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Andrew Dodd

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I've linked to this rant about "naked pings" before, but I'll repeat it since people STILL PM me on IRC with "are you there?"

Read the linked article.  If you're on IRC, and want to talk to me about an Omni-related issue:
1)  Ask yourself if it HAS to be private.  Very few issues fall in this category.  If you PM me with something that doesn't HAVE to be discussed privately I'm going to get annoyed.  We try to keep as much discussion out in the open as possible in Omni for a wide variety of reasons, including NOT having a single point of failure.
2)  If it HAS to be private, it is polite to ask if someone is available in the public channel first.  For nearly anything you might want to raise privately with me, you could raise it with jerdog, xplodwild, pulser, maxwen, or anyone else.
3)  If you REALLY have to PM me on IRC, don't merely ask me if I'm there.  I won't respond.  See the linked article - I have an intense dislike for "naked pings" as described in the link.  They're incredibly rude.
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Andrew Dodd

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Seriously, +Sony Xperia ?  Finally releasing an unlocked Z1 in the USA when the rest of the world is already getting the Z2?
Frustrated that you've had to sign up to T-Mobile just to pick up an Xperia Z1 variant with completely US-native LTE? That won't be a problem after this
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Must suck to be American if you want a Xperia. Every comment section I see on the new Xperias is filled with Americans complaining :p

Anyway, what's your view on the HTC +Andrew Dodd? I just replaced my Z Ultra with the M8 and I love it so far! :)

Got the Z2 tablet too, which is great, but it got some kind of touch sensitivity issues with the display, often not recognizing when touching it at first. And after getting used to the speakers in the M8,the Z2 sounds weak. But except for that I love it, how thin it is and how it looks etc. I just hope they can fix the display issues! 
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Andrew Dodd

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Looks like the Jita 4-4 undock in +EVE Online 
Every departure from LAX's South Complex and a few arrivals at the north complex have been captured and pieced together to create this image.
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Andrew Dodd

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great scenery at a rest stop #throughglass
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looks great
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I'm surprised that after all of Canonical's negative press lately and their year-after-year losses, people would think that following in their exact footsteps would be anything but a bad idea...

But people are doing it anyway.
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That helps put a lot of things into better perspective.  My favorite quote was, "Ubuntu is nothing more than a distro among other distros."
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Andrew Dodd

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Apple still can't manage anything other than integer scale factors...
For several years now, mobile device manufacturers have been in a race to push the pixel density of mobile devices higher and higher. The race began with the iPhone 4 “Retina” display – an at the time impressive 330 pixels per inch (PPI) 960x480 3.5” display.

sigh  No, it did not.

Android started it on modern smart phones, with the original Droid that was 240dpi, and the platform itself introduced the robust multi-density support we have today a bit before that in 1.6, including full support for retina class and the ever increasing densities we see today.

But you know what?  It doesn't make sense to say that Android started this, either.  In fact Android from the start had core support for multiple display densities (through the dp units and such), but this happened because of previous experience at PalmSource where Palm devices had already experienced increases in display density, going from the original ~80dpi screen to high resolution 160dpi screens, and then trying to deal with 120dpi screens to be able to use then pervasive 240x320 panels.

The troubles of that last step -- trying to implement 1.5x scaling on a system where apps are using absolute layout of UI elements in pixel coordinates and the resulting strange rounding artifacts -- is a major element of what drove Android's original design.  To be able to do non-integral scalings well, Android relies on layout managers to do final placement of UI elements, which run at the native screen resolution.  The use of layout managers not only makes it a lot easier for applications to adjust to different screen sizes, but also allows scaling screen density by non-integral amounts without causing odd spacing between interface elements or having to use sub-pixel positioning of all elements and the resulting anti-aliasing artifacts.
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Andrew Dodd

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So, my Fire TV arrived Friday.  At $99, it was cheap enough to be an impulse buy.  I also ordered the game controller, which has not arrived yet.  I'm hoping I'll be able to sideload an emulator like RetroArch.

