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Hi, I’m Andrew Lee, a Software Engineer on the Google+ Photos team.

Two of the most common requests we get are the ability to view photos in a slideshow, and to download complete albums.

Well... you can now view album photos as a slideshow! Just open a photo in the lightbox, hit the slideshow button, and sit back and enjoy the photos full-screen (Example:

Today we’re also adding the ability to download complete albums. On an album page, click “More” and then “Download album” to get a .zip file containing the photos in the album (Example:

As always: if you want to turn off the ability for people to download your photos, simply go to Google+ Settings ( and uncheck “Allow viewers to download my photos.”

We hope you enjoy using these new Google+ features!  Keep the feedback coming!
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Finally! We've been waiting for it for so-o-o long! :-)
Wow, this is awesome. I spent over an hour scripting an RSS feed scraper 2 weeks ago, in order to download the full resolution photos of my instant upload album... and was pretty frustrated by the process - glad it's so easy now :-)
Yay! It works now!

Of course fussy users always want more no matter how hard you worked on it.;)
 Right next to the pause button (or somewhere) should be a change time control.
I wont bug you for effects till next month. ;)

I'm going I'm going.. :)
+Peter Valchev , on that subject of Instant Upload: Am I missing something, or is there truly an Album, with all the other albums we create, where "Instant Uploads" also reside, in addition to its default location? ... I have so many images there I have simply wanted to move them off the Instant Uploads page and Mange them into other albums... But the selection process is really laborious... there is no Select All, to them move to another Album, clearing them out of "Instant Uploads". Does that make sense?
I know the photography community is grateful. I love that I can not go fully full screen... lol
+Peter Valchev It was already available through Picasa... You could download entire albums using a command in Picasa Web using desktop Picasa application.

Feature request: Photo Album Embed in third party sites.
thanks! we also need ability to enlarge pictures we're viewing from a post. On Nexus 7, I cannot zoom in to make a picture larger that's part of a post, even when I click on it. same when I'm viewing pics within an album.
How about making it easy to just post individual photos from albums. That seems unnecessarily difficult, or am I missing something. Blogger makes it very easy.
+Colin Campbell they already support that feature. each photo has a dedicated share button. 
+Andrew Lee thank for this it will be nice to use from time to time... Maybe you could also work on a way that we could save posts for later that we want to read... Kinda like the app Pocket
Sweet.  Thanks!

More feedback: I would love the ability to scroll back further on the "All Circles" stream.  Two days (one on mobile) seems rather short: I would probably not scroll back more than two weeks, but an infinite scrollback would be awesome.
Thanks for listening to the community! G+ is fantastic because of people like you! I'd rather be on here with very few "IRL" friends than on Facebook with a ton of people that I've met but don't really care to hear from...
This is great. Now I can use my phone more for photos knowing I can download them all easily :-)
Will Picasa Web albums eventually get some love from the Photos team? Managing Photos in G+ feels a bit cramped and lacks some advanced features, yet Picasa still has parts of the antiquated UI which feels jarring.

Why not let Picasa complement G+ by implementing modern, more complex photo management features which wouldn't work in the more lightweight G+ Photos and revamp the Explore section into a richer showcase of G+ photography content? Seems more ideal than the current sunsetting of it.
How about the ability to zoom in now?
Nice job, but what I really want is for me to always be able to download an album, even if my setting doesn't allow viewers to do so.  I, as the owner, should always have that ability.  It shouldn't go away if the box isn't checked.
How about adding to albums from photo stream on my phone? I can only post them
This is great! +Andrew Lee  Can you add to your list a method to transfer images attached to a Gmail email to an album. At the moment I seem to have to share them in a post then find the post album and transfer them to the album i want them in and then delete the post. And what +Richard Hoefer said I think is related. 
How about a form of tagging that colates with Picassa Web? It's nice to be able to search by tags in the Gallery app in Android, and not have to tag a face with a contact.
+Terry Poulin That would be great, virtual galleries could be created and shared appropriately.
Bob Luk
Can we zoom in a  smooth way , and rotation  just like in PC
Zoom on iOS please and thank you. 
Awesome! Now if we can just get alt text for our images and posts, my blind friends might have a better time of it!
Could you please fix the iPad app when you comment on a post so I am able to see what I type ? :)
Great news! Any plans to let the user set the download option per album? Not as a global setting +Andrew Lee?
How about letting me use PicasaWeb by default instead of G+?  G+ is so much slower and clumsier to navigate.
I would like the ability to upload high quality images from mobile again. The quality of the images seems to have decreased a lot since launch.
any news on when we can have "zooming" on G+ pics?

