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The Saga of a CyanogenMod Exynos4 device maintainer - The Conclusion of the Saga

Disclaimer:  This series of posts contains the personal opinion/perspective of just one member of the team.  It is not, in any way, an official statement from the project.

This is the conclusion of the saga, with the previous post at

For those who haven't read from the beginning, it is at

So, after all that has happened - I am mentally exhausted and pretty much burned out.  Since BABBQ I've barely had the motivation to touch my CM source trees, because I've gotten tired of constantly bashing my head against the devices I own to make them more attractive to a given subset of users, when the manufacturer of said devices has done almost nothing to help answer technical questions or solve other issues.

I'm tired of Samsung constantly talking about how they're going to do things for the community, and then failing to deliver. - lots of promises to be "here to help" and such.  Nothing delivered. - Getting ready for a "huge announcement", he "wasn't going to let us down" - Guess what?  We got let down, NOTHING delivered. - Back with "big announcements" - sending some XDA developers to a Samsung conference.  End result:  Total failure.  Nothing delivered - Diligently working on a Superbrick fix.  The "fix" proposed then was inferior to what was already in place, and a month later we had a grenade thrown in our faces with I9100 XWLPM.  It's now near the end of November 2012, and not a single affected device has received Samsung's official fix, which has been ready since early September, and a number of affected devices HAVE had releases since then (such as Sprint Epic 4G Touch FI27).  I still get PMs once or twice a week from users that have wound up with damaged devices asking for help, and the only thing I can tell them is they're SOL and need a new motherboard.
The Galaxy S3 has been marketed as Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (aka Bluetooth Smart) since its release - but it is not actually BTLE capable - - Samsung is STILL advertising the device as BTLE capable when it is NOT, despite the fact that they have been aware of this false advertising for months.

In short, Samsung talks endlessly, but I have major trouble finding any examples of them delivering anything useful.  If anyone from Samsung is wondering why the community has been so harsh and untrusting - look at your own damn track record of constant broken promises.  Only a complete and total idiot would trust Samsung after dealing with all of the bullshit above, and also knowing about how the company is run - - Yup, that's right, their chairman was jailed for bribery and corruption, only to be let out a few months later (probably after bribing a few extra people...) - Even after getting jailed for bribery and corruption, they are still in charge.  Ethical companies will can an incoming CEO just for sleeping with a subordinate -

Meanwhile, for the past year, Sony has rarely talked.  They just deliver - over and over and over again, they deliver useful things that developers actually need.

I'm a volunteer.  I do this in my spare time, and receive very little financial compensation (XDA donations are a pittance, and honestly, I don't care.  I do this because some of the work I do keeps my mind sharp and until I started getting heavily involved with Samsung devices, it was work I could take pride in.)  At this point, I no longer enjoy the work I'm doing, and it's gotten to the point where the distraction of all this bullshit is starting to impact my ability to concentrate properly at my day job, which is absolutely unacceptable.  A major change is needed or I'm going to totally burn out and lose what little passion I have for what I've been doing the past year.

I believe +Daniel Hillenbrand is in a similar position - but at least he's already started switching over to Sony, which has been a massive breath of fresh air for him.  In the past two months or so, I think they've given him more assistance and answered more questions than Samsung has over the past two years.  The Xperia T is a perfect example of what happens when a manufacturer actually cooperates - in only three weeks it was running CM10 better than the I9100 and I9300 were after months of Jellybean work.

+Guillaume Lesniak has primarily been working with Asus Transformers.  It's scary - he's actually having better success with Tegra3 devices than we've had with Exynos4!  I know he's pretty close to his limits with Samsungs too.

+Espen Fjellvær Olsen is I think the only one who hasn't totally lost hope yet...  He's been dealing with this bullshit for the least amount of time.  However, I expect the burnout to get to him pretty soon too.

There have been other contributors/maintainers that also deserve credit, I'm not sure how many of them will be continuing.

