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Corey LeMont
"Science is the Engine of Prosperity." ~Dr. Michio Kaku
"Science is the Engine of Prosperity." ~Dr. Michio Kaku


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Musical chords are like fields of Shadows where the Sun bounces from horizon to horizon and angles of shadows are based upon the tonal quality.

Patterns layer themselves vertically and also horizontally as shadows cross paths with the rows of Corn.

If someone designs an app which makes this, I think it would blow up.

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Why don't we feel planetary forces of motion or sag uncontrollably under gravitational pull?

This leads us partially into the intricacies of our interwebbed relationship with the Ecosystem of Physics. We generally see Physics as this 'dead' layer of Reality upon which living matter has evolved.

The body is a tensegrity structure which distributes forces adaptive while forming shape. Like a flexible ball which will bounce and have its walls impressed inward and deform itself because of force, the body will keep itself upright and collectively ballooned into shape because of the electrochemical forces which hold its intricate internal and external cavities and volumes of liquid and gasses.

At the atmospheric level, air is undergoing similar forces of "levity" which is charged and controlled through electro and photo manipulation. (Muons also play a role in the types of motion experienced in our planetary/Universal Body withen Body system.)

It seems these electrical and photovoltaic forces are interleaved with human consciousness by mechanisms we don't or won't normally fully understand. Notice how powerful the EMF impulse of the animal's heart is. The mammal brain also has a substantial EMF and thermal signature. How do these thermal and voltaic effects cascade out and in correspondent with the environmental ecosystems?

The solution being nearly impossible to see or solve in an "all at once" fashion is seemingly part of the implicate order which keeps life aloft above the dungeons of death and entropy.

I think we actually miss a kind of connection with life when we view a healthy person as the epitome of life. When do you feel most alive, truly? When you are climbing a mountain or skating through a course....perhaps sprinting those last paces of a marathon?

These times of pushing the human body and the forces keeping us aloft to the edge is, I think, more of a symbol of performance and life than a nice and neat car safely tucked away which never sees the raceway.

In a sense, if we come out of forces connected with the environment and then materialize into an entity with a personality which has a solid core, we are hardening like a dead desert rock. We become so full of the world and so empty of the entropy which drives life. Disconnection from entropy is Disconnection from life.

If Life happens at the Edge, where do we position the Life Forces of the Human Civilization?

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The brain is a hyper-dimensional sponge. The fluids it prefers are even more of a hyper dimensional sponge. The geometric energies which flow through the fluids and brain and the Universal aether are even more elastic in their densities than physical matter. This gives rise to inexact computation of elemental energies. XACT, XEROX

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You can now bring the CSI labs to your computer and enhance images with an algorithm which guesses the missing detail of low-megapixel images.

The action potentials of the neurons in a brain are very related to the conditional entropy. Yes, I coined this term. And it's part of the artistic expression I'm doing as self-educational paradigm-shifter.

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These pictures related to Hyperdimensional constructs or energies help elucidate a little of what's been in my imaginations recently.

I believe another related concept is Tensegrity as well as fluid dynamics, laminar flow, and surface tension. Surface tension of hollow manifolds is perhaps the most interesting because it begins to become holotropic by its nature.
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