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This website makes every logic mistake on the list and is completely, and quite transparently I might add, biased against Israel. This is a propaganda source, not a source of fact. Just sayin' . . .
+Nathan Bernstein
How is Data biased? You seem to be biased...
Let's hear what you have to say. I tried looking into some of the background info about Palestine and Israel and their history and am more confused than I was before checking for information. Maybe you can inform me.
I am definitely biased, but I can spot propaganda on either side a mile away.

The information on the site ranges from glaring omissions and deceptions to one-sided explanations, to meaningless, apples-to-oranges comparisons. It's full of fundamental attribution errors, syllogisms, straw man arguments, special pleadings, imperfect analogies, false analogies, and so much more. It's not my job to educate you, but the bias should be obvious in the language and style of the "facts" presented here.

What is the significance of the comparison of political prisoners or settlements or home demolitions? The comparisons have no meaning or significance and are apples-to-oranges comparisons. They don't mean anything.

The term "confiscated Palestinian land" is a clear bias. No one confiscated the land. Most of it was captured in wars; much of it was returned to its previous "owners" and the West Bank and Gaza are now (and have been for quite some time) under Arab control: from economy to security, public safety and transportation, and governance. Should the US vacate New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines? Perhaps the entire eastern section of the country that comprised the territory of the original thirteen states of the US? Remember when they were called colonies? "Disputed territory" might be a more acceptable, certainly unbiased term to use if necessary - the land is definitely in dispute. No one can argue that it is not.

Comparing unemployment between Israel and the West Bank and Gaza and then explaining that the reasons are related to Israeli oppression instead of Arab economic and financial management? Have you seen pictures of the vacation resorts in Gaza? Why not compare US and Mexican unemployment?

Do I really need to do this for you?

Can you find me a reference to a Palestinian people or homeland in any journalistic source prior to 1948? 1963?

I had you circled for your content contributions. You must be capable of spotting propaganda and bias signs and signals without my help, yes? I am not interested in debating anyone - but if you're earnestly trying to post interesting content that presents factual information (and I believe you are) then please take the time to determine its basis and intent before throwing it out there.
+Nathan Bernstein Very good points. I just don't understand why the US would support only one of the countries. I mean, the US declared independence and I am wondering why "Palestine" declared independence.

That region certainly has a lot of conflict. It would be nice if there could be some peace there and all over the world.
There will be peace eventually. But it may take several more generations removed from the current one to figure it out, unless everyone is willing to move forward without the baggage on both sides.
+Nathan Bernstein I believe in "self-fulfilling prophecies" and I have lots of family that believes in the Bible. For instance, my dad thinks that there will be an inevitable war of it's kind of difficult when people don't expect peace.
+Nathan Bernstein I don't think there will ever not be "struggle" but the fact that there is so much unrest and killing in the world along with lots of crime...that's avoidable I think.
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