+Alan Orth and +Andrew Ohana , the P68xx/P62xx maintainers.
+Nebojsa Cvetkovic , N7100 maintainer
+Steven Harper , audio routing guru
+Atin M , retired but may be coming back for Nexus 10
Sam Mortimer, another I777 contributor
+Chris Boyle , I9100P contributor
Paul Kocialkowski, hardcore Replicant project guy who gave us the hope of freeing ourselves from Yamahell
Quite a few others whose contributions to the various Exynos4 devices on Gerrit have kept us going a little longer without burning out.  There are probably quite a few others I've forgotten.

Samsung is fortunate in that the Nexus 4 is heavily backordered...  If I had one, I'd be much more likely to just eBay my Samsung devices.  Most likely, if I haven't seen major changes from Samsung by the new year and I can score a Nexus 4, I'll be eBaying all of my Exynos4 devices in January.  I'm just utterly sick of the bullshit, lies, broken promises, and inability to even properly comply with the GPL (It's November 28, 2012, and they have yet to provide kernel source that matches any binary shipped with the GT-N8013 since August 17, 2012.  When this issue is raised, it is either ignored or responded to with a lie - a claim that UEALGB is a "leak" despite the fact that it was preinstalled on every N8013 unit sold in the United States for at least a month after launch.

Is it possible for Samsung to redeem themselves, even at this point?  Of course.  Look at Sony Mobile winning "OEM of the Year" for 2012 ( ) despite the fact that they started out 2012 almost universally reviled by the community due to the actions of Sony as a whole - But Sony Mobile fought valiantly to polish the tarnished image of their parent company's past actions, and they succeeded.  Sony did this not with talk and PR announcements, but with constant repeated actions favorable to the community.  Samsung has a farther uphill battle here, as in this case, the community has been impacted negatively by the business units involved themselves, and not other business units, but still - it is possible, with ethical behavior and honesty, for any company to make up for their past mistakes.  That is what sets a truly good company apart from the rest, the ability to take responsibility for one's mistakes and fix them.
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+Andrew Dodd You know; I feel your pain through this whole issue with Sammy. I actually came from an HTC OG Inc to an S3 with hopes with good support and looks like that seems to be a bad idea unless Sammy changes. =(

I wouldn't mind a Nexus but I'm on VZW so that isn't going to happen. =\
i say.. ditch Samsung welcome Nexus i did sold my galaxy note 1 and fortunate that i got a nexus 4 16GB.. freaking awsome just yesterday i got update to 4.2.1

I  dont like TW however  loved your CM9 but..i understand without SS support CM10 would not be as good.
and look Note 1 still has no JB .
Samsung are becoming the new apple albeit with less good looking polish phones.
Thank you for your time that you have put into these devices. People like you and Daniel are the reason, why I still enjoy my I9100. It's absolutely incredible what you guys have managed to achieve even without the sources and proper documentation. I was on the Leak for 2 hours and switched back to CM10 afterwards. It's just more enjoyable to use a phone with pure Android and the customizations of CM10. And to Samsung: by now I too lost hope that there will come out something good by the end of this year. 1 month ago or so I was really optimistic that we as a community could achieve something with this social media shitstorm so I created the "push Samsung to release Exynos sources" thread on the XDA SII forums but now I think it was a waste of time. Thanks for nothing Samsung... 
Call me crazy, but despite reading all the crap you put up with I'm still half tempted by the Note 2, just for the active digitizer. I would be very sad to see you sell your N8013 as that's the reason I started following you but I can relate to the fact that when something you do for fun no longer is fun, it becomes pointless to continue. I guess all we can do is hope that Samsung actually changes in action and not just rhetoric.
"+Guillaume Lesniak has primarily been working with Asus Transformers.  It's scary - he's actually having better success with Tegra3 devices than we've had with Exynos4!"