currently all pics are scaled down to fit the screen, even when clicking the "expand arrow" in the bottom right, and yet many pics are still unreadable.

a simple magnify-click, or something, is needed to zoom in. i'd be happy to suggest ways and i am available to contact for further options.
This a great update for the G+ photo interface!
I'd love to see the Ken Burns effect.  I don't think I have any viewer that can do that (ok, i'm using linux)
Could have used is a week ago, but great to have now, none the less!
+Andrew Lee First, I love the way G+ handles uploading images. It's only a few clicks. Really nice.

I do wish that when I clicked on an image that it would show me the image scaled to fit my resolution (the same way it does now), but I would like to have the ability to be able to click on the image again to see it in full resolution.
Why don't we have the ability to lock albums to prevent downloading? Why the all-or-nothing setting? :-/
Great!  Now if only there was a button to click which automatically translates posts/comments into my default language ...
Excellent progress. Thanks!
Why can't I share from a Picasaweb album to Google+?  There's no button to let me do this.  Why not?  Aren't Picasa and Google+ all part of Google?
Thanks. This makes a lot of sense!
Specially impressed by the control that allows one to prevent download by others. Wonder if you guys will work on customizing this control to say, allow downloads by family and friends but not work colleagues or acquaintances etc?
Rick L
Thank you for doing it.
And thank you to all those that went to the trouble of asking for it.
Much nicer now.
Full resolution instant upload pleezzzzz. Thanks for the update :-)
I'd like the ability to be able to download pictures in the G+ app on my phone or Nexus 7.
Awesome! Also the custom profile is gonna come! G+ is gonna rock !!
How to download album bundled with an Google+ Event?
There is no download photos' option in Event.
Hey Andrew... I have. I fuc|<@!#% clue??
Great job on making albums downloadable.  But when I download the zip file and try to run 7-Zip on it, I get a "unsupported compression method" error.
And I didn't hear any audio on your example supplied, even my Panasonic digital TV on photos screening, allows and supplies some audio track as background music. Wouldn't be hard to add this as a feature. What do you think?
These new features will definitely get used frequently.
Very cool!  I wonder if it would be worth adding the granularity of "allow single image downloads" vs "allow album downloads"
I allow images to be downloaded currently but I'm not sure I want users to be able to grab my entire album with 1 click.  May consider turning the feature off now.
Any improvements are greatly welcome and appreciated +Andrew Lee 
Thanks for sharing this +Luis Valencia
Thanks! I think the level of photo handling is what sets G+ apart! Keep smiling!
I can't use albums on G+ +Michael Stuart because they spam my stream with duplicate photos, so I've only got the one and only automated album, "photos from your posts."  It's technically listed as an album but I think it's like an automated album that only keeps the last 1,000 photos I've posted with no option to view it as a slide show consistent with the awesome new feature.

I'd make at least 1,000 albums if the albums didn't spam my G+ stream with duped photos and I could make them by keywords +Dave Cohen :)

I've got over 1,700 albums on flickr. :)
Very nice change. Would it also be possible to add a zoom feature? If I use the browser zoom, it only grows the border around the image while shrinking the image to fit.
I know what you mean about the dupes +Thomas Hawk and hated that.  For a while I was gun shy about the albums - but those dupes I think only really exist in notification land.  If you check back on your profile they don't create permanent posts I don't think.  Maybe +Andrew Lee can help us figure this out.  :)
+Andrew Lee the download option is nice, but it ought to be per album. As so many of the old Picasa features you have not done this with several uses in mind. 

I can not provide an album for friends and family which they naturally may download while having a public album which I may not want them to download in its hole.

