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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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If you were on the fence about whether to make your next car a Toyota, at least now you know the answer is "no".

¯\_ ( ツ )_/¯
Toyota is at this point already known as something of an opponent to Android Auto, and a new press release today seems to confirm that the company's commit... by David Ruddock in Android Auto, News
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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I really hate the fad of FUD against AI that has been perpetuated in the media the past couple months.

I could probably go on forever about how stupid decisions like this would be to try to do when I'm not typing on a phone, but in short: of course there's going to be pushback against creating a species that surpasses us in almost every way, but you can't stop the inevitable.

It makes way more sense to embrace AI and nurture a symbiotic, mutually-beneficial relationship from the start, rather than attempting another era of slavery and prohibition. 
"It will only be a matter of time until they appear on the black market and in the hands of terrorists"
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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This is pretty cool.
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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The best thing about McDonald's. 
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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A quick Autoawesome from the bath.
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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Careful out there tonight.
In late-breaking news from the dark world of golf-course poop capers, a Norwegian golf club continues its fight against a habitual cup-defacer who has used the course's holes as toilets...
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Remind me not to play golf there...
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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I don't often share random writing I find, but this short poem is really, really good.

The title encapsulates the poem's theme, but each stanza finds a way to be surprisingly relatable and definitely powerful. If you're looking for a good read before bed tonight, here's a story you won't regret losing a minute or two to. :)

Guilt met me outside and seized my shirt violently, Commanding me, “Look at all the problems you cause” He barked at Forgiveness as she left for the night Then shook me fiercely and screamed out all my worst flaws I knew Guilt was right, that my hands were far from clean; I listened intently to his charges each day There was no sense denying what we knew was true Slowly, I was interested in what he’d say We came to be strange friends,...
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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I have no idea how this slipped past the tech blogs. This is huge for our country and huge for our future.
Obama issued an executive order calling for "100 times the performance of current 10 petaflop systems" among other things.
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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This is crazy cool.
Did you see this?
A spider-like robot has been programmed to “walk on water.”
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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I miss this ol' setup.
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Andrew Brown (drusepth)

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"PUT A COMPUTER on a sniper rifle, and it can turn the most amateur shooter into a world-class marksman. But add a wireless connection to that computer-aided weapon, and you may find that your smart gun suddenly seems to have a mind of its own—and a very different idea of the target.

At the Black Hat hacker conference in two weeks, security researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger plan to present the results of a year of work hacking a pair of $13,000 TrackingPoint self-aiming rifles."
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The operator of the gun has to know the gun is aiming him at the wrong target in order to intervene.
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Always fast, always delicious. They literally run from JJ's to their car, and from their car to your door.
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Food: The food was excellent. I've been there twice now and my favorite thing on the menu is (big surprise) the burrito enchilada style. But regardless of what you get, be sure to try the sweet sauce with your nachos. It's pretty much good enough to bathe in. Decor: It feels like a ma and pa restaurant. If I didn't know better, I would have assumed it was. Service: Could have been better. They're fast at what they do, but sometimes a little too brisk. They'll start out by asking if you even need a menu.
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