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Think that means Simple Mobile just throttled me :P .
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Lol didn't show me 2 pics when I first opened it.. Just the one.. Wow 2 gigs is kinda weak. On the 25th it resets?
After how many gigs they throttle you?i thought they do after 4gb 
It looks like you had a decent spike in usage there. May have something to do with it too. It was a while ago though.
After looking at the pic looks like tethering is the reason they throttle u.
+rajan nakarmi find that hard to believe considering they have no way of knowing when I'm tethering. Data is data to them. Wasn't throttled when using about 1GB several days ago. Throttled instead today when I use about 50MB... Doesn't line up with that hypothesis. 
I always thought solavei and simple throttles after 4gb hmmm
My understanding is that they will throttle quicker in the more congested markets. Thus why they do not give you a number in the TOS.
Well, 421mb of data was pure waste. I have to side with straight talk on this one. 
+Jeremy Haas 421MB of data speed testing because I'm reviewing a service. How's it a waste? I pay for data I can use it however I want. That's not the carriers choice to determine whats worth while and what's not.

Its also Simple Mobile, not Straight Talk.
Oops, I side with simple mobile then. True, but you could theoretically have another 412mb of unthrottled data. How many speed tests did you run? I lump speed tests in with benchmarks, waste of time. I just switched from SM back to straight talk because att has better coverage in my area. Never been throttled and I usually just stay under 2gb a month. That may be the threshold. Post again when you get full speed back, I'm curious.
+Jeremy Haas dozens. I'm testing it because I need to compare it to proper T-Mobile service in the same area. I'm reviewing the service, not just having fun. But that's irrelevant. Just because you think its not worth while data doesn't mean that the carrier should shut me down because I ran speed tests. Data is data...
I agree that data is data. But i can't unsee your data breakdown. My guess is 2gb is the monthly limit. Hope you get your speed back soon.
T-Mobile throttles nee a similar amount when I go over my 2gb cap. It's not too fun. But I completely agree that you have the right to use the data however you like, and I doubt they care either. They just have an arbitrary limit set.
+Alex Knutson-Smisek I'm fine with T-Mobile doing it because there's a set restriction, and if you're at a lower level you can pay to move to a higher level and remove the throttle. 
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