Wow, Samsung worse than Nvidia?! Can we get +Linus Torvalds to give them the finger next? :P
I'm curious what the status of Exynos 5 source releases with the Nexus 10 indicate to you for the future of Exynos devices. Is Exynos 4 just the oddball between 3 and 5, or is it only through Google's intervention that Samsung bothers to fix up their source before releasing? (I guess it's far more likely the latter, but I wonder what it means for a possible GS4 or next Nexus from Samsung).
Sad end, but expected. Following all those things closely on XDA since the very beginning of N7000 superbrick fiasco, I'm not surprised. Well, your appearance will be blessed at Nexus 4 front :-)
I used to love the Exynos 4. It was madly powerful and worked great but the bullshit Samsung has pulled has made me promise to never buy another Samsung phone or processor again. IDGAF about Exy 5. I don't care they opened it up. What's done is done. They already screwed the community and I won't forget it anytime soon. My next phone will be Sony with a Qualcomm.
Really want to appreciate your effort into sgs2, entropy. I can totally understand your (and gokhanmoral) frustration. My next phone surely won't be Sammy's - I had very high hope that sgs2 would be supported by dev community for a long time when I picked it up last year and samsung has screwed it up totally. 
This just make me appreciate all the hard work all of you have done much more. I'm running CM9 on my i9100 and am happy by this fantastic mod and accept that I might not get a stable CM10 for it.
I've already decided to drop my phone for the Nexus 4 when it actually becomes available! The price is more than low enough.
Thanks for all the hard work and all the pain of dealing with Samsung, it's more than anyone can ask really. 
Andrew, let us know where you will move, so we'll get rid of our Galaxy Note and move to that device.Please don't tell Nexus4, screen too small :) Maybe we shall wait for Sony Yugo!
Samsung did not surprise me, again. I bought one of their initial internet connected TV's in 2010 hoping for firmware updates, which never arrived. Then I understood, Samsung just wants to sell you new HW every year, and stopped buying any more Samsung TV's. Unfortunately I had to buy that Galaxy Note as there was no competitor with such screen...
Thanks for the hard work! Also, the saga was a great read. Thanks for that as well. 
after your "sagas",i m sure there will be loads of used s2's for sale on ebay(atleast mine would)
Kea K
+Jesse Spangenberger unless you have an international s3 you don't have an exynos it's running on s4 Qualcomm not sure if the development would be easier due to this
+Kea K The Qualcomm-based S3s (all USA models for example) are EXTREMELY well supported in CM thanks to CodeAurora.
+Ibrahim Awwal Exynos3/5 are in good shape thanks to Google.  Pretty much, if it's Exynos and not used in a Nexus device, it'll be a total and complete nightmare to work with.

Even devices that share an SoC with a Nexus are a pain to work with - The GalaxyS required a LOT of work because its implementation was so mangled.  However, it was at least work with a known valid starting point (crespo) and once the work was completed, GalaxyS family devices pretty much were tracking crespo in terms of support quality.

So as far as Exynos5 devices from Samsung Mobile - They'll be less of a nightmare than Exynos4 devices have been, but they'll still likely need lots of unnecessary work due to unexplainable deviations from AOSP.  One big issue is that there are no Exynos5 devices with cellular radios - RIL work on an Exynos5 based phone could be a major hassle.  (That said, at least not having to deal with all of the other crap should mean that someone working against a broken RIL can focus on just that and a few other items.)

I probably will get a Nexus 10, despite Samsung leaving a major bitter taste in my mouth after all this, just because of the fact that it's a Nexus.  If it's a Nexus, you'll know it'll meet certain standards of quality.
Thanks for everything you and every other developer has done for the community. I had no idea of the trials and tribulations some of you had/have to go through. Brilliant read. Thank you again.
I've truly enjoyed reading the entire saga. I was an Epic 4g Touch user that got bit by the superbrick bug in early February. I slogged thru all the cm9 betas but jumped on the Note 2 and sold my GS2. Sad that +Samsung Mobile +Samsung Mobile USA have destroyed developer relations. This will be my last Samsung device. 
The S3 is my second Samsung device (the first was i9000). I don't plan to sell it now but I will never give one more € to them in the future !

