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This is a neat and innovative design for PV and hot water. Full Site here:
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from 2009, and in the comments, one poster said they had contacted the company, and were notified this was not moving forward. more's the pity
A good question. One it seems the market has decided. If there were lots of money to be made on this design, someone would be making it. I wonder what happened.
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Hey...I actually contacted and got a response. Here it is:

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for your inquiry to SunScience (SSC), specifically expressing you are "very interested" in SunScience. Since we are soliciting for both sales as well as for investors, I'm assuming your interest is to purchase our EMS greenhouse product. Quick summary, we are selling directly to greenhouse farmers in the U.S., and our current product has evolved away from the SunCatcher CPV solar (panel) energy "rooftop" system to a total Energy Management System (EMS).

To provide more information, attached is an expanded version of the national (US) Press Release from February. Customers that benefit most from SSC's solar technology are greenhouse farmers, who will now be able to grow high value produce year around in their greenhouses, especially in northern colder winter climates -- such as Iowa.m The SunScience product focuses on a thermal (heat) energy power source (not electricity) that is integrated and controlled by our Energy Management System (EMS). We do not sell "panels," per se; we sell complete energy systems at $60K per standard 70x40 foot greenhouse.

Here's a succinct summary of our current EMS product:

..... EMS is a management -- or control -- software system that integrates literally any energy source, electricity and/or thermal storage capability, and a wireless sensor network that measures relevant data variables in the environment to be controlled.

Most people associate SunScience with traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels you see on rooftops of homes and businesses -- what folks use to lower their electric bills or, on a larger scale, feed electricity back to the grid. However, SSC does not sell PV panels or provide services for the residential marketplace.

Here's more about our technology and our business: If PV panels are what you are looking for, I'm sure you have a local installer in your (equivalent of) Yellow Pages. If unsuccessful with that you might try going thru the US solar energy association to find an installer:

Here's a recent article I published outlining the various solar energy formats on the market today.

And here's coverage from Reno's CBS affiliate, TV station KTVN, reporting our successful "proof of concept" test at our winter harvest January 29:

Video Landing Page - KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video -.mp4

After reviewing this information, if your are even "more interested", let me know or let's talk.


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Attachment 2: Video Landing Page - KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video -.mp4
That's nice they got back to you, but I see nothing in the information they sent that got me excited. Then again, it is only 2012
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