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Just in case there is any questions about the validity of my last two posts. That's me, in my car, with my ChromeCast, my receipt, and half a smile.

Edit: I also already received the email for my free 90 days of NetFlix.
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You sure know how to advertise a biz, don't you.. ;-)

quick buy though, i like it!
You're an honorable man.  Many others would have bought up all the stock and resold them on eBay.  Congrats!
I expect a 1000 word review in 15 mins. 
It was under some Windows 8 laptops on an endcap. 

+Keith Achorn  I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it. ;)
Holy crap, I'm sure you've gotten this before but you look like Corey Stoll's twin.  He played the part of Peter Russo on House of Cards.
Shave it off . . . Now go get a Philly accent. :) 
+Steve Birchfield Sorry man, I had to eat! LOL. I'm going to head home now. I'm thinking about a Live Hangout On Air unboxing? HUH HUH???
Under laptops. Bravo Best Buy!
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