I'm sure I'll love Sony's devices in a year or two ;).
The whole saga was really enlightening to read.  Thanks for all of the hard work both dealing with this garbage and then clearly documenting it for everyone to follow.  I'm with several others here in that I'm done with Samsung devices for the foreseeable future.
Same here. No more Samsung phones for me. I'll give until the end of the year for the Nexus to be properly in stock then stick this piece of crap on ebay. I bought this phone to run CM, a lesson learned. Just bought a Nexus 7 too, which could and should easily have been a Galaxy Tab, but no chance they're getting anymore of my cash. Also, for the record, like most people on here, socially I'm asked my opinion on phones A LOT, and I've started recommending Nexus devices or Sony. I don't expect Samsung to care, they're to much like Apple now, and assume no one can hurt them, but if 200,000 people are on XDA's 9300 forum, and each one of them is recommending Nexus or Sony devices to just 10 people, that's a lot of lost device sales....for what, because Samsung want everything their own way? Pathetic Samsung. Utterly Pathetic.

I started the whole motion to kick Samsung between the legs on their social media sites some time ago on the CM10 thread, and got a ban from XDA for my trouble, but I still maintain people should continue to bombard them with negative messages at this very crucial time of year. They will only ever react to serious negative pressure that is customer facing. But all that seems to have run out of stream now, so I guess it's time for us all to vote with our wallets. 
+Shad Hass Sony has done an amazing job in the past year in terms of developer relations.  They've done numerous things no other manufacturer has.  A lot of people don't trust them because of Sony's past, but that was my whole point of the last paragraph about whether a company can redeem themselves - Sony has repeatedly gone "above and beyond" in terms of open source developer relations over the past year.  The Xperia S and T are the closest you can get to a Nexus device in terms of AOSP support without actually buying a Nexus.
Do you see the LG Optimus G being well supported given its similarity to the Nexus 4?  I've heard a lot of horror stories about LG, but am wondering if this will be the N4 with LTE and micro-SD.
I see there is an unlock method now, but probably not very trustworthy in the long run.  Thanks for the reply.
Maybe you should look at the changes that andy572 made?

" Originally Posted by andy572
Graphic is up and running stable, with NEW drivers, patched and bugfixed by me.
Android 4.2 has removed PMEM memory allocator and is now using ION for faster UI - now, our beloved i9300 is using ION and its
fu**ing fast."
Funny, he hasn't posted any changes yet...  And I'm betting things aren't in as good of a state as he thinks...  Probably the same as mcm811's builds with broken hwcomposer.
The fact that he's planning on pushing it to github instead of submitting to gerrit and being all secretive about it makes it pretty clear there are flaws he's not talking about.
"The Xperia S and T are the closest you can get to a Nexus device in terms of AOSP support without actually buying a Nexus." -+Andrew Dodd 

Any reason the TX and TL aren't on that list? (Or are they considered the same as the T?)
I'm curious about that as well. How different is the TX compared to the T?
Very good read!

I think I get your frustration. The only reason i got myself an i9300 is the AMOLED screen. I just don't want LCD anymore ;) But I read that Motorola will release a AMOLED device next year somewhere. Maybe other manufacturers will too. This will be my last Samsung device.
TL is the AT&T variant which AT&T has required Sony to lock. Not sure if that only applies to subsidized versions, but I'm guessing they are all locked. +Andrew Dodd , any chance your Sony contacts have some unlocked models they can sell?
Thank you for taking the time to explain all of this. I'm no developer, just an Android fan that likes to support companies that are willing to work with the community. I had an i9100 stolen, and got a Sony Xperia P (NovaThor chipset) that seems to be much more developer friendly than any of the alternatives. My p3100 (OMAP) also had way better support (except for BT). I try sticking with Samsung (absolutely loved my S2) but what good is a great hardware if there's no support whatsoever. I still believe this is planned obsolescence by Samsung, and nothing so far changed my mind.
+wayne dolton TX is just a case of no one seems to have had a particular interest in it, and few have picked it up.

