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YouTube user ArtistArtorias made Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village in Unreal 4

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Is there any reason why it no longer exists when a pre-franco kernal OPO is updated to 44S ?
A friend is on 44S, 100% stock, and it exists. 

Is it needed? could it be the case of battery issues if it isn't throttling properly?

Any known issues to be aware of with the new 44S OTA for the OnePlus & Franco?

Gmail 5.0 - Crashes on reply/reply-all/compose.

Appears to be caused by theme incompatibilities, if you reset your theme to one of the two defaults, the issue goes away.


OnePlus PA Builds:
Do the PA builds for OnePlus have the menu options for adjusting OnePlus specific features? Like on-screen vs capacitive buttons?

Anyone else get the OTA no longer notifying of gapps updates?
Noticed it since going to RC1 and now RC2.

I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I'll ask anyway and I'm sure one of the fanboys will do a great job of shooting me down. ;-)

Anyway, the move to Android 4.4 saw the PA team rewrite its features from scratch to do the code cleaner. With 4.5/5.0 on the horizon, will we be seeing a similar release cycle as we've had with 4.4 for PA features? or does the newly clean PA code allow easier porting...leading to just a few bug fixes and a much quicker release to 'full' PA on the next android release?

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