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☀️ Know some people who just can't seem to get out of debt and they really need to buy a house and get settled? 👀 Here's a good article by our friend Tony Mariotti at Ruby One Mortgage discussing 8 simple steps to get out of debt and buy a home. 🏡 👏
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Andrew Fortune

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Mortgage Overlays are an important topic for real estate professionals to know about. This article posted by +Luke Skar from +Inlanta Mortgage is the best post I've ever read on the subject. It's a quick easy read on an interesting topic. Check it out!
What are Mortgage Overlays? Lender Guidelines Explained!
Specific rules a lender follows ABOVE the published guidelines

Today we are giving you a chance to peek behind the curtain of the mortgage world and get an idea of what happens at individual banks and mortgage companies in the form of mortgage overlays.

People often don’t understand why certain lenders will make additional rules to obtain a mortgage with them above and beyond the requirements set by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, or even USDA. We call these rules overlays.

Mortgage overlays are nothing new to our industry, but they have gotten much more popular as lenders have become more conservative when they make lending decisions in today’s challenged real estate market.

Learn more about lender's mortgage overlays from my latest post!

You will also find additional resources via +Paul Sian +Debbie Drummond +Bill Gassett +Anita Clark +Greg Hancock and +Kyle Hiscock!

#RealEstate   #MortgageUpdated  
A famous line from the old movie “The Wizard of Oz” involves the character Oz shouting out “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” The little guy behind the curtain was trying to pro
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Thanks so much for the comps and share +Andrew Fortune. It's a complex topic that not many consumers even know about.
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Andrew Fortune

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Congratulations +Andrew Fortune​
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Andrew Fortune

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Interviewing real estate agents can be intimidating. Check out this article by +Xavier De Buck that cover some great questions and topics to discuss whenever you need interview agents.
How To Interview A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Is the idea of interviewing a real estate agent to assist in the marketing of your property a daunting task?

The big question here is how does one avoid choosing the wrong real estate agent for the job?

In this article, I discuss 10 interview questions each and every home seller should be asking the potential real estate agents BEFORE hiring any of them for the job!

I'd like to thank the following people whose articles I've consulted for this write-up: +Karen Highland, +Debbie Drummond, +Andrew Fortune and +Bill Gassett!

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to share it across your social media!

You can read the full article here:

#realestate #homeseller #interview
How To Interview A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home
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Great & concise summary there, +Andrew Fortune!

Appreciate you resharing this article!
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Andrew Fortune

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What Should A Seller Expect From Their Listing Agent?

Here's another great article by +Bill Gassett, which covers 8 Things that Realtors should be doing for their home sellers. It also has a very funny ReMax video in it. Check it out! :)
8 Things Real Estate Agents Should Be Doing For Home Sellers
There are some real estate agents who are all about doing the bare minimum.

Agents like this then wonder why they can't seem to get more business. In real estate it is all about going the extra mile for your clients.

Working with sellers involves some things that are an absolute must if you want to be an agent that deserves getting repeat business over and over again.

In the article I discuss 8 things that all real estate agents should be doing for their home sellers. There are some excellent references to other home selling articles including those of +Andrew Fortune +Lynn Pineda +Kyle Hiscock and +Placester.

Make sure you also check out the funny video on agent communications! This by the way is consistently the #1 complaint against real estate agents.

If you enjoy the article please consider sharing socially.

#realestate #realestateagent #realtor  
Here are 8 things a real estate agent should be doing for home sellers. All home sellers should expect these things from their Realtor.
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Thanks very much for sharing +Andrew Fortune !
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Andrew Fortune

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Here's a well-written article by +Lynn Pineda that offers some great tips on how to become a better real estate agent. If you've been wanting to up your real estate game, take a look at this articel!
Helping You to Become a Better Real Estate Agent

I want to help you to be a better you - becoming a better Real Estate Agent!

Instead of complaining about the countless episodes I experience, yes, episodes, because every time I experience an event with a Real Estate Agent who hasn’t honed in on their craft, it simply is part of the greater picture or series, that of a Real Estate Agent running without clarity.

