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Interesting insights.
We've got a new item coming!  +Connor Tumbleson  tears down the new #Ingress  scanner APK file and finds some very interesting treats. What's an MUFG Capsule? click to find out
Welcome back to another Ingress APK Teardown. This is quite an interesting version currently on a 1% roll-out to a Play Store near you. Like every teardown, we can peek into the APK and see what is...
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+Brent Hollett so that's where all the deleted portals went! 
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Andrew Krug

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Getting ever closer to the goal. Nice job DC! Every little bit helps +Max Meier, III  
This city is phenomenal. Thank you DC! I had an awesome time with some fantastic friends. Met a LOT of awesome agents from both factions.
Thank you all SOOO VERY MUCH in your support of +Wheels To The Max​​​, A THIRD OF OUR TOTAL GOAL OF $9k WAS RAISED RIGHT HERE!!!!!
There are so many people to thank for that. Agents were donating swag to the cause as well. I know I will accidentally leave some people out, but please blame the mind not the heart. +Robert Vaughan​​ +Court love3n1 Ster​​ +Joanne Jones​​ +Paul Pawlowski+Chris Buchanan​​ +ctashrojr​​ +Jim Roth​​ +Joe Philley​​ +Olga Garcia​​ +Linda Besh​​ +Ethan Lepouttre​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​ +Ingress Enlighteneddmv​​ 
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The. Guide.
#FevGames   #ingress  guide is constantly updated. Have any questions about game mechanics or what a specific item does? Take a look and share the knowledge!
Welcome to the Fev Games Ingress Guide! Our objective is for this guide to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information about the features of the Ingress application. We welcome your fee...
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+Russell Holly​ it has arrived. Thank you for the recommendation.

+Qualcomm​ QC FTW
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So glad to see another brand being talked about besides Anker!
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The case of the missing / +UPS packages deepens. A neighbor one block up on the same street was expecting an order to be delivered on the same day as mine from the same source and delivery company. It too was marked delivered yet was never received. Dun dun dun... 
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Stolen maybe?
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On a day with perfect temperatures, blue skies, and a light breeze - I was reminded today about the beauty and purity of unconditional love - on many different levels. For a few hours today, the world as I experienced it, was absent negativity and prejudice. It was only filled with joy and happiness. Congratulations +Alex Richards​ and +Joubert X. Glover​! May you have a long satisfying life together. 
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Congrats you two. 😀
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See that little icon that looks like a pin and has the address next to it +Isaac Hernandez ? Click on that :) come on man you aren't that old. 
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+Jorge Pedrero and RMX Mexico - go go 
So... If 7 people sign up, the OCTO-SHIRT goes back up for sale! Any 7 people out there want to request it? All you have to do is enter your email 🐙
#illustration #octopus #cottonbureau 
Water-Based ink on Tri-Black Tri-Blend American Apparel.
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The after after after party...
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Robby L
I'd love to see a BTS with you and +Nikolas Moore both from your bathtubs. 
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Wow. Just. Wow. 
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The rest were terrible in the sense of not being funny.
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+Ahmed El-Sharkawy joins us for a second attempt at an interview. Let's hope the black helicopters stay away this week. I am also excited to get to talk to the squid himself +Christopher Bowman. Ooh Rah Devil Dog! 
Episode 53:+Christopher Bowman (E) &+Ahmed El-Sharkawy (R)
When: Thursday, May 28th at 9pm EDT (-4 GMT) / 1am GMT
Where: Via Hangouts On Air (live) 
Watch it live here:
Subscribe and watch past episodes at:

Submit your questions for this show now using the QA feature. Please tag the guest you want to ask the question to by starting your question with @<guest name>.

Don’t forget to join us for the Weekly Truth with +Operation Essex members to catch up on all the story line events that occurred this past week. 

Please re-share and let us know if you have any future guest suggestions in the comments below. 

#MeridianProject #BehindTheScanner #Ingress #Enlightened #Resistance #BTS +Ingress 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Behind The Scanner. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Episode 53: Christopher Bowman (E) & Ahmed El-Sharkawy (R)
Thu, May 28, 9:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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My man!
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