The TL is currently not available in unlocked form, and AT&T has forced nearly all of their devices with SIMlocks to also be bootloader-locked.  Sony is working on offering TLs directly with an unlockable bootloader, but it's not going to be until early 2013 from the sounds of it.  If the TL were available with an unlockable bootloader, I would have already purchased it and it would have CM.  :)
I feel you man. Those Samsungs have some sexy screens and sd cards though... Sue them for GPL violation?
hey andrew,
I am a i9100 handset owner, a regular lurker on the official CM10 JB threads. I have read the devs ordeal detailed by you in this series of posts. I really am out of respect for the samsung f***ks and full of respect for the devs trying to make a daylight difference to the device. A big thank YOU and everybody involved for taking the pain and trying to make changes for everybody's betterment.
I am now SURE that my or everybody I know, their next device shall NOT be samsung.
Thanks for all the hard work. I have a SII and it seeme it will be the last +Samsung USA product until their attitude changes. actually I bought the i9100 only because I heard they gave you (the devs) free units. But now I won't be buing anything from them. I am glad I've read this before my ultrabook purchase, since I was considering their Series 9 line. Have you considered any petition to release the source codes? I would gladly sign it, if it would help. Thanks again for letting us know, I really appreciate all the work you've done.
Is there any reason GPL enforcement hasn't been pursued in this case? There seem to be a few organizations that do that kind of work and Samsung isn't exactly one of the fly-by-night Android OEM's that nobody bothers with.
So... ditched Motorola when they released the Milestone with the encrypted bootloader and got an international SIII, looks like i'll have to ditch Sammy with my next purchase and head over to a Nexus (not sold here in Argentina) or Sony with Qualcomm processor because Samsung's finger to the dev world. Too bad Cyanogen is working with them, didn't he try to work something out from the inside?
Any chance you will be developing for Xperia Z? :DDD Am on the i9100 and if you are swearing off Samsung and becoming a Sony device maintainer, my decision to go for a Xperia Z will be absolute! haha
It depends on North American availability.  I have a significant disdain for greymarket imports for a variety of reasons.

If I can get it with an unlockable bootloader without doing the greymarket import thing, I WILL be getting it.
The actual availability of the device to you as a consumer, bootloader unlocked was taken for granted by me. This is a very alien concept in my country where it is the law that carriers are prohibited from carrier locking. Honestly, I am still in disbelief upon reading some column in either LifeHacker or Gizmodo which basically states that any consumer who wish to unlock his or her bootloader needs to seek the permission from his or her carrier! Needless to say, it seems that US carriers are hellbent on armtwisting phone makers into locking their bootloaders and make inter-carrier operability near impossible. This is outrageous!
When it comes to mobile phones, the USA is behind third world countries.
It is called lobbying, essentially legal bribing...Wouldn't fly in Europe.
Thank you so much for this piece.  I read every single post relating to this.  Truly opened my eyes to both Samsung and Sony devices.  Thank you.
At the end of the SIV Galaxy will end up being another headache for Developers, so chooses to use another Smartphone which are more friendly to the community
Wow, as a owner (between me and my gf) Of 2 fascinate's, 2 gs3's a note 10.1, and even a Samsung tv. I will never again let a penny of my hard earned money go to this fucktard of a company! I have talked many people into Samsung devices sense I bought the fascinate, which completely trumps this gs3 I'm typing on now when it comes to developed software and kernels. I will start right now fixing the damage I have done by giving good word of mouth about Samsung devices. I will very happily stay pushing every possible person to a Sony phone from now till something changes that pushes me from giving Sony my money
Great post and so very true. Exynos has been a stickler since the early S1 days and it's just a pity that the Galaxy line has seen so much market success compared to the much easier Qualcomm based and bootloader unlocked devices. 
I appreciate your work with the current line of devices and hope you good fortune with Sony or Google. It really is a tragedy when good developers are worn down with unheeded source requests and blatant lies. Samsung will never receive anything from me or anyone if I can help it. 
Riveting series of posts. Thanks for reliving it for your readers. Great insights. Thanks for the hard work!
Thank you +Andrew Dodd for the series. I've enjoyed them a lot. You make me appreciate the open developers even more. May you recover soon from your burn-out and start afresh with more community friendly companies. I've taken notice and know what to do when I purchase my next device.
This was amazing. A lot of text, and I couldn't stop reading to the end. Good job.
Good to know that Sony changed this much.
+Andrew Dodd +Daniel Hillenbrand I9100G user here and a snot nosed noob compared to you guys. You should re-draft everything and put out a mini ebook of this series Andy seriously man it'll top the torrent charts in no time in that category! Just title it "Samsung Galaxy "S Hat" - The Saga".

