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The latest #Ingress report. Been playing for less than a week and therefore understand less than half of it.
Announcing the Illuminator Medal to recognize Agents' fielding achievements and Mind Units captured.

Over 6,000 Agents battled to capture the #Shonin Anomalies across Florence, IT and Austin, TX, US Primary Sites. With heightened intensity surrounding global Field Ops, Resistance secured #Shonin 01 R:2,062 - E:2,059 and Enlightened captured #Shonin 02 E:2,926 - R:2,230.

The final #Shonin Anomalies are set to occur on Sat, Mar 28 in Kyoto, JP; Hanover, DE; Pasadena, CA, US. See for more details.

Finally, the Enlightened's new Acolyte claims +Roland Jarvis has passed, but she is ready to carry the torch and continue working to evolve humanity. Surveillance footage seems to indicate Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich has disappeared in an apparent flash of XM.

Share your SITREPs with the #IngressReport hashtag, then sign the video release at

#IngressBulletin #IngressReport
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George R.R. Martin and a host of other great authors contribute stories to this fat collection! 
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[Back this Campaign] There are a team of writers from around the world ready to contribute on a number of novels for Project New World. There are writers and illustrators ready for the comic book. The extra interesting aspect of the transmedia project is…
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£200 in Amazon vouchers. Kinda like £200 in cash, right? 
Liftshare’s super useful app is now available for Apple iOS and Google Play. To say thank you for members who have installed the app or have been reading
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Andrew Girdwood

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Not geeky enough for a +Geek Native post but certainly good enough to share. 
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Andrew Girdwood

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The +BritMums BiB Awards look chunky. I thought they'd be worth sharing here in case your blog might fit. 
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Andrew Girdwood

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Wouldn't want to buy but will click a button to win a free copy? Sound like the 5e DM's Screen? This competition might tempt you. 
Wizards of the Coast have provided Geek Native with a copy of the D&d Dungeon Master's Screen to give away in a competition.
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Andrew Girdwood

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My #Ingress agent profile.
If anyone wants an invite and to join the Enlightened let me know! I'll need your email address.

Two factions: The Enlightened (green) who use "exotic matter" for inspiration and believe it'll help mankind improve. The Resistance (blue), the force of Government and corporations, who resist the free use of exotic matter and consider it dangerous.

The game, Ingress, is Google's alternative reality location based effort. 5m players, I think, and a few years old. 
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Haven't played this since it first launch...but might give it a go again now it's working with Android Wear -
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How did you not see this coming? The end to link building.
I’ve been down on link building for many years now and I have not been the voice in the wilderness on the fringes of the SEO community. I’ve found plenty of SEOs who agree with me. We’re talking about this again because Google’s John Mueller recommends not ...
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Sons of Anarchy fan? A chance to win a copy of Bratva, co-written by series creator Kurt Sutter, and packed with secrets.
Jax, Chibs and Opie head to Nevada to search for her only to discover Trinity has become involved in a faction war with the Russian mafia.
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Andrew Girdwood

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I think  +Inbox by Gmail has spam filters that are too aggressive. 
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Andrew Girdwood

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Boost your Google Drive storage space for free.
Happy Safer Internet Day. #SafeOnline

Have plans for the big holiday? Never heard of it? No problem. Celebrate today, or any day, by taking control of your account security with this 2-minute Security Checkup. Do it by 17 February 2015 and we’ll say thanks with a permanent 2 gigabyte bump in your Google Drive storage plan.

Learn more at
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Digital Marketing
Digital marketing; I've experience in SEO, PPC, Affiliate/Performance Marketing, Display and Social. That experience is relevant in desktop and mobile as well as a bit of connected big screen whether via smart TV or gaming console. I've technical skills, blogging skills and know my limits when it comes to wrestling a presentation into shape.
  • DigitasLBi
    Digital Marketing, present
    Media Innovations Director. Good media connects brands with people; it transforms creativity from art into marketing and technology from utility into marketing.
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Edinburgh, Scotland
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Blogger, gamer and digital marketing geek
Andrew is Media Innovations Director at DigitasLBi and happily spends his day deep in digital marketing.

On the weekends Andrew divides his time between geeky hobbies like RPG, anime, sci-fi, the occasional web project and more digital marketing. He runs sites like because even in his time off he likes to get digital!

