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Does anyone know if there is a Chromebook with GPS yet? 

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My beloved Nexus 4 was stolen last night :( Which phone would you go for?
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Huawei Honor 7
Moto X Play

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A collection of my Brick Sketches – 12x16 stud illustrations created out of Lego plates. 
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A Lego-Friendly Prosthetic Arm Lets Kids Build Their Own Attachments

A new mindset from what current prosthetics are. Missing a limb shouldn't be a disability for a kid when you have the opportunity to explore and augment their potential by creating, playing and learning.

The needs of a kid in disability are not always related to physical activity but often alternatively the social and psychological aspect; sometimes a functional element is everything they need, but some other times it might be a spaceship, or a doll house, or a telescope, or a video game controller, or a swim fin...

What if kids could use their imagination to create their own prosthetics, their own tools according to their own needs? Learning. Creating. Being kids.

#prosthetics   #lego   #creative   #science   #disabilities  
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The doctor(s), Batman, Gandalf, Wildstyle, Doc Brown... what a mash-up!
The Doctor and Doc Brown at 0:55… I can’t wait for this game!

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Cambridge looking like a scene from the Walking Dead on Saturday morning...

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"There exists a distinct possibility that in the subpermafrost aquifer environment of Mars, one or several microbial colonies may exist, where microorganisms utilize CO and/or H2 and produce methane in

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How small individual biases can shape large populations

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This 3:50 minute short film is better than "Interstellar."

Watch full-screen...

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An epic music video made entirely using Cymatic science experiments. The ending is awesome!
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