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Disconnecting for a few days. See you all on Monday.
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Time for the weekly Ingress Global Community Manager AMA! Ask Me Anything #Ingress related in the comments. I'll answer as much as I can and update the OP with the questions and answers so you don't have to go searching in the comments for them.

EDIT 1: Disabled comments
EDIT 2: Q&A added

Q1: Sean “Vire5cent” Anderson - With the launch of OPR & submissions being limited to seven every fortnight, is there any reason why the Seer medal couldn't be fully reinstated? No doubt it would encourage low quality submissions again, but the current limitations would stop a 'flood' of them.
A1: I think we want to avoid anything that incentives low quality submissions.

Q2: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - When will +NIA Ops post about the changes to appeals?
A2: Soon.

Q3: Francesco Pisani - How's your TG and HO backlog this week?
A3: 458 unread on TG. You have my sincerest apologies is you sent me a message and I have not yet replied. I really try to reply to each and every person but it can sometimes take me a couple of days to clear the backlog. Please be patient.

Q4: Jesse Harris - A common problem with portals going through OPR is the mysterious "too close to an existing portal" denial reason. Sometimes it's a few meters from an existing portal, sometimes it's several hundred. Is there a guideline we can go by when submitting things so we avoid this problem? I've had some top notch historical markers denied because there was a forest service sign about 20 feet away.
A4: Let me see if I can get NIA OPS to clarify this somehow. If you have any examples of the "several hundred" I'd love to be able to pass those on to NIA OPS.

Q5: Gerald Wolf - Are you satisfied with the first few days of the Vanguard Project?
A5: Very satisfied. The group has been a great sounding board already. I'm excited about the future.

Q6: Tizian M. (TizianTitus) - Hey! What's about crafting like take two level 4 Powercubes to get one level 8 Powercube. It would save inventoryspace. What do you say?
A6: Personally, I love it!

Q7: Steve Pugh - If we think we have a cool idea for the next challenge badge, what's the best way to send it over to you guys?
A7: Send me a message and I'll pass it along.

Q8: Adriána Perkele (TheCapsuleCollector) - would it be possible to get result average star rating from opr in the rejected portal submissions?
A8: That's not a bad idea. I have no idea what the level of effort is to implement this though. But it could be good feedback.

Q9:Kirby “Wo1fi3” Ross - What's your fave in-game item?
A9: Beacons. I'm one of those wierd people that collects the Anomaly beacons. I also love to place to meetup beacon on portals. It's a signal that something is going on outside of the game but that occurred because of the game.

Q10: João Eduardo Oliveira Murta - have you ever checked the airbnb site? There is a section with the most unique and beautiful houses you can rent around the world , what do you think about a ingress blog with the most unique and beautiful portals around the word?
A10: I like it. I'll talk to the team about the best way to implement this.

Q11: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - More than two years ago, +John Hanke said "agree" and "Ack" on this post, regarding alerts and activity. Most people took that to mean that there would be some sort of action on the COMM for Intel [to] Split up ALL COMM. When will we see this happen?
A11: I think it is safe to say that COMM in 2.0 will be different than 1.0. What that final end product will look like - I am not sure.

Q12: Allan Weber - With the remote recharging agents not eligible for a anomaly badge any longer. Will we see more more events globally so these individuals can participate to earn a badge? Because not every agent has the funds or the ability to transport themselves halfway across the continent or across borders to participate.
A12: It's not that they are not eligible "any longer", just not for Q4. As mentioned before, we are researching a technical solution to track things. Decent progress has been made on this. Some testing needs to be done to ensure it can scale to the level of the Anomaly. More to come on this in the future.

Q13: Sebastian Carewe - What's your stance on maybe freeing up account names at some point? There are so many entirely unused/inactive accounts which claim some very nice names. How about freeing up the names of accounts with 0 AP or inactive <L8 accounts that haven't played for more than a year?
A13: It's probably a good thing to do at some point in time.

Q14: Brian Aydemir (Toxoplasmolly) - Whenever I watch the animation for an ultrastrike, I think, Flame Strike ( Ever wonder what Ingress would be like if you could point at some nearby location, such as a portal 20m away, and call forth an ultrastrike upon that spot, rather than being limited to where you're currently standing?
A14: A proximity weapon... interesting. Something more powerful than the range of an XMP but that maybe has a cooldown? Sounds like something worth exploring perhaps.

Q15: Kirby “Wo1fi3” Ross - Will there ever be a way to send items through links?
A15: I have no idea. I'd rather have a way to do real life dread drops via a QR code sticker or something.

Q16: Wil Hutton (OGRivetgeek) - What is the biggest challenge right now with keeping the Ingress player base engaged (and/or growing it)? (speaking as a nearly completely disengaged player)
A16: This is a tough question to answer because it is subjective to each user and there are many types of user. Maybe you can reach out to me and we can talk about your situation and what you'd like to see?

Q17: Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972) - Hi! Any time frame for the replacement of the MUFG-Capsule to appear?
A17: No set timeframe and my contacts have gone quiet on the topic. I don't know if this means there is something coming soon or otherwise.

Q18: Markus “TheDubViking” Vaihoja - If you would be a donut, what donut would you be?
A18: One that tastes like a skunks rear end. Why? If I was a donut, why would I want people to eat me?

Q19: Pedro Owsik (padalabra) - What is the strangest Ingress-related thing you've seen since you've become the Ingress GCM?
A19: The number 1331 is ALWAYS popping up in places. The most recent was the bar/restaurant in the hotel we were staying it. It's name? 1331... It is freaky.

Q20: Martin Zehetmayer (Angrox) - in one of the last AMAs you stated that the release of Ingress 2.0 is still in 2017. Now we have less then 2 1/2 month less and we haven't heard of some sort of beta testing - not even a closed one.
A20: I'm very excited with the progress I have seen. I can't give specifics, because I don't know. But all indications are that something will happen soon. I'm not sure what will happen with the Holiday season coming up and people taking vacations. But regardless, things look great.

Q21: Dave M (2BDCy4D) - How many fields did you make during the EXO5 challenge?
A21: 113

Q22: Hakan Gül - What's your thoughts on adding stats for destroyed mods or perhaps giving 10 AP for a destroyed mod?
A22: There are several categories for stats that I think we could add. This could be one of them. Off the cuff, I think it is a good thing.

Q23: Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa - My question is, it's the holiday season, what is your favorite holiday treat?
A23: Pumpkin spice bacon.

Q24: Sarah Miller (Caterpillar) - I've been wondering for a while now, why is it impossible to change the email address associated with one's Ingress account? Will this be different in Ingress 2.0?
A24: I can only speculate that it might have something to do with mitigating account selling. Beyond that, I don't really know.

Q25: Sorak Enl - What do you think about an event like first Saturday, execpt instead of battling over existing portals, the goal is to visit some rural area which only has a a few portals and create new portals that both sides agree on.
A25: I think that's a wonderful idea.

Q26: Jared Elgvin - Can you say something about Niantics stance on instances where a player on one team sends an e-mail to the Employer of a player on the other team, accusing the other player of playing in their worktime.
A26: I have no idea what the official stance is. Personally, this sounds like a violation of the harassment clause in the Ingress Community Guidelines. Sepcifically as it relates to intimidation. Just don't do it. The fact I have to type these words out makes me feel sad. Just don't. If the employer has no issue with the employees performance that is between them. If the game is impacting their performance then I'm sure the employer will take notice and issue a performance improvement plan. Unless you are their manager, stay out of it.

Q27: Maximillon Tan - Have you visited the Philippines?
A27: Not yet.

Q28: Dries Goddefroy - Why does Nia like to write Bruges as Burges?
A28: It's better than writing it as Sausage. Ask Rami.

Q29: Bas Boterman - Hi Andrew, which percentage of all agents made the third tier in the EXO5 challenge?
A29: I don't know but I've asked to see if we can share some data with you all. Stay tuned...

Q30: Dominic Zingg - I have an idea for a new badge called traveller. Every Kilometer you travel counts for example you travel to the next anomaly 800km and it will Count you 800km for the badge. Would be very interesting to See how far we travel for Ingress. What do you think about this?
A30: My immediate reaction is that our slogan is "Adventures on foot" and not "I traveled 800km by car or airplane". I'd have to think about it more but I'm not sure about this one.

