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Interesting coincidence that today's announcement came when I was at a funeral.
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Steve R
Sorry for your loss. Which announcement would that be?
Yup. Unfortunately I'm traveling and +Guillaume Lesniak doesn't seem to be around at the moment to tell the story of Focal.
Oh god please tell the story. grabs popcorn
I though I was the only one that didn't had a good feeling on that announcement 
If Entropy512 learned about the new company at the same time as everyone, then something's not right... 
+Zaki Manzanza No, I've known for over a month from talking with xplodwild. I've been very unhappy about their treatment of him. The only surprise was the timing.
Their treatment of him? I need to go searching, i suppose.

Sorry for your loss, Andrew.
I wrote this on some other pages too but if contributors like you fell apart then i am for sure CM will be RIP.
Facebook story ?
Umean the edward suarin story ? 
thank you for all your hard work, +Andrew Dodd +Guillaume Lesniak one question I have is (and likely know your answers) are you considering still contributing code or not supporting at all the open source side of the efforts?

and ps, sorry for your loss. 
It will be disastrous if they stop contributing to open source. If not CM then some other ROM please.
Reading about this "drama" at dark corners from internet for a while. ( seems, me a single user that don't have nothing with cm, knows more than some evolved. dhuuu).. well. Since the irc development channels started to be closed/no logs ( :-) +Atin Malaviya  ) my curiosity started to grown and puff... Sad that the ones that already "HACK" like  +Andrew Dodd  ( sorry about loss, hipp hurra yu Entropy512 ), pulser_g2, +Nebojsa Cvetkovic  , +Guillaume Lesniak  (I was dreaming focal and dreaming my note 2 sphere with full camera resolution and hight frame hate record)... Oor +supercurio François Simond  and their own drama times ago and very similar. Itś a lot of good names.  I'm happy by the Cyano team but same time sad. Maybe will be good? ( who knows? access to private docs and more stable kernels/framework/hall for all comunit? like malli shit?) or not? My only wish is you guys still working in your projects, still contribute and maybe start the cyanogenmod from cyanogenmod, lol but go ahead.... give time to time... WE NEED YU GUYS... :-)
God damn you monetizers! I will be totally drunk tonight due to this shit and cm will be totally dead with that commercial shit. Damn... :(

The good news that there will be probably created other non-commercial organisation (cm alternative) which WILL NOT start removing parts of open source rom (like focal, root, hardware tunables, etc.) due to licensing things or money... and there will be more popularity for other roms.

And I totally agree with +Duncan Watt - +Steve Kondik you're a dick.
Im reading this all about CM inc. This is really chaos right know. I'm excited about it but also understand frustration of all contributors... I hope this will be a happy end anyway...
+Andrew Dodd also sorry for your loss.
+Steve Kondik I know you were angry or something but it doesn't look nice with that 'grabs popcorn'
Sorry for your loss +Andrew Dodd 

I am sure you'll have something to share with your followers, perhaps a sequel to "Saga of a Cyanogenmod Developer?"
what does it speak of all  you guys being abusive and derogatory?
+Wojtek Czaderna was not against anyone before i saw this and Kondick's post on "grabbing popcorn to listen to a story" on Dodd's loss. 

It is sickening to see that just because he writes code and builds over an already awesome android base (called AOSP),with a few minor,single-sided,partially reviewed features ( we all know how the CM review works )....doesnt mean that he's on par with the legends out there who have really changed the world like Jobs or Gates.( not that he said so,but his attitude says it all) What CM inc. is,is nothing but a copy of AOSP modified to  suit non nexus devices and it will always remain so. (I don't use CM's work and I dont give a fuck about it). 

Quoting Guillaume,
Keep in mind: CyanogenMod wouldn’t be what it is today without its contributors. If you’re able to run CyanogenMod on your device today, it might not be only thanks to Steve, Koushik or Ricardo. There are hundreds of people behind them who pushed many patches, and enabled many devices as a hobby. Have you ever heard of them?
I understand your opinions but I meant to say that be aggressive and rude will NOT help in this situation.
Im also... how to say that...concern about this CM inc. and how will they deal with all that mess? The best thing for +Steve Kondik was/is to just apologise for that .grabs popcorn and also make a some kind of statement about whole 'CM inc. Drama'. But I repeat: aggression leeds to agression. So insulting or lighting candles is not going to help here. Judging people is very simple...
Please refrain from the obscene comments. I may delete the excessively abusive comment when I finish travelling.
+Andrew Dodd any thoughts of what you/the former exynos team plans to do now?

