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Visual Photo Critiques: Walk the Line
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Have your shots critiqued! Leave an image URL in the comments here on G+ or on the linked article to be included in next week's Visual Photo Critique!

This week's submissions come from +Len Saltiel, +Peter Broadbent, & +Vitaly Korolev. Thanks guys!

Getting and giving feedback is crucial to growing as a photographer. Although style is subjective, learning how to communicate and sharpening technical skills is imperative. With that in mind, don’t be shy, take me up on my offer to critique your work.

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:) Not at all. This is actually a pretty old shot, but people keep commenting on it. So I was wondering if there is anything I'm not seeing.
Thank you very much +Andrew Marston, you've listed some excellent points, especially ones I couldn't 'see' for having stared at the photos for too long.

The image of the car was my first attempt at putting multiple images together, but with those tips you have given me I can hopefully improve it. Ditto for the image of the approaching storm. Or rather, not so much a storm as me being very heavy handed on the HDR sliders :D

Soon as I have some new edits I'll post them up in the comments on your blog.

Thanks again, I was hoping to get one image in, two is just a bonus!
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