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Andrew Hennigan
Lecturer, Speaker Coach, Writer
Lecturer, Speaker Coach, Writer

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Avoiding Networking Overload
When I speak about networking one common question is how to avoid spending too much time on this activity. Wouldn't you have no time left for your day job if you do all the things that networking lectures and books describe? In reality this problem is very ...

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Why Meeting the Audience Before a Speech is a Good Idea
One simple, practical tip that will make almost any speech, presentation, talk or pitch more effective is to talk to the audience beforehand. You don't need to talk to everyone and you don't need to talk to them very long, but you do need to establish conta...

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Using Props to Make Speaking Memorable
One of the challenges of making a speech, pitch or presentation is to make it memorable. To the speaker every talk seems memorable because they had to learn it. To the audience it is maybe just one of dozens of pitches that they will hear that day and soon ...

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Networking: Why It's Best to Avoid "Similar Interests"
In networking you can't always get introduced to another person so contacting them directly is unavoidable. But there are good ways and bad ways to do this. Looking through some poorly-crafted cold messages recently I realize that there are some common expr...

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How to Avoid Keeping Speakers in the Dark
Every day on social media I see pictures taken at events where the face of the speaker is hidden in the darkness. Every. Day. This is both frustrating for the speakers, who might otherwise have been proud of the photos. It's also a wasted opportunity for th...

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How to Practice for Big Speaking Events
Coaching people who are going to speak at a major event I always recommend that people practice their talks in a setting as close as possible to the real thing. This doesn't mean that you need to find a spare opera house or stadium to practice in, but that ...

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Design Matters: Lessons from the Oscars Mishap
Sometimes serious problems are caused or at least aggravated by small errors that could have easily been avoided. Recently presenters at the Oscars ceremony briefly misidentified La La Land as the Best Picture because of a mixup with the envelopes. As so of...

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Guarding Against the Risk of "Fake Audio"
When Adobe demonstrated their Project VoCo at the MAX event in November the media focused mostly on the downside risks, though the tool potentially has many legitimate uses. All you have to do is feed this experimental audio workstation tool a sample record...

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Why White-on-Black Slides are so Popular
At TED and TEDx talks, major product launches and other big-budget events you will notice that the presentation designers often opt for white writing on a black background. There are actually good reasons for this. To many people it simply looks cool and pr...
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