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The ChromeCast I just purchased. 
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lol.   you sir... got way lucky.  that is a major #facepalm  by bestbuy.  That title isn't correct and the sku "doesn't exist" in other stores.  well played!
During the announcement I think they said as early as the 28th they'd be in stores. I actually walked into Best Buy in order to see if they had the new Nexus 7 in a box I could mess with. There were several of these right by where I walked. I just got lucky. I'm going to go home soon to play with it.
Yes, but with the SKU I can look it up here at Best Buy and see how many this store will get and when +J.J. Valenzuela 
Oooo! The Netflix deal was included in store too! I was ready to give that up. Hmmm, +Lance Burkhardt are you able to look up nationwide with any success. I called my local ones and they either really don't know if and when they're getting them or they're playing dumb.
I'll see if they can. I work for Samsung so I don't have those powers
SKU 9071056

my store doesn't even have them yet... i was just about to go pick one up...

i just called the only best buy that was showing... and they have them too... in case anyone in Miami wants one this is the ONLY STORE that has them available right now :D

Best Buy
11905 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33156
+Patrick Houlihan It's absolutely worth it to me. I never had NetFlix and this pushed me to get it. I love pushing YouTube to my TV now.
+Patrick Houlihan If it's in your Play Store Collection or on Youtube it works seamlessly. It doesn't push videos located physically on your device because the ChromeCast doesn't stream from the device, it pulls through wifi the video that you would like to stream. Photos can be pushed from your browser but so far from the tablet I couldn't make it work. I am excited for Drive Integration because that's where it is going to be great! 
Can the PS3 mirror Chrome?
Can the PS3 Play any Play Store Content?

I don't use my PS3 for anything online so I'm not being condescending, I'm asking. If the PS3 can do both of those by itself then it does plenty more then the ChromCast. 
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