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Andrew Grimberg
I'm a systems administrator / engineer who loves pretty much anything technology or food related.
I'm a systems administrator / engineer who loves pretty much anything technology or food related.

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I'm not certain if I should laugh or groan actually given what they're promoting but it any case, it's a good UpTown Funk parody ;)

I'm curious what +Greg Kroah-Hartman's take on it is :)

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Pretty cool. Just a wee bit out of the budget though!

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The force, it is strong with this one.

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We're all doomed! This kernel was just released.
Linux kernel v4.1.15 running on the Terminator T-800 model released. John Connor warned and urged to "Red Hat Inc, Canonical LTD, and other distro maintainers to avoid this LTS kernel at all cost. Do not put this kernel in cloud. You have been warned." ‪#‎Humour‬ ‪#‎IT‬ ‪#‎Sysadmin‬

You know, I've had my +Recon Instruments goggles since the year they released them. But I'm honestly rather fed up with the company. Year after year they make updates to the software and year after year they make it impossible for folks that do not run Windows or Mac to download the firmware updates without jumping through hoops to contact support.

I was really hoping that when they got purchased by +Intel that they would fix their ways, especially since Intel is so friendly towards Linux people (in general). Apparently that's not the case. One would think that with the release of the Snow2 two years ago, which has WiFi capabilities, that they would have made it possible to do firmware and software loads over the air. That's still a big nope.

So +Recon Instruments, I'm through with you and I will not be recommending your products to anyone.

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I have to congratulate the team behind this. It's a major step forward for security on the internet!

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I'm thinking I should probably take this. I do a lot of work with OpenStack now days and while I'm pretty comfortable with the CLI tools as a user I'm definitely interested in the other side of it too!
Linux Foundation Now Offers Self-Paced #OpenStack Admin Course With Labs on Demand. Save $200 if by registering in the pre-sale period through Jan 19!

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Thinking of becoming a Linux SysAdmin? Now's a perfect opportunity get the the right certification :)
Linux SysAdmins are in higher demand than ever before. This week, we are increasing access to training and certification opportunities, enabling you to save $320 on SysAdmin training and certification with The Linux Foundation to start your new career.

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As +Konstantin Ryabitsev says there's an opening we need to fill ASAP!
Anyone interested in a release engineer position?

The Linux Foundation is currently looking for a talented individual to join our IT team supporting a (yet unannounced) incoming project that will develop software for networking and virtualization (alongside, but not quite the same as OPNFV and OpenDaylight). Core responsibilities:

- Gerrit
- Jenkins/Nexus/SonarQube/etc
- OpenStack for CI builders
- Strong networking skills (vlans, firewalls, routing, tcp)
- Puppet

We can hire anywhere in US, Canada or Australia, starting ASAP. This is a full-time remote worker position with a full bouquet of benefits.

Please send your resume to if that's something you're interested in, or please reshare with someone who you think will be a great fit.

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