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doctor who shared that a LONNNNNNNG time ago.
Amazing!!! I love doctor who!!
What the hell is Doctor Who? Wouldn't the one in the middle be Bill and Ted?
seriously +Cliff Willis are you telling us you missed one of the LONGEST running sci-fi series in history, that hits 50 years old this year! in it's entirety?

something that shaped brit-fi for generations?

are you actually proof that aliens exist?

nah because they would have caught WHO on the way in to the solar system!
they would have flown through waves of programming like strata in rock, getting ever closer to the real time!

need to super-glue your head to a TV for a year, with 24/7 streamed Who and catch up with the rest of us! lol
Just because aliens aren't stupid enough to visit us doesn't mean they don't exist.
Seriously, if you were an intelligent alien - would YOU COME HERE?
+Jenna Unutmaz true, but was about 30yrs late to the game with that one... and LOL and the excellent adventure comment... are they doing a sequel soon or something?
Are the Daleks or the Cybermen robots. both are organic beings inside a machine?
yup both Dalek and cyberman organic+mechanical

both first on screen for that type of alien I think, Daleks hail from the film versions of Dr Who. which pre-dates the series
+richard brooks You're seriously saying that Doctor Who & the Daleks (1965) pre-dates Doctor Who (1963)?
ah! i love it!!! doctor who! :D
Trek had killer robots.. possibly the best.. The Borg.. 
+John Stock  No the borg were cyberg not robots, apart from the borg queen which was a robot, Lore was also a robot. An Star trek the original series also had several killer robots. 
You're correct, as were the Cybermen and Daleks. But I bet
this infographic is lumping cyborgs, robots and androids into one category as just 'robots'. The borg queen was a Cyborg as she was partially organic. Lore was an Android, a specific type of robot. +David Knowles 
the borg queen wasn't a robot she was a cyborg too thats how data was able to destroy her by dissolving her organic body parts [and his organic skin patch]  thus saving picard 
Oh my god!!!! Who watched the season premiere tonight?
please tell me
now i love docter
the rerun of the season prmiere is on saturday at 7 central time. =]
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