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Put down the cot damn phone.
When 18-year-old Aaron Deveau was texting while driving last year, having to spend a year in jail for it was probably the last thing on his mind. But when he crashed into another car, fatally injuring...
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Such is journalism and the art of headlines.  I'm guessing the fatality might have had something to do with the jail time.  Which is a heck of a lot more than a year in a lot of states.
He got 3 years with 2 suspended, according to the news story, plus 15 years of suspended driving privileges.
In my hometown there was a teen who killed 3 cyclists while reaching for a cassette tape. Distracted driving is distracted driving. Why does there have to be a special law for texting? 
I think all distractions should be punishable if you inflict harm. The reason you hit someone other than life threatening injuries or unavoidable accident are meaningless IMO. You did something you shouldn't have and should deal with the consequences. 

I also don't think it's fair to equate reaching for a cassette to texting. One takes up a few seconds unless it falls on the ground (at which point you should be charged if you're dumb enough to reach for it) and the other takes up several seconds of distraction to look down at a screen to read or enter a reply. If it's important enough to communicate while driving, dial a number.
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