What about the GPL practices with "those other roms" ?
I echo what +Andrew Dodd said here - the obscene comments shouldn't be here. Rise above those who troll because their favorite community project has become so near and dear to their hearts that any question on it becomes an attack on themselves. 

And +visesh prasad he wasn't grabbing popcorn for hearing about Andrew's loss - he was grabbing popcorn for a story on the focal mess. Little did he know that his attempts at squashing it by just removing Focal from Cyanogen wouldn't work - and +Guillaume Lesniak felt compelled to protect his good name and reveal the full story ( Note that the Cyanogen team loves to say "there are two sides to the story" but they won't - because they know that there are plenty of logs of conversations out there to prove that what is being said by +Guillaume Lesniak and +Andrew Dodd is true. 
+Andrew Dodd sorry for your lost! Wish you and your family well in this time if loss!
Wow Steve you just lost another user. What a complete ass. 
Seems enough people are firing on you.Wear the helmet while you grab the popcorns,Steve.
Does money make you absolutely stupid? Cm is built on users, contributors, and open source. Those are it's pillars. As a (new) business you cannot undermine the principles you built your product on to make money. That's suicide. If the cm leads don't get a hold of this fast, with a good explanation, without lies, their new company will fall apart around their knees.
While a company with... Ordinary users, like apple, can get away with something like this and be OK, a company like cm, whose users are 95% (or more) power users, who stay informed and are usually very opinionated, like all nerds/geeks/awesome people are, cannot hope to weather this. Especially when there are so many other choices.
Also curious, if their contributors leave, how could they possibly hope to maintain their ever increasing device portfolio?
Just my 2 cents. 
+Steve Kondik please, give them the right amount of money - open source is about goodness......thank you
+Jay Baldwin I seriously doubt that! Lol! The fact that he hasn't had any better explanation for recent allegations, other than being a (douche), speaks a ton!
10 days late here, but wow +Steve Kondik what a freaking dick move and your comment here is in the absolute worst taste. The guy was at a funeral! Geez...
Steve used to be a great community oriented developer, seems though if you flash enough cash it will turn anyone into a corporate douche. Mocking people was a touch of extra class though, thanks for spitting on your users Steve
I have a better name for them MonetaryMod Inc.
Wish you good luck +Andrew Dodd and thank you for your support (GT N7000).
lol@ the I use AOKP, without CM there would be no AOKP or it would be nowhere close to where its at today.

Personally I will wait to see what CM Inc actually does and handles/rewards contributors etc. I am excited for them, and hope it works out for all involved. 
+Dewayne Jones Do you even have a clue how much actual CM code is part of AOKP? Do you?

Edit: after 2 days of no reply, I'm going to safely assume that, no, you do not.
don't assume anything, its makes an ass of u and me. ;)

I know its a lot less than it was in the beginning of AOKP and still enough of it that if they removed anything that came from CM it would be a major set back in AOKP's progress. ;)
+Dewayne Jones Unless you can show us all these wonderful chunks of CM code in AOKP, I think you're talking out of your backside.
I'm not gonna do your work for you. If you've got a point to prove, prove it.
I'm not going to waste my time proving what everyone else already knows to one who refuses to acknowledge the facts. lol

I'm not bashing AOKP, they have a nice ROM, but they have  and still use parts of CM. The point of me even mentioning it was who the hell ever it was saying they were boycotting CM. If they are going to boycott CM, they need to boycott anything that uses anything from CM as well. ;)
+Avijit Ghosh
He has become a Con Dick.
Omni will surely kill it. ( It already has - I'm back on Touchwiz )
Entropy had been to a funeral and he's talking about popcorn. 
+Steve Kondik Dude nice! Way to be a dick to someone who is dealing with a loss and profit off of other's work and screw them over...
+Steve Kondik Grabs popcorn you say ??

Heres a bowl of dicks for you \.|.|.|.|.|./     
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