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Quod bibi? - Socrates
Quod bibi? - Socrates

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On Darwin's birthday, tomato genetics study sheds light on plant evolution

Google Hangouts on Air integration for new G+

Can we please make sure that we still have the ability to create events and hangouts on air in the new G+? Creating live streaming events that users can RSVP to has been huge for conferences and live events in general. They were the main draw for G+ and it would be a huge loss to try and find an alternative. 

Any way to opt out of the new Google+? Really hate that the event creation and future hangout creation now seems impossible. 

I am trying to add a share button for G+ that will prepopulate a post for an email newsletter. What is the easiest way to do this? 

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I am trying to give a business page a custom URL and I am not seeing the link to do so under the about tab, following the linked instructions. What is going wrong? 

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Sure, why not? 

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A friend and I have created a new podcast series on #Ocean   #science  and #tech  . The first episode is on the #Xprize   #Acidification  challenge. 

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I wrote this! The first movie that highlights the BP oil spill. 

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Did you know that it is #endangeredspecies  day?
Not only is today #Friday, but it is also #endangeredspeciesday . Before you #TGIF , remember to celebrate the #species  we have on this planet. 

Here you see the #Hawksbill   #SeaTurtle , a critically #endangered   #ocean  species. 

We invite you to post photos of YOUR favorite endangered ocean species. 

#tgiGIF   #turtle   #endangered   #endangeredspecies   #animation  
Animated Photo

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Come check out the #earthday   #hangout  on #art  and #conservation  
Art has a way of inspiring the viewer. It has the power to communicate complex ideas and play on the emotions like no other method. In this hangout we will be chatting with artists as they talk about their work, about the complex ecological thoughts they are trying to convey and how they see their work as a tool to inspire change. 

Asher Jay
 Pam Longbardi
 Courtney Matison 
 Mara Haseltine
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