Impressions so far:
Optical audio out, and it properly offers Dolby Digital (not DD+) on the optical output.  You can't get this when using an optical splitter with Chromecast - Chromecast only offers DD+ (not compatible with optical) or stereo.
Might be good for gaming when the controller arrives
Amazon Prime streaming - but I have yet to find anything I want to watch that isn't already on Netflix

No DLNA - wtf Amazon?
No Miracast or DIAL (second screen control) unless you're using a Fire HDX

In short, other than gaming potential on a TV and surround in my particular setup, the Fire offers nothing a Chromecast doesn't unless you ALSO own a Fire HDX, and in fact is missing numerous things the Chromecast does have and has had since Google opened up the SDK.

Also, if you happen to already own a PS3 - the FireTV offers nothing except for possibly emulation when combined with the controller.

I'm going to wait until the controller arrives to pass final judgement, and I probably won't bother returning it (too much hassle), but overall, the money I've spent would have been better spent on upgrading my surround receiver to one that is capable of DD+ over HDMI.
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I was listening to a podcast from +Android Central today and they very positive about the Fire TV. Good to hear some real experiences on the device. What (in your eyes) does the Chromecast have what the Fire TV doesn't (like you mentioned in your original post +Andrew Dodd?
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Andrew Dodd

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I had been shocked back when +Hugo Barra joined notorious cloner shop +Xiaomi (known, among other things, for basing their customized UI on an underlying +CyanogenMod base to create MIUI without giving any credit or even bothering to comply with the GPL license of the Linux kernel).

Back then, there was a possibility that maybe he was joining to clean them up.

This is clearly not the case, since he has just taken to G+ to announce a blatant clone of +Pressy .

Whether it's legal or not doesn't matter - if you're trying to change the image of your company from that of "blatant copier", this is the LAST thing you want to be doing.

What's more interesting is that I've seen a few comments/rumors that Pressy's contract manufacturer might be involved in this mess - as in they're selling production excesses to Chinese companies (there have been Pressy clones on DealExtreme for a few months), and possibly slowing down delivery to Pressy too.  I do not know how much truth there is to these rumors, but if there is any truth whatsoever to them, this is a spectacularly low thing to do.  (Another company pays to productionize a device and you start selling manufacturer excess without any NRE expenditure.)
We're working on bringing a clever little Xiaomi gadget to users all around the world pretty soon.

You can plug it into your Xiaomi phone headset jack and turn it into a clickable button to take quick pictures, turn on the flashlight, record phone calls and so on, all without unlocking your phone. You can program up to 10 actions for 10 different click types using a dedicated app.

We haven’t named this product internationally yet. What should we call it? Mi Button? Mi Key? Mi Press? Please help us come up with some cool names :)
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+Amon RA +Steven Haigh Depends on your definition of the ambiguous term "built" – manufactured or designed?
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Andrew Dodd

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git push --force
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This reminds me, I got an email asking me to review GGRx.  I guess there's finally a place you can review it as opposed to just linking it on Facebook.

Time to slam mine.  In my case, I had already used a file to fix the clip size so it's too late for a return...  But I will not under any circumstances be recommending these to anyone.

The fact that they even screwed up their second attempt is a massive "WTF".  It's not like there isn't a proven reference design for Glass clip-ins or anything like that...
Well my long running battle with Optics Planet is over.  They have agreed that the Wetley GGRX is not fully compatible with Glass.  They will take it back and (reluctantly) provide a full refund.  The first GGRX had a clip that was too wide for Glass and the next one has a clip that's too small.  The GGRX also blocks most of the IR "Wink" sensor and disable it.  See circled spots below - Google Glass Active Shade on the left vs Wetley GGRX on the right.  Good luck Wetley!  Hope you eventually make a working product fully compatible with Glass.
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This is why I finally decided to spring for the official Glass frames - yes, it cuts down on the flexibility of Glass a bit, but they look great and actually work.
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