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Lost in the land of Hyrule.
Lost in the land of Hyrule.


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Forget watching the players, I'd pay to just watch this! "On Ice Projection - Maple Leafs" #NHL   #3D   #TML  

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Inspiration for a new year. Very excited to see what the next 12 months has in store :)

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"LEGO Ideas" is such an amazing... well, idea. So many fantastic sets are getting made thanks to fans all over. #Lego   #LegoIdeas   #BigBangTheory  

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This kind of thing needs to stop. It devalues many people's hard work and talent we work every day to improve upon.

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Not much more can be said about this mans passing. Just watch and be thankful he shared his talents with all of us.
RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014) Tribute - Best Movie Moments

Ajoutée le 11 août 2014
RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014) - Best Movie Moments

Unexpected, shocking and tremendously sad news arrives this afternoon. Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams has passed away today at the age of 63. Early reports indicate that Williams may have taken his own life.

It wasn't long before the movies came calling, and Williams carved out an impressive career with roles both comedic and dramatic, or more often with elements of both. Directors such as Barry Levinson ("Good Morning Vietnam"), Terry Gilliam ("The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen," "The Fisher King"), Steven Spielberg ("Hook," "A.I."), Mark Romanek ("One Hour Photo"), Gus Van Sant ("Good Will Hunting"), Kenneth Branagh ("Dead Again"), Penny Marshall ("Awakenings," "Hamlet"), Christopher Nolan ("Insomnia") and countless others all found different shades of his talent in the work. And even in an animated role, playing the genie in Disney's "Aladdin," Williams' ferocious energy couldn't be contained.

But the actor showed he could turn off the persona and charisma that made him famous, and fearlessly took on darker roles, often in independent productions. He consistently challenged himself through his work, but never completely left behind his comedic skills that won him a devoted audience. And for these efforts he was honored time and again by audiences and the industry, winning an Oscar for "Good Will Hunting" (he was nominated a total of four times), in addition to two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes, five Grammys and more.

Williams' final roles were in the comedy "Merry Friggin' Christmas" and in the Monty Python animated picture "Absolutely Anything." He had been filming "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb," but there's no word yet on whether he completed his scenes for the movie.

Williams was a drug addict during the '70s and '80s, but had quit. However, he was re-admitted to rehab in 2009 for alcohol addiction, and more recently checked in again last month where he had planned to stay for several weeks.

It's hard to properly summarize Williams' impact, but this video from Peter Weir's "Dead Poets Society" pretty much says it all. Williams will be greatly missed.

Those who worked with him knew him to be a genius and the rarest of talents. After news of his shocking death spread, his friends and professional admirers expressed their love for the man Steve Martin called a "great talent, acting partner, genuine soul."

Robin Williams (1951-2014) Tribute

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Support art. This is some amazing stuff!

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Love him or hate him, he has a style that can't be ignored.

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I have a dad crush on this man.

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An awesome guest appearance by George Watsky in the always amazing "Epic Rap Battles of History!"
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