Q31: Nicolas Sibille (sablier94) - When will we know the character badge that we'll have in our EXO5 supporter packs ?
A31: Hopefully tomorrow.

Q32: Pongo Lyn - Happy Tuesday Andrew! With the recent launch of the Vanguard Ambassador program, are there any significant changes to the way players should report issues related to spoofing and portal reversion?
A32: Nope.

Q33: Rishi R - Ingress was a 5 year project at it's launch and we are at 5. Where do you see ingress in the next year or two ?
A33: There are some very cool things coming up in the short term. The long term? I think we'll continue to push the boundaries of the game.

Q34: Basilio Quispe - What is the relationship between NIA and FEVGAMES?
A34: There is no formal relationship. They are two separate companies.

Q35: Jarome Allen (Sofakat) - What is one of your best memories from the field? Not a community event, but right out in the field in the middle of action. Say, during a baf or out portal smashing. :)tell us a story.
A35: There are so many. There was one time in mid-2014 that we were building a farm in a rural town. Near the end of it I went to deploy a VR shield on a central portal and instead deployed a VRLA. The local Resistance started putting calls out about us trying to field. Within minutes there were people there trying to take the portal down. All because I was so tired that the pink blobs all looked the same to me.

Q36: Bertje P - What is your opinion on agents that have created a banner, have it online for quite a while and then suddenly decide to change the image. Not a little change, but a complete different image.
A36: Whatever was approved is what it should stay imho.

Q37: Gary Tolley - Grogyan - What is your preferred muffin with your coffee, Apple or Blueberry?
A37: Cream cheese muffin.

Q38: Chris Lew (aznpandafood) - After seeing the sign up for for Embedded Reporters, are they really just for primary sites? I myself am only attending a secondary (Honolulu). There is no interest in having Embedded Reporters for secondary sites?
A38: I'm not sure I understand. We are soliciting for all of the sites on November 4th.

Q39: Dernic Wynd - Asking for a friend... Is there any reason the EXOs can't a portal on the international space station? Or how about the moonlander on the moon?
A39: Maybe they are there but the scanner simply cannot detect or see them yet.

Q40: Randy Booz (Wyndmyr) - Under OPR Guides, There is nothing specific for baseball fields, soccer fields, hockey courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, and etc. Obviously these things encourage outdoor exercise, and are not at all uncommon in communities. They don't intuitively seem to fit with the ruling as 'Exercise Equipment'.
A40: If you are unsure of something you should rate it 3 stars.

Q41: Mayra Lucía de Fátima Chepe Ballena - If a level 12+ agent changes faction, he/she will go to level 0 but retain his OPR medal. Can this agent, in his new faction and low level, review OPR despite not having the necessary level?
Q41: I don't think they can. I believe they would have to be level 12+ again to gain access.

Q42: Leandro Quevedo - Hello Andrew. I have a question about the opr and the option to create new portals. In my town there is a church that got a lot of statues of saints (picture below) everyone it is different from the others, and we don't know if we could submit and the same for approves. I'm not saying sending the 100 statues. But a lot of them are really good ones. Well, hope your answer to share with the community. greetings from Argentina
A42: Yep these can be separate Portals. Whether they go live depends on the votes they receive in OPR and whether they are too close to one another.

Q43: Gene C - Not entirely sure about your gaming background, but are/were you one who played MMOs before or even after starting on Ingress? If you did/do, which ones and which were your favourite(s)?
A43: Oh yes! I was an officer in a guild on WoW for a long time. In terms of my gaming background, I cut my teeth on Pong when my Dad brought it home and I haven't stopped playing them. Atari, NES, OG Gameboy, going to the arcade after school, using the modem in the Dreamcast to actually play against people before there was an Xbox live for Playstation network. Now I feel old... thanks man.

Q44: Bau Knecht (b0uldergn0me)- There's been a lot of evolution in the inventory over the past couple of years, but one category didn't change: Resonators. Any additional plans for portal-deployment in the think-tank?
A44: Maaaybe.

Q45: Rodrigo Díaz Orellana (ardéis) - How you feel about intel placing your inventory keys on map?
A45: I don't know what the overhead would be for this for all players and if it is scaleable. If it is, I like the idea.

Q46: Kayleigh McWhyte - Do entries for the sage badge / year 5 art contest need to be submitted as psd or .ai files, or can I just scan a pen and ink or pencil rendering?
A46: Sketches are acceptable.

Q47: Andreas Baumgartner - Why is there no possibility to redeem passcodes in the iOS version of Ingress? Do you guys have plans to implement that someday?
A47: It is a limitation that we have no control over.

Q48: Jacob “Mitallust” Pope - Hi Andrew! In the portal submission guidelines it states that Private Residential is not allowed. Are portals that are on the public easement part of private residential property (such as a sidewalk) and publicly accessible allowed?
Q49: A sidewalk, that probably fits the bill. Something in someone's front yard... probably not.

Q50: Максим Чепурин - Soon there will be another anniversary and a holiday - from the day of the launch of Ingress
- what events, promotions and medals Nia plans on this day (week or month)?
A50: Stay tuned. It is going to be awesome!

Q51: Sergio SerroZelerny - Will Nia announce Q1'18 animalies cities and dates at the end of EXO5?
A51: I'm not sure. That would seem to make the most sense. But I haven't heard any specifics.

Q52: Tony Power - What do you think about L16 agents being able to deploy 2 L7 Resonators as a reward? That would allow a L16 agent to at least make a L6 portal by themselves without changing the balance of the game by making it easier to make a L8 portal.
A52: HJTX3gAAAANs27imwdg2o9+k9KMT6IB4reIyTMI3wKC7XcTPuHokOi8e0oVXMe+Y2zrCfaZ4muw2rG4PqrQyklg/bPMpn68wEv+Ji52YU+Y1NOYXAdF5mEsQaW9Bjd8QelB8zEceGLp0lhfT+9j95zRb4Xrtl28F2ekZob0Z0KHF8JUWhj7MBsuksBPO3XClOpXU/q2uAsurTBvsrktkK9LaAZV+jyEzvC2nvoBs5fQphiWAlJPNGykt6AYTaIV66VUQtp7FCRbkO6ytmpbmXHgpOJpBtqq7SHTwyBrpP+WFnmNr/BTU1csw1ioyLP2zeEGbzA==

Q53: Fei Xie - Here's a question which you should ask the community, how many languages are the weekly AMAs translated to?
A53: How many languages are the weekly AMAs translated to?

Q54: quirischa zlobnyy - Do you like this Sage medal design? (the author is unknown to me)
A54: Ahhhh! It is hideous. Not the design. But the subject of the design!

Q55: Hejmdal Ase - Hi Andrew, I'm wondering if you have talked to some of your XM researcher contacts lately, I've been investigating what looks like a XM influx into the scanner when you login, it appears that this influx is personalizing the scanner to the agent but the effect appears to wear of after a few seconds although my research seams to indicate that this time could increase to as much as an hour in the future, would be nice to hear if you have hear about similar research results ?
A55: Something is afoot. I've told over and over that "Change is coming..."

Q56: jose aestruli - What about the submissions in the limbo? how much they have to wait to be live?
A56: A solution for these is being worked on.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system and couldn't comment publicly if I did.
#2: Don't ask if we will implement something. I don't make those decisions. Asking for my opinion on features is ok. If I can confirm something, I will.
#3: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#4: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.
#5: Try to limit questions to one per post.

Josh Stock's curated archive of all the past AMA's:

GCM AMA G+ Collection of Posts:
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The weekly Monday AMA has been postponed until tomorrow, Tuesday.
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I sit down to chat with XFCC co-founder +Dan NoReg on this week's +Behind The Scanner. Check it out.
+Behind The Scanner interviews XFCC co-founder +Dan NoReg on this week's Behind The Scanner. Don't forget to like, comment, and reshare!
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It is M-O-N-D-A-Y! Time for the weekly Ingress Global Community Manager AMA! Ask Me Anything #Ingress related in the comments. I'll answer as much as I can and update the OP with the questions and answers so you don't have to go searching in the comments for them

EDIT 1: Disabling Comments
EDIT 2: Adding Q&A

Q1: Josh Stock - I have a suggestion for a feedback mechanism in OPR...will you forward the suggestion to the dev team?
A1: I'll definitely forward it on. They also read these AMA's so I'm sure they saw the feedback already. But good idea.

