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#GOT #GameofThrones (Don't watch unless you have seen season 4 episode 3 already)
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I' wasn't a huge fan of Amy Schumer's standup so I didn't watch her show. If this is what she's been doing this whole time, I might have to reconsider.
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the dude in the bus.
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Andrew Kameka

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For the first time in 5 years I won't be covering Google I/O. I got rejected unfortunately and Google's press team doesn't love me like they used to so I can't use any backdoors into the event. Sigh. I guess this means I have more money to spend at the next Android BBQ hosted by +Aaron Kasten
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Seems to be a common thing this year.
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Andrew Kameka

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Oh man +Kenya Allmond! I completely forgot to compare the geebees! 
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None of these kids were alive when Nirvana came out. Think about that for a second. The thing you listened to as a teen debuted when these teenagers were just a twinkle in Mommy's eye and a seed in Daddy's...well, you get the picture.
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Old music?
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Andrew Kameka

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The Oppo N1 is the real selfie king.
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Andrew Kameka

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Microsoft is doing something right with Cortana, it's attempt to be more than Siri and better than Google Now. It's not quite at the latter half of those intentions, but read my thoughts on it here. 
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Not yet, +Chris Pick but they are trying to get people to give that to them by defining favorite places, interests, and granting access to their email. It's going to take a while before they are as good.
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What should you download from Google Play? Go to the People section and see what your G+ friends are rating and reviewing and that will be the place to find apps, movies, books, etc. It works on my Nexus 5 but not the One/Note/Moto X, so I'm guessing this is going first to Google products. More people will probably see it in a bit.
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Has anyone managed to get Google's PhotoWall to work for Chromecast? I've tried on two different iPhones and an iPad and they all end up in a fake sign-in page that doesn't work. Google+ sign-in is either horribly implemented or somebody pressed publish on the app store way too soon. 
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I manage, love football, and live life.
Gadgets, games, and sleep are precious commodities to me. I love snow and can curse in Spanish, though I don't like having to drive in snow and do not speak Spanish. I work for and am a former contributor to,,, and Sync-Blog

Other random facts and opinions:
  • Arsenal FC, New York Knicks, New York Giants...questions?
  • I always have a phone, tablet, or notebook. 
  • I grew up obsessed with soccer and football
  • GoldenEye and NCAA Football accounted for most of my childhood afternoons
  • Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.
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Hurricane Andrew survivor (c/o 1992) and a college educated black male. Eat that, US stats!
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