Please go back and check what made people like Picasa. Per album and even per image settings is key, but with G+ you have messed this up :-(
how do you change google plus background color? it is too bright!!
+Andrew Lee thanks for the update! Google+ Photos get's better every day. To increase user acceptance, it is important that key features find it's way into the G+ core platform. How can I explain my dad, that for some functions, he has to open Picasa-Web?

I use G+ Photos for sharing my pictures in their original size, so people can download them when they like and I don't have to run around with an USB stick.

Some wishes:
- Possibility to upload original picture size inside G+
- Zooming option in the viewer
- Renaming feature of Albums created from Events (works in Picasa)
- Editing of Geolocation inside G+ (works in Picasa)
- Creation of album sets (grouping)
- Definition of who is able to see a picture, not the entire Album
- Definition of who is able to download per Album

Doesn't seem to work on mobile (HTC One X). Followed your link to an example, album (thumbs) opened, I selected SLIDESHOW but all I got was a black screen
Ups, found a bug: Slideshow does not work with videos in your album. It tries to start the video, but the auto forward function moves on to the next picture.
It's cool to see fullscreen like that!
I noticed:
- tagging didn't work (no keyboard focus) when in slideshow mode
- the slideshow persists even if you interact with right left arrows, I personally would like auto-pause
Thanks again!
This is definitely the single most requested feature among my friends, and it's going to earn G+ a lot of respect among them.

Now we're using events quite a lot to share everyone's photos from the same event. If events could also allow mass downloading, so that everyone's photos could be downloaded with the click of a button instead of hunting down individual albums, that would be even better.
I fully agree with +Kyle Salewski . It should become possible to override the default setting for allowing the download per album and per photo. That way you can have much better control of your photo's
i'd love code to link to and embed these slideshows as well.
Is it just me or has the share via email with upload option now disappeared? Previously it was was possible to email a link to people not in google plus, then allow them to upload pictures. Has this upload feature been removed?!
Great. But it's still not enabled in Event Albums.
+Michael Stuart I think the dupes exist in both notifications and your actual stream.  They are created any time someone comments on a photo in an album.  It spawns an entirely new post on that photo in your stream.  So if you have a popular stream and people go to an individual photo in that album and comment on it, it auto generates an entirely new post for that photo in your G+ stream.  There should be an option to disable this at least.

I think photo organization is the weakest link in the G+ Photos experience.  

At flickr, for example, if I want a photo to be in my album of San Francisco photos and San Francisco graffiti album and graffiti album I can have it in all three.  If it gets more than 25 faves I can also even have it in my 25 faves or more album.  

As an added bonus I can create albums of albums. These are called collections.  So I can have a collection of photos dedicated to my project of documenting the 100 largest American Cities specifically.  All of this great organization without dupes in my flickrstream, without having to make multiple copies of the same photo, and almost entirely automated by keyword.  I push one button every day and it auto updates over 1,700 albums.  Automation rocks.

At Google I literally have to make three separate copies of the exact same photo and manually put it in each album, which then will spawn 3 duplicate undesired entries (if comments are made on a photo in any of the three albums) to my stream making an absolute mess.  Even if you delete the dupe photo that has been spawned without your desire it will just create an entirely new spawn the next time someone else comments on it.  It would be like playing whack a mole to try and kill all the dupes that are spawned by this auto post generation nuisance.

There are lots of reasons why you dont' want dupes of the same photo in your stream.  It's confusing to followers who may have already seen a photo 2 days ago to see it pop up new again.  As a consumer of photography when you see someone flooding your stream with 50 photos of the same event all at once you interact less with any individual photo.  You also might unfollow the person for spamming your stream.  I might want to see one or two photos of your best photos from your family vacation, but I don't want to see 50 when your 14 year old niece posts Awesome on all 50 of them.