Q2:Justin Bennett - Has Niantic been re-considering the no recharge badge decision for Q4 given all the player feedback the last week?
A2: We have been reading the arguments for and against. The decision is unlikely to change at this time.

Q3: Clash with PG - Is that EX05 medals r counted for level up?
A3: Yes.

Q4: Sarah D'Amato - What are you going as for Halloween?
A4: Captain Obvious.

Q5: Mustafa “MuMu” Said - Any ideas just what the Exo Precursors are or how they tie into +November Lima?
A5: Not exactly. They seem to be an intelligent life form though and what is happening doesn't appear to be accidental.

Q6: Heshan De Silva - Do you have any plan or mechanism to stop submitting duplicate portals?
A6: There is a feature coming that may help with this. More to come.

Q7: Yangyang Ou - Hi Andrew, good morning. Will there be a VR/AR MODE in ingress in the foreseeable future? What do you think of this idea?
A7: I'm not sure about a VR mode. Unless it was for Intel Operators for an example. That would be cool. But I fear a real world game that requires movement in the real world and a VR experience that takes you out of the real world. AR would be more suited towards Ingress. What will happen in the future? I'm sure one day we'll see it.

Q8: Michelle Park - Would it be possible in the future for limited-time events like Exo 5 Controller to be more team oriented? This event for me has been very hard, because my family and I cannot progress at the same time like we were able to for Via Lux Odyssey and Magnus Builder. Also, trolls are able to disrupt progress by throwing BAF fields over the micro-fielding areas.
A8: Good feedback. I'll pass it along and hopefully we can come up with something.

Q9: Артём «Kofirs2634» Поздняков - How to send an offer to conduct an anomaly or MD in my city?
A9: There isn't a way to apply for an Anomaly. For Mission Days you can use

Q10: Flavio Gerez (Hegel075) - Good day Andrew!. Are you FOR or AGAINST rewarding Agents with anomaly medals for recharging off site (no physical attendence) and why?
A10: I am for them if we have a way to mitigate abuse. We are investigating something that may allow us be able to identify rechargers for Q1 2018.

Q11: Barcode Nem0oo - Hi, in last AMA you said that a fountain surrounded by water isn't reachable via safe pedestrian access, therefore isn't a good portal candidate. But you also said in a previous AMA that underwater portals already existed. Now, I guess one can not walk and touch those either, he'd have to swim. What's the difference between swimming to a fountain and swimming or diving to some underwater object ?
A11: Portals that were accepted in the past may not meet today's criteria.

Q12: Сергей Грачёв - Where do the portals that were viewed by the agents in OPR go and for which I have not received a response about the reject or acceptance? I saw in screenshots my portals in OPR a week ago, but I did not get an answer.
A12: This was posted to the OPR community yesterday: Please be aware that some OPR submissions, especially those in areas with high concentrations of existing Portals, may take longer to process. We will, in some cases, be performing additional analysis on these Candidate Portals to ensure high Portal quality. In the meantime, you may not receive updates on your Portal submission. Be assured that each submission will be processed, though not always in the order in which it was received.

Q13: Aadil Van Der Ross - Hi Andrew, Could you please clarify the Sojourner badge to me, Is it 24 hours from your last hack you made or is it calculated from the time your first hack was on the day the badge came out? TIA
A13: I don't know the magic sauce. Sorry. I know some Agents report it being a little more than 24 hours but I can't confirm that.

Q14: Liberty Naud (LibertyBot2) - Are there TOS issues in using a fake camera app to access your photo gallery to submit portals at a location that you are not currently at?
A14: That's a really good question and I don't know that I can answer it at this moment. I'd have to check with our legal department to provide a conclusive answer. I'll see if I can't get an answer.

Q15: Glen Foster - With the new portal submissions, you do get AP and a key. I was wondering if there could be something like a capsule that would show the new portal online that you submitted. It would be like a "Trophy Case" where the key wouldn't be used for anything else.
A15: I'm not entirely sure that this is needed with the Key Lockers being in the game.

Q16: Aurelian S. (RhyfelderBebbi) - Is Niantic aware that the Resistance beacon InGame always is the wrong way? No matter how it turns around, the Key always looks right instead of left..
A16: Huh... so it is. I'll pass this along.

Q17: Faah Favaros - Is there any plan to make easier new agents recruitment?
A17: Yes. In fact, the whole on-boarding process is being redone.

Q18: Mick Preston - Do you think that Coffee Shops that add "Pumpkin Spice Latte" to their menus in October should be removed as Portals?
A18: I wouldn't mind this. Pumpkin spice is a scourge that needs to be wiped from the earth. Pumpkin spice toothpaste and potato chips? It is too much.

Q19: Jana D (Chamyra) - Which are the American primaries for EXO5?
A19: This should be answered in the coming days.

Q20: Lena Krutilla (Jemstar) - Will you watch my kid so I can attend a Q4 anomaly?
A20: I'm not sure you want a stranger from the Internet that you've never met watching your kids. Although I do have beard which makes me instantly trustworthy I've been told.

Q21: James Green (jkg5150) - Hi Andrew! Is there any news on rules or format for the upcoming Bob series of anomalies? Or Exo5, if you must...
A21: Last quarter we gave a preview to the Anomaly POCs to provide input on. We intend to that this quarter as well sometime this week.

Q22: Fin Raziel - Why there still a signout button if multiaccount is against the Niantic TOS?
A22: It is not against the TOS to share a device with another person. Therefore currently, you can have more than one account on a device as long as the other accounts belong to actual Agents. We see this alot with families that play together. The issue becomes when one person uses multiple accounts.

Q23: Juano (Juano) - What happens with portals on military zones or on closed residential communities? They are inaccesible, and reporting them haven't worked. Can you help me?
A23: I would need more information to offer an informed opinion. The uninformed and general opinion is that they are legal portals which is why reporting them has not worked.

Q24: Bryan Poulson (lonerangerXX) - What Is your opinion on a Mission Banner Tracking System?
A24: I like it. I don't think that it is doable with the current system as we have no way to know what is part of a series without a lot of overhead processing of mission names. Even than, someone could troll by using the same mission name. So we would need to implement a new feature that allows people to tag them x out of y in a series.

Q25: Sébastien K (ptitRien) - Hi Andrew! Do you think Niantic should change his politics about dismiss portal submission because they're a short distance between two portals?
A25: No.

Q26: Kira Graf - Why don't we hear voices anymore?
A26: Change is coming...

Q27: Chris Damoci - Is it worth resubmitting a portal that was rejected due to closeness of another portal, but was a valid portal? Should the agents reposition in a better place? What is the actual distance needed for this not to happen?
A27: If it was incorrectly submitted originally in the wrong location, yes.

Q28: Osanda Chathuranga (F33NiXSL) - hi Andrew! is there any plans for a separate decoder badge? like blog posts decoding and anomaly decoding...
A28: Not at this time.

Q29: Bryant Durrell - I’ve discovered evidence that character badges are being abused and sold to those who did not earn them by attending the event where they’re handed out. Will character badges be removed in the future?
A29: Character badges by and large are not about contributions or participation for a specific event. So no, it is unlikely that these will be removed.

Q30: Adolfo Monteiro - why doesn't +NIA Ops creates a Ingress Council with ENL and RES PoC that can speed up bans from spoofers, ingress accounts selling items, etc?
A30: This currently exists.

Q31: Luis G Bejarano - What do you think is the reason for having so many "casualties" inside the Ingress stroyline?
A31: The investigation is about high risk and high reward. Trying to corrupt via a virus all portals like Devra attempted is not a small or easy task. People (and organizations both state sponsored and private) are bound to notice some of these actions.

Q32: Laura Savičienė - Hello Andrew! Consider a situation: agents A and B of the opposing factions have an advance agreement to help each other to achieve highest tier Exo5 medal. Agent A creates a number of fields from one anchor, agent B takes the anchor down and lets agent A capture it back and re-field. They repeat it multiple times until agent A gets the medal. Then agent B creates his set of fields, and agent A repeatedly takes down his anchor to let him re-field, until agent B also gets a medal. Is it win-trading?
A32: That certainly fits my definition of win-trading.