Cwx deserves a barrel per month donations from me for my phone's rocking CM10.1 nightlies/Android 4.2.2 right now. Official 4.1.2 XXLSR fw did came out few weeks back along w/ supposedly 1-2 kernel revisions afterwards. But then there's these; SoD bug, ridiculous batt life drain and random reboots, all kinds of shit I never got since I went CM9 till now, gravely illustrates the crux of this whole saga. Oh by the way it does come w/ Smart Stay ;p which is however rendered useless because obviously the SoD bug kind of did its job for that feature (whether I'd want it or not too!).

Doesn't matter if newer S III or N II users here can appreciate this fact or not; WE NEED THE DEVS! Apparently there's some sort of a "stock firmwares and pro-TouchWiz" movement going on if any of you noticed lately...

Hell 1st time I went looking for a custom ROM (was a custom stock GB 2.3 based SuperROM iirc) was due to the fact that I critically needed a goddamned fix for all sorts of crap I was getting on stock GB; USB/MTP snafus (good God how it annoyed me hooking the phone up to my PC for files' transfer, it simply yo-yo'ed detect or undetected and the temp workaround was to disable Kies FFS I thought that that program was supposed to sort the Win USB drivers fuckups by itself!?), same random reboots and uncomfortably high phone temps while mobile data is ON amongst the critical ones. Wasn't out for nerd cred at all. superatmos saved my halal bacon as that ROM was a godsend to me and sorted 90% of all that BS. It duly humbled me of how dedicated you xda devs' ERDs/RDs or even RCs are. Unfortunately it's something that a non-rooting, non-custom ROM flashing and/or any of these fucking Maroon 5 listening (no offense if you're not of 'em) stock ROM evangelist won't ever understand.

Tbh I didn't even need to read this saga for I have already concluded my piss there and then a long time ago. I'm sure lots of others here shares my experience if you agree then + this. No one sane can put up with this shit. I mean how the hell can anyone justify a particularly leading Android OEM if not the market leader right now + a full time and paid own dev team's ineptitude at their own firmware rels against what's collectively extremely under-appreciated and definitely unpaid dev community that literally have to clean up the former's mess EVERY .. SINGLE .. DAMN .. TIME? It just doesn't compute?

Long story short I lost my end user side of trust for Samsung's official fw upds once and for all, after all that. Went CM, never looked back and the only way I ever flash any latest stock Samsung shit these days is if it's either hacked on already as a full custom OR if there's a decent custom kernel for it. Lack either of the 2 pre-reqs? Fuck it it's the easiest call to make every time for me. Nothing is missed.

TYVM again Andy + cwx + teamhacksung + CM for all of your hard work and dedication. This I9100G and wife's I9300 (just slapped that  Android Revolution ROM on hers like hours ago) will be our last Samsung devices. Though I'm holding on to mine, probably spare some funds for the official extended 2000mAh batt just a bit more so long if codeworkx won't mind porting over CM11 or something :) and get the wife an Xperia Z.
I fixed a few i9100 almost all of them were fix until i encounter the superbrick. I just realize how stupid Samsung is when i read all the articles wrote by Andrew Dodd. Btw i have 4pcs of i9100 in hand which i will sell it off soon and i will not get another Samsung except Nexus.
I was never fond of Samsung. In fact, I never had any until my brother and sister both bought a Galaxy Y. And tell you what, they were NOT worth the price tag. Horrible screen panel is the main reason and of course, as we all know, bad support from Samsung.