Despite all the mentions of digital marketing; this is a personal profile!
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The Sir Walter Scott is after security and is generally so busy you might imagine that it was the only place in the departures longue that serves sit down food. That’s not the case. The Gathering is just across from it and at the other end of the terminal there’s a burger bar, an Eat and Yo-Susi. I think you have to moderate your expectations when you turn up at a JD Wetherspoon; certainly when that’s a Whetherspoon in an airport. Gourmet food won’t be found here. The goal is “will this be good enough?” and while that is certainly influenced by how hungry you are I’ve found that the sir Walter Scott is generally a safe pair of hands. The emphasis is on speed. When you order at an airport you need to be able to eat before you’re due at the gate. The staff at the Sir Walter Scott always seem aware of that, let you know if there’s going to be the potential for a delay and the menu is designed to allow swift service. There at, at least, two menus; breakfast and after breakfast. You’ll be familiar with most of the choices if you’re used to JD Wetherspoon owned bars at any other airport. I think the five bean chilli is the best option after breakfast and I tend to go with scrambled eggs. Neither dish is ambitious and this is exactly what I want. This isn’t a cheap food bar. You’re probably paying more than you would for similar food but compared to the usual costs of airport-side meals it is entirely in-line with what I would expect. Overall; I pop into The Sir Walter Scott now and then on my many trips to Edinburgh Airport. I tend to favour Eat for breakfast and the Gathering for lunch but if I’ve time for a pint of beer and a sit down dinner then I’ll come here. There are seats here that can let you watch the departures board and a few near power supplies for your laptop.
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Beets has changed and adapted to survive the arrival of a chain supermarket right next to it. The pleasant little shop now specialises in an interesting range of alcohol. If you want to pick up a bottle of wine, even champagne, that no one else is likely to bring to the party (or guess how much it costs) then Beets is for you. Want to try a new beer, ale or larger? Then Beets is for you. It has a pretty decent range of spirits and has stocked Kraken rum in the past but the independent really specialises in wines and beer. I make the habit of buying a new beer whenever I go in and I try and go in as often as I can. This is a local shop that has earned the trust and support of the locals. There’s been times when I’ve been stuck and unable to decide what sort of wine would be suitable for a party or dinner. Without fail the owner has been able to help, has been happy to do so and shared impartial advise. I’ve been persuaded to buy less expensive wines. I wouldn’t have a second thought in asking for advise again. Beets is normally open from Tuesday to Saturday. The only trouble I’ve had with the store is when I fancied something for Sunday dinner and they’ve been closed.
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The Constitution is in a weird “can’t win for trying” situation. I like it far more than I actually go. The bar is situated on Constitution Street and has a few tables and chairs outside. Inside it’s rather nice. The main bar area is comfortable, the bar is large and there’s an even larger projection screen for watching TV. Around the corner from the bar there’s a restaurant area. If you prefer you can access the building directly from the restaurant door too. The tables here are a good size for food and the area is clean, well decorated and good for chatting. The best area of The Constitution is almost a secret. You can go around the back of the bar into a third room. This is a plush, private area with super comfortable chairs. I think it’s a perfect location for some post-work drinking. The problems have had with Constitution – other than the times it uses the large screen for spot – have always been with the food. When the place was newly launched they had a lovely menu but the food took an absolute age to arrive. Wisely they simplified and cut back but along the way they went too far. Rather than getting nicely done gastro-pub food we started to get dishes from the other end of the spectrum. You know; the end where microwaves stalk the kitchens. I think food is a problem The Constitution needs to solve. It’s an eating sort of pub. It’s the sort of pub you could settle down in on Friday evening after work and stay a while. Until it manages to sort this out I think the building will always be suspiciously empty and that won’t be good news. There have been months where I’ve worried about whether the owners would be able to continue. I’m glad The Constitution has survived. I’m a hair’s breadth away from popping back in and checking the menu again. I think it might be a challenge to persuade those who’ve felt let-down by the kitchen in the past though, for whatever the reason.
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This is a really nice Zizzi. The restaurant has strong views out towards Princess Street of the like you can't get elsewhere. Inside is lovely with a mix of tables, chairs and comfy sofas. This is a hip Zizzi. Once you know where the restaurant is it is easy to find but you're unlikely to stumble on it otherwise. If you're at St Giles on the Royal Mile, cross the street and head down the infamous Mary King's Close. No ghosts here, just a modern Zizzi hidden away. The food is what you'd expect from a Zizzi. That means consistently good but made suitable for a chain of restaurants. As this Zizzi isn't easy to find it can be quiet. I like this. A side effect is that there's not always loads of wait staff on. I've been on a Sunday evening when there was only one member of staff but he coped well with the three active tables he had.
