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Copyrights should become "creativity claims" whereby the original content creator cannot be denounced as such. Original artists should always be credited for original works but sharing is fundamental to technological growth and should be a basic right. Patents should just be abolished, greed is the only motivation to hold on to such a destructive system.
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There is an argument for compensation. People do deserve to be paid for their work. But patents, in their current monstrous forms, aren't the way to do it, and aren't geared to protect the content creators - only the copyright owners.
People deserve to be credited for original art. Payment is simply a materialistic form of accreditation.
It also puts food on the table. If we lived in a society where each can produce his own... Fair enough. But I'll be damned if I were to work 8-5 and receive nothing for work that benefits others. For example, the massive investment into Linux has allowed people to make it their jobs rather than their hobbies, and the same applies to the arts.
Read about the Venus Project before. A lot of it pie in the sky, a lot of it practical. And the pie and the sky stuff isn't as far off as we'd think, especially the mega-cities. That's currently what I'm working towards, self-sustenance.
My one biggest question has always been where to obtain the nutrients, but I'll watch the vid now, thanks for the link. Hydroponic is exactly what I'd love to do. Farming... with Science.
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