Just an opinion to throw out there: Government is never, ever "set it and forget it". It doesn't matter what you're preferred ideology is: There is no perfect system, no perfect structure, no perfect scope. Even if you somehow got your Perfect Government (for whatever value of perfect you like) it is absolutely guaranteed to start running off the rails at some point and, left unchecked, drive the country to ruin.

The point at which that slide into the abyss takes place is likely to be before this Fantastical New Government has all its business cards printed.

The amount of care a government needs from its people in order to stay healthy is also probably not affected much by system, structure or scope. How much you have to give it the hairy eyeball is more determined, I honestly think, by how far off the rails it already is before you start paying attention to it again.

That level of watchfulness? Is never, ever, a non-zero number. Even for your Perfect Government. If the question is "How much time will I have to devote to watering and pruning my politicians?" The answer will always be "How much time do you have?"

So, wrangle and argue about politics as much as you want. It's good to be engaged and paying attention. You can leave a lot of the acrimony out of it, however, when you realize the other guy's yahoos are going to fall off a cliff as soon as they get elected.

You can leave most of the remainder of the acrimony out when you admit to yourself that your yahoos will too.
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