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I’ve been very loyal to Sesh since they opened. That’s not come automatically but because they’ve earned it. What I haven’t been is very faithful to any individual hairdresser who works for Sesh. My usual routine is to decide over lunch that I really should have my hair cut before the business meeting I’m supposed to be at the following day. I phone up Sesh and see if they can squeeze me in. If I’m not picky about who cuts my hair then we can usually (but not always; they get busy!) find a time that day in which they have a space for me. By and large it doesn’t matter who cuts my hair at Sesh because it’s always good. Sure, yeah, the more experienced team show that experience but when you’re a geek going for a simple wash and cut then there’s no point splitting hairs over the difference. If you’ll forgive the pun. It’s also worth considering the wash. You’re made comfortable, you lean back into a grooved basin and they check the temperature is spot on. Then there’s magic. There’s a special Sesh wash that’s akin to a head massage. I swear it’s why some of their customers are so loyal. If there’s any waiting (you know; you’ve turned up 20 minutes early) then there’s tea or coffee and usually a biscuit. You can go back to that after your wash if you need it. The salon is clean, warm and friendly. There’s plenty of space. I always worry when hairdressers squeeze their customers too closely together. Don’t bump the man with scissors at my head! That’s never a problem at Sesh.
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I was really pleased to see The Hideout Café arrive on the corner of Charlotte Street and Constitution Street. The location looked like a good one, a corner of a busy intersection and not too far from Leith Links at all but for as long as I had lived in the area the building had been left empty and was approach ruin. The Hideaway Café swept in, tided the place up and transformed the corner spot into the sweet little nook it should be. The big attraction of the Hideaway Café is the opposite of what you might expect. The Hideaway is actually a fantastic lookout spot. It has huge windows which are easy to sit near. If you’ve got the time you can sit, drink your tea and watch busy Leith go by. While the tables aren’t huge and the seats are mainly those old wooden frame jobs the café is actually quite cosy. It would be a tempting place to go sit and read for a bit (and some people do) but it gets a little too busy for me. While The Hideout Café as a fair range of drinks at sensible prices I find the food menu keeps me from coming back more often. The menu updates every day but isn’t very large. I can’t head out of work, aiming to have lunch at the Café, confident in the knowledge I’ll find something there I’d want to eat. Once we sat down at a table, just after 12, picked something from the blackboard menu only to watch as it was wiped clean and updated with less appetising food. On that occasion we had to abandon the visit and go elsewhere. “Elsewhere” is a problem for café as although it has a nice spot it is just across the road from the Compass which is very good for food and just up the road from Printworks Coffee and Rocksalt. I think those two alternatives catch more of the workers drifting up from the Shore for a breakfast or lunch. On the flip that, that helps to ensure the Hideaway isn’t overly packed too often (as can sometimes happen at Rocksalt). There’s a touch of “lifestyle café” to the Hideout but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s not my favourite venue in the area but it’s certainly a consideration.
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The Flying Dog is a bit of a secret. It’s hard to convince people there’s a gourmet hog dog and craft ale specialist just off from the Water of Leith – but that’s exactly what The Flying Dog is. The menu is straight forward – hot dogs or sandwiches. Wait. When I say gourmet dogs that’s exactly what I mean; so you have an order like “The Coronation” which is a chicken sandwich, with pineapple with a curry mayo. My favourite is The Flying Dog if which a hot dog with chilli beef, melted cheese and peppers. The Flying Dog has their own ale. My favourite is the Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale. That’s right. I go to the Flying Dog, eat a Flying Dog and wash it down with a bottle of Flying Dog too. It’s comfortable inside. There’s plenty of space between tables but not a huge amount of space on each table. So why is this clean, convenient and tasty venue such a secret? There are two reasons. The first is the location. You do need to know Leith pretty well or be willing to explore in order to find it. There’s a greasy spoon café across the road that as a giant hog dog statue outside (no fooling) and I suspect sometimes people assume that’s the Flying Dog when the location is describe to them and write the place off. The second is herd mentality. I’ve only ever been in the Flying Dog for a mid-week lunch. It’s always been empty. I’ve seen people walk up, interested by the proposition but peer through the window and then retreat. I’m sure those same people would have ventured inside if there had only been one or two more dining couples in sight. Despite worrying whether The Flying Dog is doing well enough to keep its doors open (and perhaps it gets super busy at night; since it serves food late and opens even later) I’d recommend it. If you’re in Leith and need a hot dog sized lunch then come here for quality, comfort and good vibe.
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