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I have a stapler.
I have a stapler.

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After 3 years, the Drobo is working out and I'm ditching the internal RAID. One step closer to a super quiet machine. So, now it's just Drobo, ioSafe, 2x external drive and 1x giant internal HD. Sheesh. I never knew I was going to learn so much about being an archivist when I started in photography so many years ago.

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Much nicer/tidier version of my burning man setup. 
Solar Burrito Shows How to Build a Portable Solar Generator for $150

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I can appreciate this. 

World's First Hand Woven Car!

Do artists talk to each other online? I mean, discuss the work, ask questions, all that stuff that happens in person. I see lots of work being shared, and that's great, but, something is missing.

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[+] This is good.
By the Korean sculptor and installation artist Do Ho Suh

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Hmm, I'd like to build this!
Building a living photo frame with a Raspberry Pi and a motion detector @Raspberry_Pi

Hardware hacker Samuel Clay has posted this great project using Adafruit parts on his blog, ofbrooklyn with instructions on how to make your own!

As you can see above, I built a photo frame that has a few interesting parts. For one, the software which runs the photo frame, which I explore below, keeps the photos fresh from Instagram and Flickr. It then displays a random photo for a configurable six seconds. Secondly, there is a motion detector, built using a PIR sensor, which only turns the monitor on when somebody walks by.

This photo frame is easy to build, but it does take a bit of know-how. Mainly, you should feel comfortable soldering wires and mounting the screen and Raspberry Pi to a board or other object. The hard part for me was figuring out how to turn the monitor on and off through the command line.

Everything else is gravy, from configuring wifi and autoboot/auto-login on the device to attaching and setting up the motion detecting PIR sensor. You can also use the eLinux guide to Raspberry Pi and its handy RPi Hardware Basic Setup wiki.

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Recent photos - all shot with the Sony A7 and Leica M glass.

AT&T Next plan forces one into higher-priced voice/data plans. Monthly cost, before phone cost, would go up $25, for less data. Nicely done AT&T.

I'm looking at someone else's billing data on the AT&T website. Nuances of caching and network architecture. Elusive security!

News flash, guy with a camera discovers that brand new camera takes same pictures as old camera. Posts angry rant to other guys with cameras.
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