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Andrew McCallister
Just an ordinary man with exceptional hair
Just an ordinary man with exceptional hair

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I have a nexus 6p with latest beta program, everything was working fine but just noticed my phone appeared to have switched off, and won't boot up at all.

has anybody experienced this?

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Doesn't work on legs, (just saying)

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Good things really do come to those who wait and according to Bandcamp, we all should have gave up long ago. Fuck that, it has been eight years since the charismatic Melbourne MC PEZ (Perry Chapman) dropped his fabled debut, A Mind Of My Own – yielding…

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A.B. Original is the collaboration between Briggs (Album of the Year recipient at the National Indigenous Music Awards 2015) and Trials, ARIA Award winning producer for Drapht, Illy, Hilltop Hoods, Seth Sentry and The Funkoars among others. A.B. Original…

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Out of the dark depths of the Melbourne scene, Nico Ghost emerged in July of 2015 to stake his claim with his debut EP offering ‘Kaishi’. Making a serious impact, the record resulted in a slot at the coveted Beyond the Valley Festival and culminated in an…

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Loving this deck

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Hi I'm upgrading to a 6p 64gb in the next day or so. Alas the only colour option available is gold. Is the gold version too ugly or if I slap a spek case on it will it even matter?
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Give it a miss... gold is tacky
Stop overthinking and buy the phone

+Aussie Hip Hop​ hey can you please help my age addled brain. Female Aussie rapper with video clip in Asian/Chinese casino with mahjong tiles??

Doing my head in I can't remember it
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