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I do not like having my Outlook ID being defaulted as my machines login without my permission. The IT person at Astronomy says if someone hacks Outlook you can lose all your data. Set up a local login in Outlook to use. Have an Administrator ID you just use to do thing actually needing that access and set up a non-administrator account for daily use. Make sure to backup your data to off-line disks, SS or USB devices. Do not rely on Cloud storage which can be hacked into.
Donna Beckett will interview Alan Stainer and Dave Webster who will share their knowledge and experience and talk about alternatives to Windows 10. What choices you currently have and mention some of the serious contenders that are challenging Microsoft.

Please send in your questions before during or after the live hangout on Air.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Webster Consulting UK Ltd. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Alternatives to Windows 10 and more
Wed, May 18, 8:00 AM
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Andrew Huskinson

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The professional way to set up a Google my Business account for a client and then manage it.
Hello, I am running a marketing agency. I have got a client and I would like to know please how to Add listings on Behalf of my client.Regards,Omar. Re: Add listings on Behalf of my client. SQLPerformance, 26/05/15 00:56. They should give you access to a new email account under the web site ...
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Andrew Huskinson

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+Joy Hawkins has a great look here at the impact of Closed Gogole+ search results listings on ranking.

When you are about to change the name, address or phone no on an existing Google my Business entry I advise going out and changing all the other third party web data you can Edit first.
I canpaigned for a 'stop entry' for old data we cannot Edit and the Closed entry in Maps does this for us. A safe place for this data to be scraped to by Google.
However as usual Googles code is not perfect and your data has to be 'just right' if you are to avoid problems, here ranking issues.
Once you have pre-Edited the third party data make the change. If there is not much data for the old details or you only move down the street you may be saved from having a Closed entry left.

1. Where you have re-located you can get a link from the Closed entry to your current Google+ page.

2. As I say above Edit third party listings to the new details.

3. Where you have old invalid listings, from spammy alternate phone nos and locations Yellow Pages adverts say, you need to Open them in Maps and then ask for them to be Deleted in Mapmaker.

4. To avoid practitioner problems where they work in a branded business have them list at home. The problem for professionals with a base listing in their professions online directory is that third party directories love to copy them in order to add in advertising opportunities when you click on them in search. Have a phone no they answer and hide the address. And just list the base category like 'Lawyer' rather then the business listings 'Divorce Lawyer'. The advantage is when they move office their own listing is unchanged.
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Andrew Huskinson

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Before you take over a business or start a new business at a location with a Google+ page for an old business there you need to do some 'due diligence'. Does the old business have bad Reviews and how much web directory data needs to be changed. If the old business had dodgy SEO you will ahve a worse problem.
Google Product Forums > Google and Your Business Help Forum >. hi there i have taken over the premises of an old business and despit me verifying the new business at the same adress the old one still shows on the map. How can we delete the old business? thx. Showing 1-4 of 4 messages ...
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Andrew Huskinson

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Use the option in Google my Business Help Forum I point to here to get a duplicate old or lost GmB entry removed.
Reviews live in a different data base and will re-connect to a new listing for the same business.
It seems that I have two business pages and I can't seem to merge them!This is the official page that we use: this is the page that shows up on google maps: ...
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Andrew Huskinson

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New Google my Business entries take a while to rank.
Hello,I recently verified my business on google this is my URL: However, I don't see my business come up on the map. Could you please share your thoughts. Thank you for your help!
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Andrew Huskinson

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Only .com websites get a Google my Business or Brand page without additional characters.
I am asking this question on behalf of Rasklz Publishing. We have verified our website ( and e-mail address ( on our Google+ page ( Despite that, the interface asks that we “add a few characters” to our Google+ URL.
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Andrew Huskinson

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Before Editing a Google my Business name. phone no or address first go out and change your other web directory data to the new details to minimise problems later.
When you google our company name it says "Permanently closed". I've tried reporting it some weeks ago but it still hasn't changed. Obviously this is costing our small family business money and need to get this changed ASAP. Can anyone help on how to change it? Is there a number I can ring?
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I need your help please here contact my number +2347064195822
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Andrew Huskinson