Q34: Invader Zim - What's in your wallet
A34: A Tile slim because I'm always misplacing it.

Q35: Fei Xie - How about adding a little reward (like 10 AP) on firing XMPs with 20%?
A35: Interesting. I kind of like it.

Q36: Quek Yu Shan - pixel 2 or iphoneX?
A36: Note 8

Q37: Dennis Lee (Lacera) - What is Niantic's stance (and your personal view) on belligerent and rogue agents who sabotage their own factions intentionally during; 1) Normal gameplay 2) Anomalies
A37: It's clearly against the spirit of the game not something I would recommend.

Q38: Jason Leslie (paperbro) - Ingress has been losing popularity with the rise of other AR games. 2.0 has been the proverbial carrot dangling in front of us for a year and in the meantime more players have left. Anomalies are still popular but the day to day game play seems to be missing. Is there a strategy to address this?
A38: Having seen the data recently, I'm not quite sure it is accurate to say that is has been losing popularity. Relative to the first year... sure. But compared to 6-12 months ago, not really. Don't believe the marketing hype and the bogeyman isn't real.

Q39: Amy Nichols - Hi, what are your thoughts about allowing submissions for custom beacons, similar to single missions? I think it would be a fun option for local events.
A39: I like it. We would need to find a way to make it scalable and not be abused. I remember my days playing Team Fortress where people could make custom logo sprays on surfaces. I saw a lot of Goatse sprays...

Q40: Nikita Korolev NikaKor - Good morning, Andrew! More and more people prefer to communicate with TG messenger, even you have an account in it. Is it time for Niantic to open his own official channel in it? I have asked this question last time, and didn't receive any answer, so I ask again)
A40: We do have two accounts on TG. One for Korean and one for Chinese (TW) languages.

Q41: Stephan Döge - OPR: when a portal receives 1 star, it is automatically submitted. When I want to specify why, I have to write a comment before giving the rating. Is this comment then transmitted, or is it discarded?
A41: I don't believe it is discarded.

Q42: Gene C - Forgive me if it's been asked before but, if you were given carte blanche to introduce a brand new in-game item to Ingress, what would it be, and why?
A42: Probably a virus innoculator to make a portal immune to being flipped. It seems like a natural item.

Q43: Arvind Bala (expediter) - A disagreement has resulted in our local chat about the policy of portals in private residential properties following this answer.
A43: Given the description of "guarded residential condo", that seems to be a legit area as it was explained to me. If it was a single family house and not a condo building with multiple tenants it would not be.

Q44: rosie morland - Would it be possible for Niantic to release a breakdown of the top 10 accepted and rejected types?
A44: That's not a bad idea.

Q45: Chris Sleijpen (MrSleijpie) - Due to the last update the pixel c tablet is not supported anymore for the ingress app... Do you know why this is done? Any particular reason? Is it coming back again?
A45: I believe I saw an email thread where this was being discussed. I assume (maybe I shouldn't) that this will be fixed.

Q46: Miles Beck (Sivan) - Has there been any new talk about a badge to replace Guardian?
A46: Yes. In fact, this was one of the first topics for the Vanguards. I'll be taking all of their feedback and providing it to our product team.

Q47: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - When will we find out about Ingress 2.0 Beta from Navarro, even if its just "People have been selected and are testing it"?
A47: Soon™.

Q48: Bryant Durrell - Would you be interested in leading a cross faction anomaly best practices group aimed at documenting basic procedures to help increase bonding within the faction and avoid liability issues such as the ones discussed on both sides for Houston?
A48: I'd be happy to act as a third party moderator for something like that. But I don't think I need to lead it. Hit me up on TG and let's chat about it more.

Q49: Arctic Rebel - I have a few questions about the Vanguards. Are they there to help solve problems with the player base and Niantic?
A49: As stated before they are not NIA OPS and cannot officially adjudicate anything. They provide advice to us. Advocate on behalf of player issues. Help amplify certain messages. Participate in the programs that were outlined in the call for volunteers. One example of what they do is providing us feedback on the Guardian medal which I'll be taking to the product team.

Q50: Rebekah Rogge - Is there a plan for all those portal submissions that appear to currently be in purgatory?
A50: Yes.

Q51: Adam Milroy (Sqlkiller) - Andrew Krug Q1 Really enjoying the EX05 builder event, along with the previous Magnus Builder and Via Lux explorer events. Can we have more of these events, but more frequently, say every 3 months.
A51: That is the goal.

Q52: Liberty Naud (LibertyBot2) - Many potential portals are being rejected for being indoors instead of viewable from the street (hyper local spots, museums, etc). Can OPR training or guidelines be updated to requiring 3 stars for unsure instead of 1 for outright "no" as most people seem to be doing?
A52: Not a bad suggestion.

Q53: Francesco Pisani - How's your HO and TG backlog?
A53: Currently sitting at 234 unread TG and no idea about HOs :)

Q54: Brian Allen - What are the chances of you having your own Character Badge?
A54: I'd rather not.

Q55: Jeff Lehman - What do you think of a purifier challenge for a future special medal? It could even measure unique resonator slots destroyed.
A55: Great suggestion.

Q56: Keys For Everyone - What is your stand point on ingress politics
A56: Where groups of people come together, there will always be some sort of politics involved.

Q57: Sarah Miller (Caterpillar) - Do you ever have "Bad Beard Days" and how you cope on those days?
A57: Even a bad beard day is a good day.

Q58: Vick Q - What do you think of the direction the story line is taking?
A58: The investigation is heating up. Change is coming. We'll see where that leads.

Q59: Hsinergy - Are you able to share what are the plans for improvement for EXO5 anomaly as well as ingress 2.0.
A59: We've done a lot of root cause analysis on the various issues that occurred during 13MR. I think we have done a good job with coming up with plans to mitigate, in some cases fix, the issues that occured. EXO5 should be a lot smoother.

Q60: Nancy Something (Doomsidoodeedoo) - What can the community do to assist with the return of recharge badges?
A60: At this point, very little. We've been reading all the feedback for and against recharge badges. As stated last week, we are exploring a technical solution for Q1 2018.

Q61: Preston Ball (Press10) - Can you clarify the difference in OPR between the playground "Site" and the playground "Structure" options?
A61: I believe one is the location and the other is a piece of equipment.

Q62: Dean N - If a bunch of cats jump on top of each other, is it still called a dog pile?
A62: Yes. Dogs can also enjoy Caturday as well.

Q63: Stan L - I really enjoyed the new behind the scanner episode, but can you do a new ingress storyline video too?
A63: The first one was very time consuming. But doing another recap is something I want to do. I just need to find the time.

Q64: 臣麟洪 - When will you turn your hair into blue?
A64: If the Resistance win EXO5.

Q65: Mario Valenzuela II (Relique) - Andrew, can you look at the screen before you as you answer these questions?
Q66: You’ve got a little boy. He shows you his butterfly collection plus the killing jar. What do you do?

Q67: Pinktacoinvader aka Neonator420 - How do we get ghost fields fixed I flipped a portal and fields are still showing
A67: Shoot me a message.

Q68: Terran Dunklee (Smock42) - Cake or ice cream?
A68: Cake.

Q69: Rainitium - Will there be raids like in PoGo?
A69: I don't know. But I'd love to see a boss portal or a portal that has a Exogenous creature come out of it that needs to be battled like in the RPG.

Q70: Benji Deptula (PunixGT)- Will we be seeing any results/replies soon? Do I need to move the issue to portal appeals?
A70: That's probably the best course of action.

Q71: Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972) - In one of the former AMAs you asked about the community's opinion about players suggestions for new glyphs/sequences. Did you get enough feedback to decide whether this should happen or not?
A71: We got some feedback. Not enough in my opinion. Submit more ideas if you have them.

Q72: Ergin Ali - When can we expect an increase in the amount of submissions from 7?
A72: No idea. Things are being evaluated though.

Q73: BU RT - Hi again, are we also having INTEL 2.0 ?
A73: Not immediately, no.

