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Signs a company is TOTALLY screwed:

You can't even pay the people who manage your website to update it to be consistent with your company's new direction and your blog posts.

"Cyanogen backs the largest open source Android developer community in the world. We're all working together to create some of the most advanced customization, performance, and security technology available anywhere."

Also note that every product listed on their homepage is dead and EOL.

Edit: Swapped words for "new company" - meant "company's new direction" not "new company's direction - Cyngn is not new, but their direction is.

OK lazyplus:

What are your favorite alarm clock apps?

Alarm Clock Plus has not been updated since September 2014, and it appears based on my experience and reviews that it needs an update to play nice with the power management capabilities of Android 6.0 and newer - as in since updating my Sonys to Marshmallow, alarms in ACP never trigger reliably.

First day at new job.

Just new employee orientation, but getting a good feeling so far.

I really wish Google Play would allow you to put formatting in reviews.

It's impossible to write a review that consists of anything but a textwall.

Is it just me, or does The Grand Tour feel REALLY contrived and cheesy?

It seems like nearly every segment has a derivative of something that started in Top Gear but was converted to epic lameness.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car? Gone, replaced with stars being "killed" before they even reach the show. It was an interesting gag in the first episode, but continuing it is just... meh

And the whole special forces failure routine got lame really fast. The entire thing was completely fake.

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Failcascade. Thanks to +Alex Cruz for giving me the heads-up on this.

From shiny new startup to mass layoffs in only three years. I'm not surprised at all... This is reaping what they have sown. If you screw over every single person or organization that ever trusted you, you're going to be in a bad place.

Looking at the Florida maps and knowing where +Alex Cruz​ lives...


Pixel advertisements on TV where a user says "OK Google" are annoying as hell.

Took me a few of them to figure out why my phone kept on waking up and activating voice recognition...

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Vacation is now AWESOME! 

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+Jeffrey Young - Have you run into Randal the Vandal yet?
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