I'm a user of Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10. It was a great phone, totally worth the price tag, even though it was actually ridiculously expensive at the time, but well, that was when smartphones are starting to shine. It's still alive and kicking on CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 except that development has stopped since the developer was offered a new and better phone to work with. Only one developer left, but he said he's not going to work on the CM10.1 branch as it's really troublesome, mainly WLOD issues and broken camcorder.

Other than that, it's great. I don't know how they did it, but I guess it's thanks to Sony opening up the sources after 2 years of waiting, although they were mainly for the 2011 and later line-up. But still, Sony did a better job than Samsung did. And because they are very clever, the developers for X10 custom kernels and ROMs can easily work on one, reverse engineering them seemed pretty easy for them.

As for me, I love to test things out, although I want to learn to program and develop something, which I actually did few years ago and forgetting everything now. But now, I'm in a dilemma of whether buying a new phone or not, as development for the X10 has dropped significantly since late last year. And I found out about this Saga and wow-- had I not read this, I might even consider buying a Samsung phone. I won't use the stock firmware, that's for sure. Even my X10 actually lasted less than a day until I started usng custom firmwares.

This was truly a great read. Feels like I'm reading a novel, or more like a legendary personal diary of a developer. I wish more people would spend their time writing this, then we can know the true nature of these OEMs. Samsung seems to be the only one that has horrible developer relations with the open source community.

Again, thanks for this.
Thanks a lot for sharing all this and good luck in future hacking.
So I just finished reading the whole saga, almost 7 month later after this conclusion part was written. And it makes me wonder - have they changed their attitude or is it still the same shit like before? I still own an i9300, waiting for some miracle to happen and checking the for any sign of RC of 10.1 release.
Nothing has changed.  We got a halfassed code drop from Insignal that had promise, but it's missing gralloc headers and compatible Mali and gralloc blobs.  (no gralloc source).
I'm just some random guy here with an i9100, and only now do I understand what you guys have to go through to get this stuff working for us.. I've known about the exynos problem since CM10's very first RC being unavailable for the i9100, and I thought it'd be fixed sometime soon. I'm not a big fan of TW, but I don't hate it either. The only stable roms for the i9100 that run JB are the ones that are stock-based. How do you guys put up with this ORDER OF MAGNITUDE of bullshit? Hats off to the developer community around the i9100 for all the work they've done - My journey from android newbie to... less of an android newbie was thanks to all of you. I bought an i9500 a couple of days ago without considering the exynos shit - I don't understand how I didn't remember that, and one of these days, I'm going to sell it and get an i9505. Thank you all, developers, especially +Andrew Dodd - I just read a saga that read like a Dan Brown novel! (And forgive me for the unconnected string of thoughts - I'm not a very good writer)
Sorry for bumping this.
So almost two years after this was written, I finally read the whole thing, and wow, although I knew that developing for Exynos devices was unnecessarily hard and complicated, I didn't think it was THIS frustrating. I think I actually now understand why you want to drop Exynos4 devices and not update them to 5.0. I guess it's kind of late, but thanks for all of your hard work you (and of course, everyone else) did to help make these devices offer a better experience than Samsung's terrible TW.
Again, sorry for bumping this :)
Thanks for this insight into how bad things really were, and still are when it comes to Samsung.. As a hardliner Android fan, for the first time I hate to admit, I should have gotten the Apple iPhone over which I preordered Samsung S3 i9300 that I paid a $70 premium for! That and +Samsung Mobile​​'s total insolence over not replacing Sudden Death stricken motherboard, I am never going to buy a Samsung product again. I have already convinced at least 8 of my relatives/friends/acquaintances to buy another brand instead of Samsung.
So, since it's been 3 years now, did anything change, if you still look at what Samsung posts? Or still the same?
+Askar Nothing has changed.  Samsung still has no equivalent to CAF, and everyone I know who has worked with their Qcom-based devices had a more "interesting" time than anyone else working with Qcom-based devices from other OEMs.  Well, actually both HTC and LG are pretty bad, not quite as bad as Samsung at mangling stuff.
+Andrew Dodd Even LG? Aren't they trying to redeem themselves by unlocking the bootloader of theur devices for example? And is Sony still the best OEM to work with for a dev?
+Askar They STARTED pulling HTC's stunt of removing all comments from kernel source, that's not "redeeming themselves".  Plus after all of the "fun" +Jake Whatley had with the G2, I'm not going anywhere near a non-Nexus LG for a long time - that device confirmed that LG software is still horrible.

