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Wow, my Leyden circle is now up to over 220 people. I never knew there were so many. Unfortunately Google+ is not really well-suited for adding people after you've searched and scrolled through 20 pages of names (too much animation starts to slog things up). Eventually on another rainy day I'll look for some more.
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Have you started a 'Voute' circle, or is it a pretty common name?
Do you think I should start a Jones circle? Hope you find who you are looking for.
I actually own my last name as a domain ( so I occasionally get random Leyden's drop by and leave me a note. There doesn't seem to be that many of us. I wonder how many +patti jones there are though. You could have a circle of all of them that wouldn't be that large I would imagine.
I have had legal papers brought to my house...wrong patti jones. My medical insurance was billed for services...not mine. My town only has about 3 or 4. Very small town lol
You should start a new nation. Leydenia
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