural/sci-fi about people whose pain/afflictions gives them super-powered abilities and their fight against the monsters that have been consumed by the same powers they possess.

The Mind of Milo Manning ( http://prt.ag/6NVT ) - a children's tale about a bullied boy who ends up in a coma. He wakes up in a magical land, the only way he'll wake up in the real world is to find is way home.

Contaminant ( http://prt.ag/6RiP ) - a different take on a vampire story where vampires are a biological phenomenon rather than a super natural one and the government to combat them (after the vamps openly tried to take over) force all citizens to take a contaminant that kills vamps that drink them. However the contaminant has a high mortality rate on humans too. Is the cost too high?

This Polaroid Truth ( http://prt.ag/6LXA ) - supernatural adventure/horror. A retired photojournalist receives a camera in the mail she thought was lost forever. It seems to have the power to see things as they really are. Things are after the camera, dark things and now they are about to catch up with her.

My Baby Beetle ( http://prt.ag/6FZi ) - a bizarro family drama/comedy where a woman gives birth to a miniature, sentient VW Beetle. The story follows the trails and tribulations of the family as they raise their 'son'.

Her Ladyship's Wife ( http://prt.ag/6GG1 ) - a memoir drama story from the point of view of an ageing butler/manservant of a duchess in the royal family who openly declares her lesbianism and marries a woman.

Unfolded ( http://prt.ag/6GYX ) - a pulp action-comedy about a multi-millionaire who devotes his life to hunting down the people who killed his wife using forbidden origami techniques. Full of bad, bad puns and one liners.

Axis Moon ( http://prt.ag/6Gx6 ) - a sci-fi/fantasy about a girl questing to wind the world back up again. Full of clockworks, bizarre jokes about business management structures and a custom language developed entirely as a pun.

Bag ( http://prt.ag/6GBf ) - pulp horror about a prissy teenage girl and her new handbag that seeks to devour everyone and everything when she isn't looking.

Neon Bible ( http://prt.ag/6GZL ) - a story not started by me, but one I intend to finish. Sci-fi/fantasy/horror about a post-rapture world and the quest of a girl to find a way to rid the world of the angels that hunt them all.

Letters to Justin - unstarted. A dark comedy about a man who is getting stalked, his stalker, and his stalker's stalker. Written as a series of letters between the them.

These are just stories I've already started, worked on or otherwise have a reasonably clear idea about.

There are also several proto-ideas here: http://prt.ag/Z7UV which I'm thinking about and for NaNoWriMo, might be less 'cheating' since I'd be starting from scratch.

Since they aren't fully fledged stories, I'll just list them by number and a link to the full description.

1) http://prt.ag/Z7UW
2) http://prt.ag/Z7V1
3) http://prt.ag/Z7Xo
4) http://prt.ag/Z85M
5) http://prt.ag/Z85X
6) http://prt.ag/Z88o
7) http://prt.ag/Z8cf
8) http://prt.ag/Z8x9
9) http://prt.ag/Z9j8
10) http://prt.ag/Z9qi
11) http://prt.ag/ZakA
12) http://prt.ag/Zamb
13) http://prt.ag/Zar3
14) http://prt.ag/ZbY7
15) http://prt.ag/ZbYz

And that's that. If anyone cares to read any of this junk and let me know which one is your favourite, then maybe I can choose a project to work on this NaNoWriMo, otherwise I'll just have to pick one at random and hope for the best.
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Now I'm paralysed for choice. There's so many stories on there I'd love to see you finish.
Geez hard to choose. I think of the ones in the list I'd go with Little Angel, Don't Shoot the Messenger, Prophets & Loss, The Polaroid Truth, and Axis Moon.

I honestly think the restriction that you can't have written any of it is silly; I've written a short bit (like, maybe a couple of pages) on a story, and I plan to use that (but won't count those words toward the count). I didn't do NaNo last year for just that reason - the story I wanted to write had been started and now I kind of kick myself for not using it anyway.
+Kisha Delain I have like, 600 words of a story written and am seriously considering using that for NaNo. Silly rules lol.
seriously you should. :) If the goal is to get people to write, why rule out the one story idea they've had an idea on? Some of us (unlike certain people above) only get one we want to write on at a time!
Haha exactly. For me having anything up to 1k words done is really more like a prompt than an official novel start anyways. Oftentimes I get an idea for a story in the form of the opening scene.
Dude, you have a serious backlog. You need to NaNo every month. Have you done NaNoWriMo before? I've found that simpler stories tend to work well during the tight time-frame. Intellectual novels like Boxed In might be difficult to pull off. Crowd Dodging is the one I really like -- but lots of great ideas. I've added you to my NaNo circle. Keep us updated as you decide and start writing ..
I know, I know. The trouble is I find coming up with new ideas so much easier than finishing old ones. If I wasn't so busy I'd NaNo constantly but life at the moment isn't particularly friendly to that. I'll do an update at the end of the week unless I get an influx of suggestions in which case I might decide earlier.
Finishing things can be hard. :-) Given the time constraints, perhaps it would be best to pick a plot, existing or new, that doesn’t need careful thought about the plot, time to work up sufficient puns, etc. Instead it may concentrate on character or atmosphere. I’ve heard it said that finishing this one makes the next one that bit easier to finish. Of course, it may be that complex plots, etc., are what you enjoy so this would take the fun out of it.
Yeah, its the complex stuff I tend to enjoy but I clearly don't have the stamina to follow through on them. Maybe I should focus on the core simple parts and then complicate things in the second and third passed. Build things up in layers. 
I vote for Crowd Dodging. Love the story and actually practice the sport myself. But it's always been solo, really want to try it competitively now ;)
Good story, well written.

By the way, great G+ voting Idea (not my idea). Quick post two comments after your posts with the choices. People can +1 their preference.
+Diccon T And as a side effect the voters are upping your +1 factor used who knows how by G+. Handy. :-)
Hey Andrew. Just wanted to say you have a lot of great ideas here. Crowd Dodging sounds like a fun one.
Just wanted to let you know that +Gord McLeod and I are putting together a NaNoWriMo support group on G+. If you or anyone else here are interested in joining us just add me and i'll let the rest know.
Thanks and good luck! (I think we all need it ;D).
I would go with Little Angel. I can see that being a big crowd pleaser! When you finish My Baby Beetle though, make sure you put me at the top of the list to be notified. ;)
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