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Holy Crap! It's already at Best Buy!

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just called my store and the website and that sku is not real, and the name says test sku... picture seems legit but the tag is not correct, even if it is real.
Best Buy in Orlando said they don't have them yet.
x2 for SKU from Receipt please
$35 through Google:
Dam! I JUST left best buy (makes a serious u turn)
Looks like the Best Buys in Oregon have them 'in transit' could be there early tonight or tomorrow.
Doesn't look legit. I scanned the QR code and its invalid. UPC code is invalid too. Pic angle doens't look like a legit store either. Nice effort.
looks like the sky on the image is 9071056 but nothing is showing up on their site.
+Cody Dean Don'y hold that against me, I just live here. I'm more surprised than you that its here first!
Holy Shtako. Im only an hour away. Tempted to drive there
+Justin S That makes you either Charlotte or Augusta, Maybe Florence. They're at the Spring Valley Store near SandHills.
Went to my local best buy... they looked at me funny, and then said that they have never heard of it.
Sweet, five minutes from my house!
What section was this in?
Confirmed. Manassas Virginia, SKU 9071056 is correct and reads Test SKU 1. 9 left at this Best Buy. Not out on display yet, found at the laptop repair kiosk.
Looks like my Best Buy is still waiting on some.
I ordered one off I've learned patience since I've started online shopping. 
The SKU (9071056 ) online is the same as the one on the shelf tag in your picture - for those that cried "Give us the SKU"
found them in Jackson Michigan
You deleted my post because I made valid points?
I posted a huge post and now its gone? O well.
It might not have been here, Sorry. Its funny some people get so mad and delete post.
Bill N.
Picked one up at Best Buy Round Rock TX.  Thanks for the heads up +Andrew Darling .
Dozens of people posting their chromecast stories/purchases/orders... yet.... people still suggesting +Andrew Darling has perpetrated some sort of hoax.  Sometimes you need to stop being cynical and look around and maybe pay attention.
+Mark Blankenship I love it! I find it amusing. Anybody that would suggest anything I've posted wasn't real should take a look at my page for five minutes. I have no ax to grind. I'm not being paid by anybody in the tech world for anything. I don't need notoriety. I'm just a technology fan who got lucky a couple days early at a Best Buy in Columbia, SC. :)
You should have seen the poor guy who got 4.3 on a phone he got off Craig's list. Dude got thrashed by doubters.
I can confirm +Andrew Darling's story. I just picked up the last two Chromecasts at the exact same Best Buy today.
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