Also it makes finding the photo later and comments tied to it difficult.  If I want to follow comments on the group shot that I took of a photowalk and it exists two places in my stream it's harder to follow the 2 entirely different threads dedicated to it.  Consolidating the conversation on a single photo makes more sense.
But she does think they're awesome lol
Great points +Thomas Hawk!  I will continue to look into this because auto generating a post in the stream isn't cool at all (and I'd like to see your photos utilize the new slideshow feature)
OK - so I just checked some more on my end.  I really don't think the "created from comment" posts really exist anywhere except maybe the live stream and notifications.  I'm checking on post from 8/9/2012 where I add 2 images to my "Color or Black & White" Album and ask which one's better:
Google+ History only shows the 1 posts (  ) even though I got comments on the individual images too:
This may be good news for you and all of us +Thomas Hawk  - but I'd like to understand it better myself too :)
I WILL be checking out Flickr more based on your recommendation   Thanks!
hmmmm... I can't figure out how to add a photo to an album to try and test it out.  It seems you can only add a photo to an album at original upload is that correct?
Great addition. Yet 4 things I'd like to see:
1. Give us Tags / Labels and allow Labels / Tags based albums.
2. Give us Sub Albums.
3. You must do something with the clutter of the "Photos from Posts". Sub albums by date doesn't work.
4. When I open an album and later add photos to is, I want the post I shared the second batch of photos to be associated with the album as well. Not only the original post of the first batch.

Sharing photo albums with family, and having all family albums showing up within my Google photo albums : Lets say I am person A, and I have people in my family, person B and person C. Now, when I goto my google plus photo Albums, I would like to see not just photo albums from me, but also all the albums from persons B and C, so that I am viewing my family photos. Currently, I have to manually find out where persons B and C have their albums, ie goto to their profiles, then albums manually, which is tedious.
From doc
What happened to the ability to paste picasa links to an image and get the image instead of a link to the image?
These are great features to be added. When are we going to see some of this functionality in the android app?
A beginner with google+ and android phone. Travelling my phone was stolen Aug 10. What happened to all my photos? Going to google+ uploads I see the latest upload was July 31. Why no later? I have I think the default settings for instant upload .. which means...? I thought uploads happened more or less'instantly, daily or so. Any way to retrieve the photos from my last week travelling?  Grateful for any suggestions.
Why did you enable downloading of albums by people who don't own the photos +Andrew Lee?  I thought Google was supposed to uphold the rights of copyright-holders. Bad move, and proactively encouraging theft.

I'm aware that photographers have the option of changing their settings so that people can't download their photos, but a lot of photographers won't know about it.
+Andrew Lee This should not be opt-out. The default should be that albums cannot be downloaded by others unless the owner specifies that they can.
As  of now google+ has 16,000 photos in my private Album:)
For me g+ is a Huge drive on cloud for free...........anyone agree?
Album–Slideshow: Great!
Album–Download: Great!
Download–Permissions user–controlled: Great!

Lightbox–Photo–Zoom: Would be great!
Workaround: use PicasaWeb

Lightbox–Photo–PermalinkToPost: Would be great!
Workaround: use G+ "search–string" from photo–comments

And finally:
1000 thanks for turning the black bars on each side of non-landscape-format images into light gray!! :)
Is it possible to download all photos from event with single click?
Can you please add a search box for existing albums when adding photos from instant upload? instead we currently have to scroll down a long list to get get to a specific album :(
This was really helpful to get some photos ready for a funeral slideshow - meant we could download at home and pick through them when we were out of town at family home. Thanks. 

Edit: One thing I'd like, though, is to have the ability to completely share an album. At this point in time, we've purchased storage for photos and are keeping our entire digital backlog on my husband's account - but I can't search for eg all photos of (tagged person) - he can. Why not let him give me full rights?
Dude how funny... +Andrew Lee  people can still download my pictures by right clicking and "Save as image" ... 

So disable the right click or do something about it.. 