Q74: Rohan Sheppard - what do think about a button replacing ‘resonators status’ or putting it underneath ‘hack’ or maybe even when looking at the resonators above where it says the XM value and can you pass it on?
A74: Interesting. I'd need to think about it some more though.

Q75: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - Where have the OPR submissions gone? They have been reviewed, and are not popping up for reviewers anymore, and not denial or acceptance requests have been sent to the submitters. What gives?
A75: Just to reiterate: Please be aware that some OPR submissions, especially those in areas with high concentrations of existing Portals, may take longer to process. We will, in some cases, be performing additional analysis on these Candidate Portals to ensure high Portal quality. In the meantime, you may not receive updates on your Portal submission. Be assured that each submission will be processed, though not always in the order in which it was received. Oh... and no the long delay does not penalize or count against you in any way negatively.

Q76: Gene C - Given the few unique seasonal campaigns for Lux Explorer, Magnus Builder and now Exo Controller, how about canvassing the players on what they would next like to see as the next medal stat to be focused on?
A76: Sounds good. Everyone, please send your feedback to Gene C who will collate your answers and present them to me in the next 48 hours. I kid. I kid. I'm open to feedback. There have been a few suggestions in this AMA but I welcome anyone sending me a message about what they think.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system and couldn't comment publicly if I did.
#2: Don't ask if we will implement something. I don't make those decisions. Asking for my opinion on features is ok. If I can confirm something, I will.
#3: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#4: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

Josh Stock's curated archive of all the past AMA's:

GCM AMA G+ Collection of Posts:
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+Behind The Scanner Season 2! Check out our first episode after a long break with +Sarah New.
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Registration is open! See you at the #EXO5 Anomaly!
5 Years Ago at the Niantic Project, Devra Bogdanovich warned Oliver Lynton-Wolfe not to conduct his ill-fated Power Cube experiment. She warned him not to open Pandora's box. The rest, of course, is history.

We are at a point in time when the walls that separate us and the Exogenous are crumbling -- the Shapers, the N’Zeer, and other intelligences lurk beyond.

Change is coming…

Register for an XM Anomaly event near you today.

4 NOV 2017
Cebu City:
Panama City:

2 DEC 2017
San Francisco:
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That is insane! Great planning and major kudos to you +Aidan Png.
Finally completed. Am I late to the party?

Time completed - 12:12 (UTC +8)
Time taken - 252minutes

Special thanks to +Alicia Neo+Lawrence Loh+Lester Conceicao​ for the logistical support.

#Ingress #exo5
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Guess what day it is!? Monday! Time for the weekly Ingress Global Community Manager AMA! Ask Me Anything #Ingress related in the comments. I'll answer as much as I can and update the OP with the questions and answers so you don't have to go searching in the comments for them

Edit 1: Disabled Comments
Edit 2: Questions and answers posted.

Q1: Terran Dunklee (Smock42) - Cake or pie?
A1: Yes.

Q2: marichka pelishok - Dear Andrew! Last AMA I asked a question and many agents from my country +1 it. Unfortunately, it didn’t receive any answer. Ukrainian agents, both fractions, are very eager to know why the Anomalies never happen in Ukraine - ever since Magnus in Kyіv'13, which had no badge anyway. Our Agents are very active and love Ingress with all their heart, but many of us do not have the means to travel abroad to participate in the events there.
A2: I'll pass this along. You are right, you do some amazing stuff over there.

Q3: Lewis Tanzos - Many people in our local area are getting to review only 3-5 portals a day in OPR before getting "come back tomorrow". They're using a single web interface, they're not speeding through things, they're not letting them time out, but they're getting it consistently. Do you know and can you divulge the things that may be causing this to happen?
A3: We are working on tweaking and fixing things regarding the "come back tomorrow" message.

Q4: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - What is Niantic doing about all the reports of OPR being maligned by factions reporting down opposition areas, or city Agents downvoting rural portals to avoid "noobs with yolos"?
A4: We are evaluating things and watching how it is being used. The OPR team has their work cut out for them but I bet there will be some tweaks to things in the future eventually.

Q5: Stefan Emmerik - Will it be possible again to use a photo from your gallery (that you made earlier) to submit for a new portal?
A5: No. At least not for the foreseeable future.

Q6: Houssam Eltouny (DARKoo7) - 2000 in 2 weeks!!! What were you guys thinking?
A6: We were thinking about creating an ultra hard challenge for the people who would find 500 fields in two weeks too easy.

Q7: Victor Alejandro “Vako Alejandro” Zapata Gonzalez - OPR: FIFO?, LIFO? RANDOM?
A7: Random.

Q8: Adriána Perkele (TheCapsuleCollector) - is your beard green now?
A8: It will be a little later this week.

Q9: Ratoo Li​​ - Hi Andrew! Appreciate your time into this, continuing my question previously - You said you use VPN too, but due to Ingress being blocked in China, many agents choose sharing VPNs, and many local communities provide VPNs to agents, these are usually very open and accessible, potentially spoofers too. Would you say sharing VPNs with tens of other players a bad idea?
A9: I'm not sure that it is bad or good. But there are risks with it.

Q10: David Dellsperger - What's worse, accidentally enabling sticky keys during a gaming session? or not getting a badge from an Anomaly? (Asking for a "friend")
A10: Tell your "friend" that enabling sticky keys is worse.

Q11: Mary O'Rourke - What would you think about a special kind of power cube that could be refilled from ambient xm....recycling is good for the environment but re-using is even better :-)
A11: This isn't the first that I've heard of this idea. I think it's an interesting proposal. I would add a caveat that your XM bar must be at 100% first before you could fill the empty cube.

Q12: Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972) - When will a list of the Chosen Vanguards be published?
A12: When all of the slots are filled after everyone has a chance to either accept or decline. Understand that this is a pilot program. We received over 3300 applications and were only looking for two dozen people. I know some people are disappointed that they didn't get selected. But I hope to expand things once we work the kinks out of it. What has been disheartening though is reading about people expecting to get in being insulted that they did not. That isn't really the spirit that we are looking for in Vanguards.

Q13: Randy Booz (Wyndmyr) - Why is there such wide variation in processing time, and what can be done to fix it?
A13: To prevent abuse.

Q14: João Eduardo Oliveira Murta - Can you tell us how many people play ingress, weekly or monthly, across the globe?
A14: I cannot.

Q15: João Eduardo Oliveira Murta - There is a lot of talk about a new capsule, don't you think this new capsule should be green, since ENL just won 13MAGNUS? Just saying...
A15: There are rumors of something occurring due to the ENL win. I don't know much more than that but it sounds like if it happens, it'll be soon.

Q16: João Eduardo Oliveira Murta - Nia doesn't disclosure some information publicly(reports, ban, etc..), but could it do it privately? Recently we had a situation where an agent lied about receiving information of a report via tg directly from a nia employee, even though the agent was lying, it got me thinking about the real possibility of this happening...Do you thinks this fits a “insider trading ” category ?
A16: Depending on the information it could violate our privacy policy. So that is doubtful.

Q17: Taeler Watkins I'd like an opinion on a portal dilemma. The object exists, but has been moved, but the real issue is that both the title and the picture contain the building it was once by. Thus, it feels that simply editing the location is likely to fail because the building is possibly a feature on its own.
A17: I would use the Portal Appeals Community for this and tag NIA OPS in your post.

Q18: zérgio Simões (FoghoPhaetyx) - Has it been discussed allowing the consult of who +1'd portal photos in the scanner?
A18: Not to my knowledge.

Q19: Nataliia Vylegzhanina (Lokozavr) - Hello, Andrew! How do you get the idea of ​​being able to pin several lines of mission badges (banners) at the top, that is, to pin your favorite banner?
A19: I don't see anything wrong with it without thinking about it too much. Seems like a neat feature. I'll pass it along.

Q20: Florian - What would you think about a trash can capsule that can mass recycle keys?
A20: Don't those already exist? They are blue-ish gray in color.

Q21: Jozef Zubricky - Will there be Mission Days after EXO5 Anomaly in the particular city on Sunday?
A21: We are working on some. When things are finalized I'm sure there will be an announcement.

Q22: Tizian M. (TizianTitus) - Hey Andrew! 2.0 release date? :)
A22: Soon... no no I shouldn't joke. I have no idea.

