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Does "Mac vs. PC" even matter for lawyers anymore? Maybe?

I know some people are very die-hard one way or the other. What do you think? 

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No one likes collecting client bills. Here are some tips on how to avoid problem clients and how to actually get paid for your services.

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Colleagues have been asking me if I know whether advertising with Avvo is worth it for lawyers. So, I spent the last two months running an Avvo advertising campaign for my law practice. Check out the results.

Also, if you've advertised with Avvo - what has your experience been like?

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Tips for getting the most out of your law firm website redesign

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Haven't they had a less invasive version of this for years now (

That full-on-bike thing seems a bit cumbersome.
A while back +Tina Willis had a post about treadmill desks- but has anyone tried a bicycle desk?
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How to Take a Vacation as a Lawyer:

A curated list of incredibly relevant posts on taking a vacation, from setting up your vacation to managing your practice while you're away. Tips include:
- How to set up your trip as a trial lawyer
- How to run your office while you're gone
- How to find cheap/free airfare
- Which are the best awards credit cards to use
- How to find the best flights

Have a Happy Fourth everyone!

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We looked into what determined whether a law firm website generated traffic and leads, and what separated the low-traffic sites from the high-traffic sites. After analyzing our own client website data, here's what we found.

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Need good quality free stock images for your blog posts / website?

Check out these resources

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Starting a Live Hangout Webinar on the Google "Mobilegeddon" mobile penalty in 5 minutes.

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Are you blogging with the right audience in mind to bring in business?
New post on finding and reaching your ideal audience for your law blog.
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