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When you ask for a post card to verify a Google my Business entry you cannot make any more edits till the code arrives.
Good day,I verified my Business by using the postcard - received the number but I'm struggling to enter the code. I followed the steps as shown below but there is no "Enter code"Where to enter verification codeTo enter the verification code you receive via postcard:Log in to Google My Business.
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Andrew Huskinson

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If you have lost ownership of a Google my Business entry you can use this option to gain ownership in your own account
HiSome one verified my business: ABOUTYOGURT PTY LTD, 223 clarendon st, South melbourne, VIC 3205.I requested admin rights , but there is no reply.What can i do in next step?THX. Re: Some one verified my business and no reply, SQLPerformance, 26/05/15 00:51 ...
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Andrew Huskinson

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If you change your business from dealing with the public direct to going online you need to delete your Google my Business entry and make a +Brand page instead and promote it via Posts in Google+.
You need to get your website to show well in organic searches.
Please help my business has been marked as Permanently Closed .We moved and the numbers have changed therefore cannot verify as can only saved Edit info with verification.Very frustrating have been trying to get help.Please help!! Re: Business Permanently Closed ! We are not please help ...
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Andrew Huskinson

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Google Brand pages do not show up in a Google+ search on Maps.
We have a website that is verified on google plus, and sometimes shows on google maps when you do a search on google. Why though, does it sometimes show on google for the search, but if you click to go to the map to see all the listings, it cannot be found? Why also, will it show on ...
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Hi Martin,

The young kids who make up the GmB development department need a senior monitor/evaluater like me watching over them.

Ha Ha

Enjoy the WE.

Cheers. Andrew.
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    Came upon the Google and Your Business Help Forum when having a problem when I added a Google Site to my Places entry. Been helping users there ever since and doing private consultancy as well. For users, web marketeers and SEOs.
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I worked as a freelance chartered professional IT consultant for 25 years in commerce and finance, for all the utilities, my local government, and computer hardware and software suppliers. From programmer to project leader, creating user friendly zero or low defect results.

B.Sc. (Physics)  
Member British Computer Society  
Chartered Engineer  
Chartered IT Consultant  

I am interested in astronomy, motor bikes and woodworking.

I offer private professional help for +Profiles, +Local Business pages, Google Places entries and Maps search result listing problems via Website.

I am doing the technical support on this ebook
informed by over two years on the Help Forum.
If you  buy the blueprint and a Yext Powerlistings here
I will upgrade the blueprint support from 15 to 60 minutes.
If Yext ring and offer you another $50 rebate it does not affect my affiliate payment or my 1 hour Places Consultancy offer.

Here is a video from a consultancy client
and ebook marketing affiliate for this program

My website at 
where I have a 30 pounds offer to review Pending Review and 'In limbo new and edited' listings.
My Blog at

This is a great post with awesome advice. Thank you, SQL Performance! Brianna Brekke Google Employee who pinned two of my postings.

SQL, you are perhaps one of only a very few contributors on this forum who actually think carefully before submitting advice. (I sometimes rush in.) Master Sweeps.

Thanks for the insight again. If google were half as helpful as you here, alot of people would be so much more at ease. Michele191.

What a relief that this is finally over. SQLPerformance, you've been with me through it all - thanks. gomp945

SQLPerformance,  I really appreciate your help here. You seem to be the only one that cares about anyone here.  MAH77  I think Jim Jaggers does as well.

Arsen R

Thanks Andrew!

Guys, Andrew is the GO-TO guy with issues regarding Google Places Listings being rejected. We recommend visiting his website, reading his content and requesting consultations if you are not able to resolve these issues on your own.

Linda Buquet wrote on March 9, 2011 :

You know what, if they listened to just HALF of the suggestions you and I have given them, they’d cut out probably 75% of the complaints and support problems. Right? (No over-writing claimed listings, etc. etc.)
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