Q23: Aaron Almeida - When retiring a portal OPS doesn't give a particular reason on appeals, neither is there a public list of which portals have been retired and why. This simply adds more noise to the whole process. Why can't OPS simple maintain a list of retired portals and the reason for being retired. I doubt player privacy issues play a part in this.
A23: I am not sure that this would solve anything. I could see a scenario where a property owner or manager submitted a removal request and then has Agents showing up on their doorstep to pleade their case and request they contact us to reinstate things. I understand what the end goal is but personally don't think this is the best solution.

Q24: Ma. Inés G. B. (o0jolie0o) - Hello Andrew. Do you know how many agents were chosen for the vanguard program in Latinamerica?
A24: Three were notified that they were selected.

Q25: Robson Lima - +Andrew Krug​ Are there possibilities for Nl-1331 to come to Brazil?
A25: It is always a possibility.

Q26: Aaron Almeida - If there are any plans for releasing a replacement for the MUFG, when?
A26: I don't know the timetable but there are plans.

Q27: Gary Tolley - Grogyan - What are your thoughts on the 2 week downtime to be able to submit portals again?
A27: I'll be honest, I haven't seen the numbers to make an informed decision.

Q28: Robson Lima - L16 Players have long been stopped because there is no way to level up and accumulating a lot of AP! Is there any possibility of this changing with version 2.0?
A28: While I don't know anything specifically, I can't imagine that we would keep things the way they are for the long run. That just wouldn't make sense.

Q29: Niko M - If you could only drink 1 beer for the rest of days, what would it be?
A29: Easy. Allagash White.

Q30: Steven Kaye (DerteeWhortleby) - Good morning Mr. Krug... In light of the news that the role of Recharger will no longer be eligible for Anomaly participation badges, might there be an alternative tiered badge created for the role similar to the Mission Day/Go Ruck tiered badges?
A30: It's something we have talked about. I'd be interested in the communities feedback about something like this.

Q31: Robert “Tialen92x” Kempa - Is Glyph Predictor legal? Or using it break ToS?
A31: Great question. I don't know. I would have to ask our legal department. I will say that I think it is against the spirit of the game. If you don't have to remember Glyphs and learn them then it seems like simply a shortcut to get more gear.

Q32: Vladimir Ostapiv - There would be very helpful to have portal submit date visible in OPR because currently people probably assume the portal is wrong if it's absent in street view. But some countries street view is quite rarely updated.
A32: That's not a bad idea.

Q33: Vladimir Ostapiv - My question from the previous AMA. Does it make sense to you having badges for people who contribute to Ingress creating missions? Probably increase counter for that badge only if say 10 people pass the particular mission.
A33: My fear with creating a badge like this is that we would be flooded with low quality missions similar to what happened with the Seer badge. I'm sure there is some creative way to do this, maybe by the number of people that complete a mission and it's rating? But just for creating a mission would be bad in my opinion.

Q34: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - When do we hear more about the Ingress 2.0 Beta that was dangled at Camp Navarro?
A34: As soon as we can release something or say something.

Q35: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) - Will we be getting details of the 2018 Q1 anomaly series locations soon, so that we can maintain the early notice?
A35: That is the goal.

Q36: Mick Preston - Now that the "1 Finger Spin" on our scanner is coming to Ingress, does it matter what Hemisphere you are in? As in- if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you can only spin Clockwise, while in the Southern Hemisphere you are only able to spin Counter-Clockwise?
A36: The people at the poles would be screwed...

Q37: Matthew Most (MagpieMind) - Do you anticipate MUFGs being hackable again? Or an item with a similar function?
A37: I anticipate something with a similar function.

Q38: ENL OrGTFO - Have there been any discussions with +GORUCK about donating proceeds from the Houston OCF event back to the Houston Relief Effort? I think that would be an amazing way to really show Houston that +Niantic cares!
A38: All of the proceeds from the purchase of Supporter Kits will go to hurricane relief. There is talks of making OCF in Houston a free event to encourage people to particpate. More to come...

Q39: Ben Smits - In Brussels we are facing a spoofer account for 3 weeks now. Can we contact you in private to try to solve this issue?
A39: If you have already submitted tickets and tried to go through the normal process, I am happy to see what I can do.

Q40: Sean “Vire5cent” Anderson - David Laight has asked a question on the following post, which regularly crops up in the appeals community, regarding how close a portal needs to be, for it to be valid. Most commonly, depending on the appeal type, the argument sways between the 40m deploy range and the 10m effective range of a level 1 ultrstrike. An opinion on distance would be nice, but an official ruling would be fantastic as it would end many debates on the distance factor.
A40: Great question. There are some examples of what to do and what not at To answer the question of the example in the post that was linked, a fountain in the middle of a lake would not be a valid portal if you could only reach it by standing on the banks of the lake. In the past, some of these low quality portals have been approved. But these would be rejected today. Can you reach out and touch the portal via safe pedestrian access? That's the question to ask.

Q40: Sean “Vire5cent” Anderson - What comes after L16? ... at 16, most of us take a mentoring, intel, tactical role, whilst trudging towards Onyx/Black badges, but would like some new targets...
A40: In terms of levels, nothing at this time. There are still onyx medals to chase and events like MAGNUS Builder and EXO5 Controller to participate in. Give us a bit of time to finish Ingress 2.0. I have to imagine the team has thought about this and will be doing something to extend the game for players at the max level.

Q41: Sean “Vire5cent” Anderson - Can they correct missions so that "21/24" doesn't show in scanner as "2½4"?
A41: I'll file a bug about this. In the meantime, you can submit with a space so "21 / 24".

Q42: BU RT - So my question is about the decision of +NIA Ops to dumped OFFSITE medals for Anomalies.
A42: We are working on a technical solution to this problem. As you pointed out, abuse occurred (has been occurring) that we can no longer turn a blind eye to. It cheapens the medal and the experience for everyone to have people simply buying their medals. We want to be as inclusive as possible so if a technical solution can be worked out, then this may come back for Q1-18. In the mean time, we have been discussing about bringing back connected cells for Anomalies. However, that plan has not been finalized so don't quote me on it.

Q43: Вячеслав «vechislov» Тихон - Which what faction you play and why you choose that faction?
A43: When I play I am Enlightened. I choose it because a friend got me an invite back in November 2013 and they were Resistance. I had to be different.

Q44: Johnny Stone - Can you clarify the submission cool down mechanic? The g+ post about it says "if you submitted 7 Portal candidates 13 days ago, tomorrow you will be able to submit 7 more."
A44: Every submission has it's own cool down clock. So if you submit seven portals on October 1st, you would be able to submit new portals on October 14th. If you only submitted one portal on October 1st, you could submit 6 new ones on October 2nd. You would be able to submit one new portal on October 14th and six new ones on October 15th. Hope that makes sense.

Q45: Gerald Wolf - What do you think about souvenir-capsules?
A45: As a person who travels A LOT - I like the idea.

Q46: Gerald Wolf - What is the average waiting time we need to expect when requesting an answer from niantic regarding licencing of swag / fanfiction? Do you know whether there is any "preferential treatment" of anomaly / missionday swag over swag that is not bound to "official" events?
A46: I don't know. Sorry.

Q47: Gerald Wolf - Would you mind sharing (a few of) your favourite fanfiction(s) regarding ingress?
A47: There was a group called Project Isthmus that does some neat things.

Q48: Gerald Wolf - Do you have a favourite genre of fanfiction? Historical, futuristic, fantasy?
A48: I am into post-apocalyptic stuff these days. I highly recommend the book "Wool" by Hugh Howey

Q48: Gerald Wolf - May we see pictures of the dyed Beard?
A48: Soon.

Q49: Agent StephenG - I have participated in a total of 8 GORUCK Ingress events and for over a year it was mentioned by GORUCK via their Ingress POC that the in-game badges would be tiered. Is this still in the works? I would have thought this would have been an easy win for Niantic.
A49: It is a good idea. We've talked about it. Unfortunately, our resources are focused on other higher priority needs at the moment. But I'll keep advocating for it as a lot of RUCKERS seem to want this.

