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Andrew Huskinson
Google Plus, Local Business and Maps Consultant
Google Plus, Local Business and Maps Consultant

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I do not like having my Outlook ID being defaulted as my machines login without my permission. The IT person at Astronomy says if someone hacks Outlook you can lose all your data. Set up a local login in Outlook to use. Have an Administrator ID you just use to do thing actually needing that access and set up a non-administrator account for daily use. Make sure to backup your data to off-line disks, SS or USB devices. Do not rely on Cloud storage which can be hacked into.
Donna Beckett will interview Alan Stainer and Dave Webster who will share their knowledge and experience and talk about alternatives to Windows 10. What choices you currently have and mention some of the serious contenders that are challenging Microsoft.

Please send in your questions before during or after the live hangout on Air.

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Before Editing a Google my Business name. phone no or address first go out and change your other web directory data to the new details to minimise problems later.

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+Joy Hawkins has a great look here at the impact of Closed Gogole+ search results listings on ranking.

When you are about to change the name, address or phone no on an existing Google my Business entry I advise going out and changing all the other third party web data you can Edit first.
I canpaigned for a 'stop entry' for old data we cannot Edit and the Closed entry in Maps does this for us. A safe place for this data to be scraped to by Google.
However as usual Googles code is not perfect and your data has to be 'just right' if you are to avoid problems, here ranking issues.
Once you have pre-Edited the third party data make the change. If there is not much data for the old details or you only move down the street you may be saved from having a Closed entry left.

1. Where you have re-located you can get a link from the Closed entry to your current Google+ page.

2. As I say above Edit third party listings to the new details.

3. Where you have old invalid listings, from spammy alternate phone nos and locations Yellow Pages adverts say, you need to Open them in Maps and then ask for them to be Deleted in Mapmaker.

4. To avoid practitioner problems where they work in a branded business have them list at home. The problem for professionals with a base listing in their professions online directory is that third party directories love to copy them in order to add in advertising opportunities when you click on them in search. Have a phone no they answer and hide the address. And just list the base category like 'Lawyer' rather then the business listings 'Divorce Lawyer'. The advantage is when they move office their own listing is unchanged.

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If you change your business from dealing with the public direct to going online you need to delete your Google my Business entry and make a +Brand page instead and promote it via Posts in Google+.
You need to get your website to show well in organic searches.

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