Being a Real Estate Agent is the greatest career one could ever hold, in my opinion. However, don’t think it’s easy, thinking all we do is stroll customers around to look at 3 homes and then they choose one to buy, as HGTV swears by. Too funny! If only it were that easy.

I discuss laying your foundation as a Real Estate Agent right through to enjoying being a Real Estate Agent.

Read more here :

In addition, I've included additional resources to help you from +Marcel Schwantes +Bill Gassett +Xavier De Buck and +Andrew Fortune 

If you found my article helpful, please consider sharing it! Thank you!
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Thanks for sharing my article +Andrew Fortune !
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Andrew Fortune

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The Ultimate Home Sellers To-Do Checklist for 2016

Check out this infographic loaded with 96 actionable items that home sellers can do before listing their house for sale. There is a downloadable PDF of this info in the article as well. This is great info for any getting their house ready to put on the market!

View it Here:

Pin it Here: 
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Thanks David. My wife made this one. :)
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Andrew Fortune

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How Do Emotion & Logic Influence Which House We Buy?

Buying a home can be emotionally draining. The battle between the head and the heart is a strong one. This article explains how emotion and logic influence which house we buy.

You can pin it here for later:
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Very well done +Andrew Fortune! So important to understand how decisions are made when buying a home.
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Andrew Fortune

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How To Buy A House: A Step-By-Step Guide

The home buying process can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to. Here's a new infographic and article to help simplify the process for home buyers. :)
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Great infographic +Andrew Fortune!
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Andrew Fortune

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5 Dangers of Working with the Listing Agent When Buying a Home

Through the years, I've met multiple home buyers who think that they can get a better deal on a home by working directly with the listing agent. This is a terrible idea though.

This article covers 5 important dangers to consider in a dual agency real estate transaction.
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Share with your property group. New social networking app dedicated to Real Estate investors and like minded professionals.
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Andrew Fortune

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A Real Estate Transaction Guide

+Paul Sian has put together an extensive guide for consumers that covers the whole home buying and selling process. It's packed with helpful info to guide buyers and sellers in a step-by-step format. Please share this with anyone who you know may benefit from it. :)
Real Estate Transaction Guide For Selling Or Buying A Home

If you are considering buying or selling a home this guide is for you.  It is packed full of information and details on how the process of buying and selling a home goes from start to finish.

Included in the guide are great resources from +Xavier De Buck , +Dustin Brohm - Salt Lake's Favorite Realtor , +David R. Millar , +Bill Gassett , +Kyle Hiscock , +Lynn Pineda , +Luke Skar , +Jeff Knox , +Wendy Weir , +Teresa Cowart , +Deb Rhodes , +Ryan Fitzgerald , +Andrew Fortune , +Anita Clark   and more.

Please consider socially sharing if your find this useful.

#realestate   #buyingahome   #sellingyourhome  
The Real Estate Transaction Guide For Buyers And Sellers If you have never bought or sold a home before or haven’t bought one in a while you may not be aware of all the steps that go into the home buying or selling process. The process does not just start the instant you decide to …
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Thank you for sharing +Andrew Fortune !
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I enjoy discussions about real estate technology, SEO, website design, small business success, and raising a family as a business owner.

I'm the owner of Great Colorado Homes and am a local REALTOR® in Colorado Springs, CO. I have been a Realtor since 2008 and have worked in Real Estate as an investor since 2004. I am passionate about Real Estate and enjoy being a part of the evolution of the industry as technology advances change it daily.

I buy and "flip" a couple homes each year as a side business to my Realtor job. It keeps me connected to the emotions involved in buying and selling real estate and it has really helped my credibility and knowledge of the industry. My wife is involved in this business and we have fun doing it together.

Simple. Friendly. No pressure. My website, is a powerful tool for the buyers and sellers of real estate in the Colorado Springs area. The site is filled with great content and easy ways to connect to a 5 star rated local real estate agent. Andrew Fortune in the main contributing Realtor on the website. He is professional and direct, while maintaining a friendly customer service driven business style. He helps local home buyers and sellers with their Real Estate needs and works hard to earn their positive reviews.

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