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How to stop YouTube Videos from Automatically Playing in your Google Chrome

Works with Firefox too.

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Just a very quick e-mail to let you know that we now have 532 people officially registered for our Local Government Class Action.

Things are progressing a lot slower than we had hoped and we need your help to really get things moving. Realistically, we need 20,000+ people if this class action is going to work and, given that there are over 22 million people in Australia and that this affects EVERY one of them in some way, this number should be achieved in a week.

If you own a property then you would have first-hand knowledge of the ridiculous council rate rises that have occurred over the past few years and, if you rent a property then you rent would have been increased to cover the cost of these same council rate increases. This local government class action will put an end to these insane, ever-increasing council rates.

You, or someone you know, would also, almost certainly, have received a council issued parking fine at one point in time or another, again, this local government class action will put an end to that – local council are NOT a level of local government and they have NO lawful right to issue fines!
This is for all Australian's, particularly those that own real estate.

So, please, let’s ensure that this e-mail and the website goes viral. Let’s stop forwarding stupid videos of people dumping ice water on their heads and the like and start sharing this website around on Facebook, Twitter, e-mails and forums all around the country instead.

Remember, it makes no difference what State you live in – every State will be represented by this class action and the results will filter down to every State as well.

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This looks like exactly the phone that I want, the only SINGLE issue is non-removable battery; I can live without SD card as there are other options to get data to the phone.

+Mike Elgan TNT is really going down hill fast, I don't know why I am still watching.  Now with Sarah Lane separated from TNT and Jason being away for a couple of days.  The show is just awful, please give it up, it isn't good for you, it isn't good for TWiT.  Sorry to say so, really.  I had hoped you would get more comfortable more quickly, but it's clear it's probably never going to work for you.

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The Big Fix - BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Cover up

This is part of the reason why we don't have the best energy alternatives being made available to us today.  Too much money will be lost to BP and the likes in the oil industry.

Okay, +Mike Elgan Steve Jobs could be a dictactor, but not Bill Gates /isn't/ allowed to be?  You are showing great bias time and time again; not cool.  I must say that on the whole I push against Microsoft, but I do that with other large companies as well for various reasons, but I am not facing the public in a situation as yours.  There is no need to continue to alienate people; interviews with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates showed them to be much more friendly themselves, personally.  Please show some more tact and respect, even if you don't like a person or persons or even the company the influence.  It's not all about Apple, you have a "Tech News Show", enough said, I hope.

+Mike Elgan .... "North Korea," .... really?  You are very disrespectful to the world in general, not just what I've highlighted.

I really don't like your derogation, anti-US-ian and otherwise racist expressions even if they may be tongue in cheek, it's just not necessary.

I don't use myself ... but he is hardly an enemy of the world, he may be an enemy of certain interests in the US, but the US is NOT the world however important you think you are in the US.
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