Sony is interesting in that they're highly developer friendly yet their devices are least in need of modification/fixes - the Z3 holds the record for longest I've ever owned a device without rooting.

(However, I almost never use phone cameras, so the Z3's awful camera doesn't affect me except for Photospheres.)
+Askar​ LG had their gyroscope tied into their radio required certain radio/kernel/vendor blob combinations to have working screen rotation. Plus the faulty display ribbon in every single g2 causing the adhesive melt leading to the "black lines of death". The LG G2 was pretty poor quality for industry standards of a " flag ship" device in my opinion. 
+Andrew Dodd Thank you for this story. I always knew, that Samsung is not really friendly to developers, but I have no idea, how bad it is actually. And honestly, I'm not even surprised, that nothing changes in last 3 years, and Samsung is still same arrogant company as before.

And if there is one positive thing, which I can take from this story, is that my decision to not buy anything from Samsung (not limited just to phones or tablets) is right decision, and it will last for foreseeable future, maybe forever.

Thank you for this inside look once again!
Your all idiots stop rooting why you rooting use you device the way it was intended that's it busy moding and shit half you ain't devs what you complaining about samsung makes greats devices I have been faithful since s2 now have note 4 but I'm leaving samsung because no removable sd card and battery that was a deal breaker hellllllo Sony 
+Mike Adez it's great that Samsung has a fervent fanboy to defend them, but devs like +Andrew Dodd work with devices enough to know what he's talking about, and Samsung makes phones, even if they're good it doesn't mean they're developer friendly. Also, the whole point of Android was to be open, so seeing practices such as these show how much they actually care !
+Mike Adez who gave you the right to decide how others are supposed to use their device. They paid for it, not you.
Who cares if they developer friendly if you want Dev friendly device go buy a nexus don't buy a Samsung device then complain about it they never told to buy it and yes I'm a fan boy I love Sammy they are pretty good phones strong decent devices lots of useless sensors but they are always one step ahead of everyone else I used LG from the g2 till g3 and kept wishing I never got one because they are horrible phones Samsung on the over hand while it does lag here and there it always has what I'm looking for good screen good specs lots of ram maybe you guys shouldn't use Samsung if your gonna end Bitching about how they locked you out of it. @ ariya SD your right I can't tell you how to use your device but why did you buy it if you don't like it ? You guys are wasting time complaining on how you cant mod the os yes I want to have more access to my phone that I paid for but hey I got this phone because of other reasons not to mod it I like tw I like allot about Samsung I am sad to say that until they bring back removable storage and battery this will be my last and I might move to Sony or LG . @ askar you made a great point android is supposed to be open but we knew Sammy was like this from the start they don't care about devs or out complaints as consumers we still went ahead and got one we have great devs out there check out xda and still if you want to mod your phone get a nexus they are easier to tinker with and stop buying Sammy phone because they don't want you guys rooting and modding phones they worked hard building and coding the os to meet everyone's expectations 
Hi there, i was a kind of happy galaxy s4 owner (lte qualcomm variant) until it inflated all my batteries, and liked tw for the most part. Traded it for a 1st gen moto X and then got an LG G3
Always wanted to go back to samsung, but after i read all of these posts i have no love left for Exynos Devices, and very little (close to none) to samsung at all..
I know this is necroposting (2016) and i'm sorry but 'd like to know how are things with samsung these days, have things changed? what about sony, still good? Have there been other companies being pro or anti dev community (Lg im looking at you)?
My best regards towards you and all the devs who deserve all the beer in the world and my apologies in advance if it was innapropiate to ask so long after the post was written (found out about it in an xda post)
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