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+Artem Russakovskii +Android Police  can you possibly do a quick article on Android Police for me regarding BBC iPlayer for those of us using the US Import models. The cast button will NOT appear until you factory reset your Chromecast - which in my case has changed the country code displayed in the Android set-up app from "US" to "GB" and now the cast button appears in iPlayer.
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So you have it working on your import?
+Chris Hall Yup, just factory reset both of my Chromecasts, I noticed on of them already had a country code of GB even though it definitely said US the other day - I didn't test - but it's possible a reboot might be all that is needed, but a Factory Reset did the job for both of them anyway.
That's great news - I'll include it in a piece on +Pocket-lint if that's ok with you
+Chris Hall Yup, feel free. There is a lot of conflicting advice around from "it just worked" to "open and close the app a few times" - none of these were true for me but Rory Cellan-Jones on Twitter said when he set his up today it asked him what country he was in (mine still didn't do that after a factory reset - but at least it is displaying the GB country code now). Some people might be able to get it to work straight away - but for those who can't - a factory reset seems to fix the problem.
But just thinking about it now a few weeks back when the Chromecast app updated I did change the system language to English (UK) as well as setting the time to GMT 24hr format. So maybe that's why.
Out of interest +Andrew Jones-McGuire since you did the reset when your Chromecast is in standby do you still get images of American landscapes and sites or do you have new images? Mine are still very US orientated.
+Stephen Fuller Yes I still get the same images that I did before. Even though you haven't factory reset yours - check the Chromecast setup app to see if your Chromecast now has a GB country code - this change must have happened in the last day.
Ah it sounds like you might need to turn off the BT homehub smart setup feature.
What that tutorial forgot to mention is how to access the admin panel on the router. Use a laptop or desktop connected to the router and open a web browser then enter this address http://bthomehub.home
When I try I player from my UK device i get "Service Unavailable 10.0.1413509" Youtube works great!
Me too +William Benson.

At first I thought it was because my Chromecast said US in the settings. So I did a factory reset. This put it to UK in the settings ... So I was hopeful ...

...but it still don't work in iPlayer. Same message as you. YouTube works OK ... and other things ... just not iPlayer yet.

Will try it from my N7 next.
Worked straightaway from my Nexus 7.

So Chromecast itself seems fine.

For info ... Its my Nexus 7 (2012) that is NOT working.

Hey ... its bloody brilliant on my Nexus 5. I love it. Well done the beeb. 😁
I have a US Chromecast, the language is UK English but it shows as a US device. I rebooted it (may not have needed to) and iPlayer works fine from my gen 1 N7 with 4.4.2
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