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Andrew Clifton-Brown

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Like you, I'm not just one colour. I'm skin and bone.

Model - Haru Havoc.
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Apart from goggles +Andrew Clifton-Brown! I must have looked so confused ;-p
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Andrew Clifton-Brown

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You stay classy Grasshopper Inn!

Food was nice though :-) 
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As if!
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It's ace!!!!
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Andrew Clifton-Brown

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Colour me creeped out

Not sure what this is about!

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Just a matter of time +Joan Heather;-) 
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Andrew Clifton-Brown

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Don't tread on an ant he's done nothing to you, there might come a day when he's treading on you......

Haru Havoc and Ant Style.
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Ah cheers +shankti oviedo :)  Much appreciated mate :)
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Thieving gits!

So, to quote +Jake Johnson "I love it when I find out that a company is using my work for commercial use without my permission. " 

Thanks to +Kyla Myers for the ping to this and of course to +Jake Johnson for posting it.

Images of London that do not belong to the people selling them here. If you spot an image that belongs to someone you know in the galleries in the below link, please let them know. 

+UK Photography Community has the largest reach to UK G Plus members that I know so tagging them in.
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I bet +Lynda Bowyer.  It would just slaughter me to have to go through what you are going through.  We'll see what the NUJ say about it.  Keep me posted :)
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Andrew Clifton-Brown

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You have to love anonymity. It makes the spineless more mollusc like.

No idea who this is from, but I like that I dominate their thoughts. And they are clearly very poor. Not in the financial sense... ;-) 
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Sounds like a man worth listening too.  If people rant, my brain just tunes them out as well :)
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Andrew Clifton-Brown

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The Mormon crossing

So, coming into work today, I'm approaching the 'Mormon crossing' at the start of London Bridge. They've popped up all around London in the last few months. A few of them stand either side of the road and give out leaflets. On the whole they are a jolly lot. I'll smile at them, they are amazed someone has smiled at them, and they smile back. It's all good. As long as someone isn't trying to convince me their way is the right way, each to their own :-)

Prior to the Mormon crossing at London Bridge was a juggler. He's there occasionally. Very good as well. Carries all of his gear on a bike, and there is a lot of gear, and he puts on a good show! The problem is I never have any change on me normally so I smile at him and walk past. Last night I found a pound coin on the bathroom floor. I suspect my Smaug like youngest son has dropped it and so I popped it into my pocket. So today I remembered I had a pound I could give to this very entertaining street performer.
I dug into my pocket and pulled out £1.05. I had an additional 5p lurking about in between my house keys! So I dropped the money into his hat on the floor while he is juggling some big old clubs, and he thanks me mid juggle!

I then carry on walking and hit the 'Mormon Crossing' I smile at the person and they give me a weak smile back and tell me 'You shouldn't encourage them'. My thoughts turns red, and my nom de plume, Angry Brown, threatens to rear his head but he doesn't. As I walk past they offer me a booklet on their religion. I smiled a bearded smile at her again and said 'I shan't. It's why I'm not taking one of your booklets'. I didn't look back and just walked on. Into about 10 or so people collecting for a meningitis charity and I had no spare change!

And the picture is me smiling. Sans beard of course. How many five year olds do you know with a beard ??? 
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Luckily there was no little Courtney or I wouldn't be here +shankti oviedo! 
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Andrew Clifton-Brown

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You are Terry Richardson


heh.  So that is what I am.  I saw this in +Crina Prida's FB stream.
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#notaperv ;-) 
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The only reason people die, is because EVERYONE does it.
You all just go along with it. It's RUBBISH, death. It's STUPID. I don't want nothing to do with it   - Neil Gaiman

Oh to be Death.  Job for Life?
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Well, one can only try!!!
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Basically, I'm a reasonable guy.  Don't steal my work.  If you want to use it contact me.  I'm sure we can come to an agreement.

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