Q50: Martin Zehetmayer (Angrox) - can you give us a quick status report on Ingress 2.0?
* Is the development of Ingress 2.0 within the planned time frame?
* Will it still be launched in 2017?
* Will there be a closed/open beta tester program?
* Will the Vanguards be within the beta program?
* Can you ask if there is a possibility to have a few screenshots as appetizer?
* What is the password of the Resistance?
A50: You want to get me in trouble don't you?! Let me try to answer these the best I can.
* Yes.
* I believe so. At least the beta. But this is software development of a complex product so things can slip.
* Yes.
* That's a goal of mine but that is to be determined at a later date.
* I can ask. But releasing pictures of a in-development product either goes over really well or really bad in most cases.
* RESWUEis4Dating

Q51: Brian Smith - When evaluating submissions in OPR, how should the following scenario be handled: The submission is for a church, but the map shows another church as an existing portal at that location. Researching it turns up that a new congregation has moved into the space and the original church is gone. Do you approve it even though an incorrect portal exists at that spot, or mark it as duplicate even though the correct portal name should be the new one?
A51: I'm not sure I have enough information to make an informed decision. Is the building physically the same or did they demolish and build a new one? What changed? Just the sign?

Q52: - Håkon Obdsaija Bergstad - When can the chosen OPR-agents anticipate their (what I can only imagine will be truly amazing cool) t-shirts to arrive?
A52: I do apologize about the wait. We had an issue with the shipping forms and translations we had to fix. I don't know that they will be received before the November anomaly. But they should arrive shortly after.

Q53: Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa - Hello Andrew! I hope you are well today. My question for you is now that we are through 13magnusreawakens, do you think we will see another Magnus form soon?
A53: You assume one hasn't been formed already...

Q54: Aaron Almeida - How about having a better metric for the global score, like number of portals controlled. Since the MUs are broken.
A54: I don't know why we couldn't have both. I kind of like the idea of number of portals controlled. I wonder how hard that would be to implement and how accurate it would be though. Polling every portal for their status all the time seems like A LOT of data being crunched.

Q55: Oleh Shevchyk - +Andrew Krug The population of Poland is 37,95, Ukraine - 45,00 million people. Why NIA still ignore's scanner localization issues?
A55: It is a problem of resources. In a perfect world we would support dozens and dozens of languages.

Q56: John Bartlett - Rajoy or Puigdemont?
A56: New rule... no political questions - haha.

Q57: Clash with PG - portal submission r for how long?....for how many days or months or years u can submit new portals??...
A57: Right now we aren't anticipating the need to end portal submissions.

Q58: Jeremy Frey - Can we get some examples added to the OPR guide for portals that are acceptable / unacceptable under Acceptance Criteria 3 ("hidden gems"/"hyper local spots")? I've both seen complaints stemming from rejections, and experienced some myself, of portals that I'd argue are fair candidates under AC3.
A58: Good idea. I'll pass it along. Can you share with me and NIA OPS some of your example rejections?

Q59: Rosario Cristian Cosentino - How many portals a city Need for host an anomaly?
A59: There isn't a guideline. We host events in small cities and large ones.

Q60: Kevin Wojta (denoche) - Can you comment on Niantics position on submitting remote portals in areas where there is no data
A60: No data is subjective. One can almost always, if they are willing to pay the price, find a way to get data service. I don't think we have a requirement that portals must be in range of LTE service or something like that. So grab a sat phone and submit away.

Q61: Sam Stewart (MxTorquill) - I was wondering whether Ingress 2.0 will provide the option to place contact info on our agent profile other than just G+. Given the slowly crumbling state of G+, and the fact that a lot of our communities have embraced other forms of communication (such as Telegram, Slack, and Discord), it would be really helpful.
A61: That's good feedback. I've passed it on to our product team.

Q62: Jörg F (Aiyub) - when will RSVP for Q4 anomalys be opened?
A62: Immediately. ;)

Q61: Pablo Guerrero Calvo - Greetings from Costa Rica, I would like to know if it is possible to repeat a city as host of Mission Day, we want to make one in the capital but already participated after the Via Lux.
A61: We have had cities repeat Mission Day.

Q62: Ozz Core MIDMX - There are some agents that report about unlinkable portals, I mean, the agent has a good level, the portal has enoughlevel - distance as the key and the path is clear to make the shot but by any unknown reason the agent can't do the link, but when another agent do the same link using the same portals the link is established, do you know the reason for that?
A62: Apologies. I don't know what could be causing that.

Q63: Vitor Hakme - Is there any group (slack, tg or other) with the devs and members of community (not necessary vanguard members) to exchange ideas about the Ingress?
A63: No. Not currently.

Q64: Sarah Miller (Caterpillar) - How was your weekend? :) Are you going to try for an Exo Controller badge?
A64: My weekend was very relaxing. After I answer this week's AMA I plan on going out for a bit to see what I can do. I heard that some people already have their third tier 2000 level medal. That is insane!

Q65: Gustav Andersson - What do you think of a re-imagined recruitment system where each agent can declare, once, which agent recruited them and that is how the recruitment points are generated?
A65: That could be interesting. Like a two factor vouching system. You both have to agree that you either were the inviter or invitee.

Q66: Pongo Lyn - We have heard many powerful stories in this past week from agents who have invested thousands of hours, and often taking on great personal financial risk, in efforts to drive attendance to Ingress global events such as anomalies. What is your opinion on the responsibility of the player base in the successful organization, execution, and marketing of global Ingress events?
A66: Verrrry interesting question. As you know I come fromk the player base and was a POC for Anomalies. I think taking on financial burden is OK if proper forecasting is done. Too often I see POCs get in a jam because they either overestimated how much swag they would sell or the number of attendees. In terms of responsibility, nothing is required. But I know, and you know, that everyone likes a good party and Anomalies are more or less vacations for people. People want to have a good time. I wish we could do more for POCs. I don't know what that looks like without having to navigate a lot of legal waters with risk liability, insurances, etc. But I'm open to ideas. The POC volunteer coin, while a small token of appreciation, is limited and unique only to the role of Anomaly POCs. It's a start.

Q67: Chris Lew (aznpandafood) - With mission mosaics and series being so popular, what do you think of this feature in the Mission Creator Tool of allowing the mission author to "link" the next mission; so that after you completed the mission in your scanner, a pop up appears asking if you would like to start the next mission?
A67: Another good idea. I'm not sure without thinking about it how that could work unless at the time of creating the mission you are presented with a list of missions you have already submitted to choose to link to. However, those with hundreds of missions would be scrolling a lot to find the one to link. But I'm sure with more thought a better solution could be found.

Q68: Bart Van Haver - With the returning of submissions has there been an increase in play time among the L8-L10 Agents?
A68: I don't know.

Q69: Leroy Brocksieck - Will the community have any avenue for protesting certain agents being approved for the vanguard program?
A69: No. It isn't a popularity contest. I do have NIA OPS do background checks to make sure people don't have a rap sheet of offenses that I am unaware about.

Q70: Mykhailo - Is ignoring of Ukraine in Ingress caused because Pokemon GO wasn't officially released here? (just a hypothesis)
A70: Hahaha no. As mentioned in another question, I'll pass along the desire to have an Anomaly in Ukraine.

Q71: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - Congrats to NIAGameMaster getting Black Guardian. Woot!!
A71: Has it been that long already? Wow time flies.

Q72: Serhiy Skybun - What should I do when the wittingly good, but "uncomfortable" for one of the factions, portal is not accepted?
A72: I'm not sure I understand. Either a portal meets the criteria of being valid or it doesn't. Being uncomfortable for one of the factions isn't an input.

Q73: Serhiy Skybun - What should I do when a "trash can" with a fake location iis being accepted , but it is certainly convenient for one of the factions?
A73: Report it via the Portals Appeal Community and tag NIA OPS.

Q74: Aaron Almeida - Can you let us know if there will be a quarter without any anomaly in 2018, and if so, which one?
A74: Nothing is finalized yet. As soon as it is, I'm sure we will announce things.

Q75: Aliénor Fragnier - Hi Andrew. When we submit a portal, some will land in OPR to be accepted or rejected. However, what will happen to those never going to OPR? Are they lost for ever? Should we resubmit it after a while ?
A75: All submissions go into OPR. We are aware that some are not being reviewed and will have a solution for those eventually. I would not resubmit.

