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Andrew Lake
Sounders FC fan, geek, human dignity advocate
Sounders FC fan, geek, human dignity advocate
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Pretty damn cool UI design approach to accessing the source and fixing a bug. Would be cool if you could directly submit a patch request for the bug fix. Some really cool opportunities to improve the user experience, and lowering the barrier to entry, for kids and hobbyists to tinker and contribute in the open source spirit.
this is the best idea I ever seen in Linux, and I have Linux since ever! ..unless you have tried flatpak and gnome builder you won't realize the extraordinary awesomeness of it, but I'll try to explain it pretty shortly

first flatpak is a system that installs (atomic) applications per sandboxed runtime, and applications have system / hardware access through portals

building, installing and running such applications, requires a flatpak manifest, that describes the required runtime, the bundled modules the app needs (the ones not available on SDK) and the building tools (meson, cmake etc)

gnome builder is an IDE for gnome, that has first class support for flatpak apps, providing tools for running and installing applications in different runtimes, system wide, or in user space

so, in this video what endless demos (for now it is an internal work) is an button on flatpak apps, that launches the source code of the application in gnome builder

from that point we can easily edit something, press "build" and voila we got installed (with full system integration) our very personal app!!

this is so awesome, because it is like saying to a user "hey, if you find something you dont like, just fix it!" short, it encourages people to involve in open apps development, even with a very very tiny commits, and then can easily publish their changes on upstream!

the last part is actually missing, but some initial work can be found here:

GNOME Builder

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Hey +YouTube​ , enough with the millennial teen drama dance competition crap, how about giving this guy his own YouTube Red series?

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The graphic design hobbyist in me find these endlessly fascinating.

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AP: BREAKING: Trump administration considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.

In case anyone is wondering, state governors are only the commander in chief of the state National Guard when they're not under federal control. In other words there isn't much that state governments can do to stop this. If #presidentagentorange goes through with this, it maybe the case that the only way to stop it will be citizens putting themselves between the goons with guns and the victimized population who, as matter of basic logistics, would almost certainly be placed in detention camps until deported.

Check out @AP's Tweet:

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Excellent read.

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Let's be clear here. Many of these folks see nothing wrong with government assistance for them. The problem they have is with government assistance for "others" who they see as inherently lazy and scheming to deprive them of the government assistance that they believe rightfully belongs only to them.
"...government benefits lifted fully 44 percent of otherwise poor, non-college-educated whites above the poverty line."

That was the biggest, best hip hop moment ever!

#atcq #grammys #resist #presidentagentorange

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Everyday I wake up to the magnitude of the horror facing us and wish that I might, perhaps, be immersed in a Man in the High Castle alternate timeline. At one point I attempted to keep track of all the things that these full-throated white supremacists, who now wield the full power of the federal government of the United States of America, have done and are doing and, within a day, my effort collapsed from exhaustion and dejection.

Every day I wake up with the hope that decent people who call themselves Republicans will speak out against the naked corruption, the brazen collusion, and the lies, the lies about both the most trivial and the most grave. Every day I wake up with the hope that surely what happened today is so far beyond the pale that certainly a significant number of decent Republicans will resist. Every day that hope is obliterated.

Everyday I wake up slowly transformed from the person I was to the person this new reality compels me to be. This is my home. This is the home of far more people than these white supremacists, who have no greater claim here than to any other place on the planet, would ever concede. Everyday I come closer to the bone-deep understanding of the constant vigilance that human dignity and liberty requires. The institutions upon which we have relied to exercise that vigilance are coming undone. Some of those institutions, like the courts, are not entirely undone yet but I confess a significant degree of skepticism about their resilience in this new world. Our vigilance waned and now we face the fight of our generation.

If we fail, we will have lost our home, the place in which we can live in dignity, and no refuge could ever replace it. If we fail, the failure will be complete. This is our home, and we must not surrender it willingly.
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