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#Unity3D  Level Editor.

- Getting Started with Level Editor

- Working with Lines

- Rectangles, Circles and Arcs

- Extrude & Offset

- Editing Vertices, Edges & Faces

- Copy, Paste & Duplicate


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By 2019, “China will account for 40 percent of the global industrial robot market.”

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TRUMP: “Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!”

NO, You were lied to and believed it. Now you want the fake news to be true. You are quite insane.

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NASA developing carbon nanotube-based, ultra-high strength, lightweight aerospace structural material within five years for Stronger and lighter vehicles and Mars habitats
NASA has selected proposals for the creation of two multi-disciplinary, university-led research institutes that will focus on the development of technologies critical to extending human presence deeper into our solar system. The new Space Technology Researc...

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This would be a clear breach of the Logan Act.. "the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States."

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High Court judge Murray Gilbert said that there was no crime for copyright in New Zealand law that would justify extradition but that the Megaupload-founder could be sent to the United States to face allegations of fraud.

"I'm no longer getting extradited for copyright. We won on that. I'm now getting extradited for a law that doesn't even apply," Dotcom said.

As Dotcom pointed out, there's been no evidence provided to support the "allegation" of money laundering or fraud. The case will now go to the Court of Appeal.
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