Q76: Vitor Hakme - I've sent my biocard to Niantic after a announcement on facebook. Do you have plans to post a picture of the wall with all biocards?
A76: We've expanded onto multiple walls now. I can take a picture next time I am in the office.

Q78: Ozz Core MIDMX - What do you think about creating for higher lvl agents weekly challenges with special rewards (like vr inventory, extra AP or maybe a badge) in order to keep them playing? Many lvl 16 agents stop playing because they don't see many things to do after reaching that level
A78: I think it is a good idea. Our quarterly challenges show that people like to be challenged.

Q79: James Green (jkg5150) - I hope I didn't miss this in the previous questions, but I don't think it's been asked yet: when should we expect to learn the format and rules for the upcoming Bob anomaly series, also known as Exo5?
A79: Hopefully in the next week or so.

Q80: Munch WillbeBlue - I heard pending remote support badges for Q3 series have been calceled. Are fairly earned Q3 remote support badges just being held longer for investigation or are they really calceled and not awarded ?
Q81: Not all remote support badges are cancelled. We will not be awarding medals for recharging though for this quarter.

Q82: Fei Xie - How do you feel when people ask about the question that has been answered before again and again and again?
A82: I usually skip it unless I think it is important to answer again.

Q83: Roberto Beccherle - One of the biggest problems we are experiencing playing Ingress is related to multiple accounts that people use to store items or (worse) to farm Lev4/5/6 stuff on portals in order to always have low level resonators available. I know it is tricky to fight it, and i even know (or hope) you're doing a lot lately on this issue.
Could you please comment on this issue?
A83: The rule has always been, one Agent per account. Not one Agent per logged in account. One per account period.

Q84: DarthMewtwo - Who were the chosen Alliance of Vanguards agents? Any truth to the rumors that Niantic simply chose POCs?
A84: No truth to the rumors at all. Some people that were chosen I only just met through the Vanguard application process. It'll be a good mix of familiar and unfamiliar names.

Q85: DarthMewtwo - Why was the EXO5 Controller badge set so high as to be unreasonable for most agents?
A85: Because we wanted an ultra hard mode badge. Seeing people get it three hours after the challenge started though... maybe it wasn't high enough.

Q86: Mayra Lucía de Fátima Chepe Ballena - Hi Andrew! Do you know what happened to the crystals that were given to RBFly and Wrenegade? Thanks! :)
A86: I do not. But now that you mention it, those probably shouldn't be floating around in the public space. I wonder if someone like P.A. Chapeau knows.

Q88: Berker Pandır (derberker) - Why don't you choose some of the anomaly cities by polls? There are some cities have hosted more than three events lately and there should be a rotation about it.
A88: Because poll can be gamed and everyone would want their city. It wouldn't give smaller cities a fair chance to get an Anomaly if we left it up to voting.

Q89: Aleksander Drozdov - What does we need to do to perform a GORUCK-like game event in Saint-Petersburg, Russia?
A89: Contact GORUCK. I'm sure if there is enough interest they will try to figure out how to make it happen.

Q90: Lloyd Mott - Is there a way to opt out of this special fielding badge. I don’t want to lose two weeks of AP by abstaining from making triangles, but I want another badge in my scanner even less.
A90: There is not.

Q91: Scott Robinson (AgentX1976)- When you bring back Behind the Scanner, maybe a good show topic could be an interview with +NIA Ops​ seeing as they usually generate a great amount of questions on these AMAs some insight on their way of thinking could be good. Is that a thing that could happen? I would watch.
A91: I hadn't thought about that. That might be a good thing to do.

Q92: quirischa zlobnyy - Hi. Will any bitcoin miner be integrated in 2.0 client?
A92: Hahaha - no.

Q93: Sergio SerroZelerny - Why are character medals 2017 so ugly? Does Nia need help from community to mske design better?
A93: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Q94: keith black - Hi Andrew. Is there an app coming for opr that we can use rather than using a webpage on the go and the app can push portal review notifications that are in agents selected area(s) that have came available to review?
A94: Not that I am aware of.

Q95: Laurent “X6996” - When do you think will it be possible to order official ingress bio cards internationally?
A95: I wish I had an answer for you.

Q96: Kevin Saez - How should I report abuses on portal sub/ rating? There is no form for this.
A96: Depending on the issue you can report it via the Portal Appeals Community or the Help Center at

Q97: Dewayne Phillips - Also with 2.0 I hear ppl will lose Sojournal progress. True or false?
A97: While I have not heard of a plan yet to address this during the migration, I'll assume it is false because that would just not be nice.

Q98: Martin Brenner - If you would build your own Tecthulhu, what would it look like?
A98: Charlie Sheen... with tenticle fingers. Everyone would be afraid of it and it would try to interface with everything.

Q99: Joris Huijs - On the 19th of november, during MD Dordrecht, I'll be celebrating my 5th Bursterday. I will trow a smal foodgress at my favorite italian restaurant somewhere around it. Since you enjoyed the Mission Day in Deventer so much, are you coming to Dordrecht to celebrate with me, or are you willing to come to Enschede to celebrate? Or will you share the famous lasagna recipe (or something else) with the players from the first hour that are still playing to make up for missing this special day? I'm sure you've registered the registration date of our accounts!
A99: Happy Bursterday in advance. Due to other travel I have scheduled for November I won't be able to make it to Dordrecht. Maybe next time.

Q100: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - Do you dream of visiting New Zealand, and do you feel your dream will come real in the next year?
A100: Yes and yes.

Q101: Jochem van Belle - Hi Andrew, can you make it a 100+ questions/answers this time? #AskingForAFriend (and you know who)
A101: Done.

Q102: Karlo Vranješ - +Andrew Krug Will portal submission limit increase or it will stay at 7 also isnt 14 day portal submission cooldown too much?
A102: For the short term it will stay at 7. We will constantly be evaluating things though and in the future it may change... or stay at 7. It all depends on many things.

Q103: Leandro Nicolás Borquez Zuloaga - Two weeks ago you said you drank yerba mate and it did not like you. I want you to know that you offended the entire Argentine community.
Now you have to organize an Anomaly here and come drink mate with all of us!
A103: I am sorry to have offended you. If you agree to eat a pickled egg, I will drink mate with you.

Q104: Matt Cathey - The OPR guide states to 1-star apartment/development signs. Does this include neighborhood and business entrance monuments?
A104: I would need more information to render an opinion. I have seen historical neighborhood signs be portals.

Q105: Matt Cathey - Can you confirm that an agent is NOT able to review his/her own portal submissions in OPR?
A105: I can confirm that.

Q106: Max Hajncl - What are your thoughts on using ADA's logo as a design base for some sort of scannable code?
A106: Interesting. Like our own QR code of sorts. I kind of like it. I worry about the engineering required though to implement it versus other priorities.

Q107: Flora S. - Any chance of bringing Klue back to the events?
A107: I'm not sure we know where she is. Last I heard from PAC was that he gave her space and may have laost touch with her.

Q108: Lucas Momosaki - Hi, we are facing here on OPR some issues about "Should graffiti art be a valid portal?"
A108: I think in general, if I am remembering correctly, temporary art is not a valid portal.

Q109: Tom Karel (ebeebeb) - Can you make MD work like Anomolies with registration at registration portals?
A109: Interesting idea. I'll bring this up to the team. It could be a second step for checking in but I don't think it could replace the entire process and we need to verify that people do the required amount of missions somehow.

Q110: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - Hi Andrew, in light of Tom Petty dying today, what is your favourite Tom Petty song?
A110: Man... I have to pick one? I think I would go with Free Fallin.

Q111: Tadashi Namizaki (a.k.a. PlSp) - Should we prepare any XM flare or another issue at Halloween day?
A111: I don't know of anything specific. There is always the #HackorTreat and #IngressHalloween campaigns. I find it curious though that this October we have Friday the 13th and Halloween 31st. 1331... Could it mean something?

Q112: The HuK - +Andrew Krug​ when can I have a guardian hunting badge ?
A112: You can't.

#1: Don't ask about personal situations. I don't have access to the ticketing system and couldn't comment publicly if I did.
#2: Don't ask if we will implement something. I don't make those decisions. Asking for my opinion on features is ok, though if I can confirm something, I will.
#3: Read the previous AMA's. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#4: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

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