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Andrew Geleff
Technology, beer, sports, learning, and my friends are the best things in life.
Technology, beer, sports, learning, and my friends are the best things in life.

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Would love it if entering a hashtag symbol auto-populated several trending topics after typing a few letters. For instance, typing "#DemsInP" would automatically bring up all of the trending hashtags for the Democratic Convention. Other apps do this, so I'm not sure what it would take to implement, but I'd love it! 

It's taking longer and longer for my app to fetch new tweets on a refresh pull. Sometimes it takes up to 15 seconds for anything to show up at all. I've done this on multiple networks, so it likely isn't a connectivity issue.

Also, building off of that, sometimes it just won't fetch anything new at all. I have to leave the app and come back hours later for it to be working again. 

Any chance of a "stream tweets on WiFi" option in the future, +Sam Ruston​? 

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I typically can't stand DROID branded phones, but damn, the DROID Turbo is pretty great if I do say.

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Let's do it. #iPhone6

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Trying hard not to ignore Google+ these days.

Here's a rumor that Apple is going full speed ahead into mobile payments. I really hope this comes to fruition with the iPhone 6 launch.

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Here's my Samsung Galaxy S5 review. I think you should read it. Also, I know it's super late, but better late than never.

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Part 2 of my 3 part T-Mobile Test Drive series. I've gotten to hammer the network with some data intensive applications. Here's my update. 

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