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BTW, here are some side-by-side (-by-side) pictures of the OnePlus One with various other devices. Yes, it is big and unwieldy. (Also notice how tiny the Xperia ZL is considering its 5" screen. Loved that thing.)
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Reading this on a Nexus 4 and wow. Don't know if I could handle the OnePlus, though I could probably do a ZL. I'm a very big fan of this size of the N4. 
Almost as sad as their own video showing how they deceived everyone with the z1 size
+Andrew Martonik Yeah, I've wanted a Sony phone for a long time but every review has been "Wow this screen. Why, Sony? Sony please."
Z2's is good but it's about as big as the s5 :/
+Jordan Palmer Don't have one. But the M8 is roughly the same height as the GS5, but with the same width as the M7.
Oh man. The jump from my Moto X to this is gonna be rough haha
Just realized +Andrew Martonik shot these pics vertically on the edge of a table, which is why we can see his socks! 
The screen is substantially larger in the +OnePlus One though. It's equivalent size to a note 3. Also it's drop dead gorgeous. 
Very useful, and confirms the OnePlus One will be too big for my hands. The Nexus 4 is the upper limit for comfort.
Moto X here and yeah, 1+1 waaaay too big for me. The 'X is pushing it.
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