───   Wide Wednesday Panorama "thank you" circle   ───
───             22 February 2012                  ───
It was my pleasure to curate the theme with +Lucille Galleli & +Ken McMahon. We had another fantastic week of entries, thank you all! We tried to view and comment on everyone's entries (especially if you mentioned us directly in the post), and it was also great to see a lot of community involvement in the comments of each image. Keep up the community support!

Hopefully this circle includes everyone that contributed to Wide Wednesday Panorama this week, but experience says we missed some. Everyone is important to the success of the theme.

Thanks for joining us! See you next week.

Note: we want to be up front. Many of the people in this circle received a "notification" that we added them to our circles. This is a temporary circle and we can't keep everyone in the long term. We will keep people that have circled us as long as we can but, we may need to drop some of the people that added us.

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