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I just finished running the +Google Interactivism Young People's Hack Weekend. 150 developers, designers, social innovators, and of course young people, working together to prototype applications to help young people find education, training and jobs. Running these events is one of the highlights of my job - I'm always amazed by the energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved.
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awesome - will there be one in Germany too?
Thanks alot, great event! Hope to attend next year, but unfortunately as a Developer rather than a Student Developer. (I also seem to be tagged down as 'Bernhard Seefeld' though, I'm in the green hoodie.)
+Mark Dessain I guess this automatic face tagging feature needs a little tweaking - i'm glad you enjoyed the event though!
Thanks for the photos and thanks for organising the event (along with everyone else who helped out). It was great to meet so many enthusiastic people and learn from them.
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