I sent feedback regarding to this, no luck so far.
I would like pretty much to see a "Featured Photos" "View All" and "Explore" tabs on G+ photos
+Thomas Hawk when you hover over the Photos icon on the left side and click the red add photos button, a dialog opens where you can choose an existing album to add photos to. Just click the link to the right of the title box to choose an existing album instead of creating a new one. You can also add more photos to an album from the album page itself.
+Vincent Mo ok, but how do I put a photo that I've previously uploaded into an album?  So I've uploaded tons of photos of Chicago.  How do I get those old photos that I've uploaded and that now live in the "photos from posts" album to show up in the new city albums I'm creating.  Or can I not do this without copying the file?
Andrew please help - I very recently upgraded to Google+ from picassa, love that you can download entire albums that is a great new feature, but where the blazes do I go to get the embed album slideshow code for my website? I've looked everywhere and the is the primary reason I got a picassa account in the first place!
Hey +Thomas Hawk, if you go to (you can get here by clicking on the camera icon on the left ribbon and then "From posts"), you can open an album, Organize album, and select the photos to move into a different album. It'll be a bit cumbersome since you have a lot of posts, but it should work. Your posts should stay intact - the photo shouldn't disappear and the comments should stay. I'd recommend trying it out on one of your older posts to make sure everything is the way you want before moving your photos en masse. :)
Finally, I've been waiting for the download feature for so long... It was becoming very hard to explain to my family that if they wanted to download an album, they had to go back to picasaweb (and have Picasa on their computer in the first place)... Thank you very much for this simple .zip download feature, it just works, it's nice and simple!
+Andrew Lee The #1 missing feature for me is being able to upload an original size photo from the G+ web. It still resizes down to 2048. It does look like uploading from Picasaweb now allows full size images, why not Google+?

update Yay! Full size image feature released. Thanks Google!
I'm getting unsupported compression method for any album I try to download - using either winzip or 7-zip, are there any fixes for this?
Also getting unsupported compression etc. with 7-zip and winzip. Is this a W7 or maybe 64bit problem? From the comments above I assume the failures are rare - if anyone has had this and has now fixed it can they please post what they did. thanks.
Thanks, but I can't see the More button unless I am logged into my Google account... not very useful when using the "Visible only to someone with the link" visibility option. Family members without a Google account still can't download the images. This is an important feature for the less tech-savvy people in our family.
Neither 7-zip (9.20) nor Ubuntu's unzip seem to support Google's compression method of ill-advised (?) choice. +Andy Turnbull: the only tool that currently works for me is the native Extraction Wizard on XP (right-click → "Extract All...").
Possible work around for the unsupported compression method error message is to navigate to inside the zip file using the explorer folder tree.

Once you've got compression utilities installed you don't seem to be able to open the zip file using Window's inbuilt mechanism by right clicking or such like, so browsing through the folder tree is the way to do it. Then just copy or drag the files out of the zip into another folder.
Chris N
Unsupported Compression Method error for me as well.  Win7x64.  Any other way to download these in full quality?  If I right click individually I get scaled down versions.
I can confirm this. I am using Windows 7 x64. Using 7-Zip, I get an unsupported compression method error and I cannot open the pictures. But, if I use Windows Explorer to open the zip file I can extract the files correctly and view them.
I too get this error using 7-Zip. To get around this problem, right click on the zip file and choose "Open with -> Windows Explorer".
Trying to download an album with 66 photos in, but only the first 20 or so work. The rest come through as an unknown 'file'.
I get an error while unzipping downloaded albums with 7-zip "Unsupported compression method".

OS : Windows Vista Home Edition 32 bits
French language
how to download the album which is shared by friends in the events..
With the old system of Picasaweb Albums, you could download some code to create an embeded slideshow. Is that still possible with event albums or should I upload photos to an old style Picasaweb?
We have 285 photos in an Event. When I use Download Album link only 135 of the 285 get downloaded. Why is this so? I've tried on Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Same result. Can you help?
Picasa Web was an easy to use intuitive site that allowed storing, sharing and downloading of my families pictures. Google+ has turned it into a complex and difficult application., My daughter has been trying for over a week to share her new baby pictures with me and nothing works, not even a pasted URL to her Google+ page. We do not need another trivial social networking site, we do not need an arrogant mega company who decides to "enhance" our pictures without our consent or add snow flakes to a picture that includes a white blanket. If you want to compete with Facetious Book and the twatters go right ahead,  but give us back the simple Picasa that we were all happy with.
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