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Andrew Mauney
Games. Bowties. Bacon. 'Nuff said.
Games. Bowties. Bacon. 'Nuff said.

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Just finished part of my trial. Actually fairly interesting courses

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Can't wait to give his a full try this week!

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See, I do some good in the world...

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Truer words about screen resolutions have not been said.
So with even a $399 tablet doing 2560x1600 pixel displays, can we please just make that the new standard laptop resolution? Even at 11"? Please. Stop with the "retina" crap, just call it "reasonable resolution". The fact that laptops stagnated ten years ago (and even regressed, in many cases) at around half that in both directions is just sad.

I still don't want big luggable laptops, but that 1366x768 is so last century. Christ, soon even the cellphones will start laughing at the ridiculously bad laptop displays.

And the next technology journalist that asks you whether you want fonts that small, I'll just hunt down and give an atomic wedgie. I want pixels for high-quality fonts, and yes, I want my fonts small, but "high resolution" really doesn't equate "small fonts" like some less-than-gifted tech pundits seem to constantly think.

In fact, if you have bad vision, sharp good high-quality fonts will help. #noexcuses

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So Helen and I agree that even though it looks terrible, the deep-fried cinnamon rolls dipped in icing and rolled in bacon bits was quite good. Couldn't really taste the bacon bits. Basically its just cinnamon rolls made hot with a crunchy exterior...

I have to say, I am more impressed with what I have seen from #GoogleIO than what I saw come out of WWDC this year...

I love that I get on g+ for the first time in a while and #Bacon is trending. This can only mean good things for this social network.

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Really amazing dancers called Les Twins. The camera work is pretty amazing. And the short playlist really illustrates how diverse they are:

0:00 - 2:07 --- Michael Jackson - Whatever Happens
2:07 - 3:23 --- Nu World Hustle - Fresh
3:23 - 3:31 --- Wine-O - Pop My Trunk
3:31 - 4:49 --- EdiT - Ants

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