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Zulip, Tomfoolery, Yammer, and now "Fleep?"  I wish I'd known eighteen months ago that reinventing Google Wave was now a viable business model.

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I'm way behind the times on this story, but the ideas behind Duolingo are amazing. #duolingo  

Is there a way to search for publicly shared playlists on Google Play, the way Grooveshark and Spotify will allow you to? #googleplaymusicallaccess  

Had our DSL installed today.  It's crazy how much better the connection seems, despite the lower overall throughput.  I assume this is due to the fact that Time Warner was caching and proxying YouTube, Amazon, and everything else that consumed a lot of bandwidth.

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I'll take "Things one only ever sees in a Texas airport for $400, Alex."

Is it just me, or does the new iOS7 look like what Metro should have looked like?  The thin fonts, the minimal borders and chrome, the high contrast colors...  I can't help thinking it's what Microsoft would have come up with first if they didn't suck at UI. #ios7   #metro   #uidesign  

Good god.  The source tarball for Chromium is so big it took my work desktop a minute and a half just to open it in Winrar.

I wonder if there's any work being done at +Google+ headquarters to combine posts the way Google News does.  Frequently I end up with four or five individual posts created by separate news sources covering the same phenomenon (and frequently linking to the same original article).  It clutters up my feed and vexes me so.

Given Google's long experience with document distance problems and machine learning (I'm looking at you, auto-hashtags), this has to be an achievable feature.


How is it that people are whining about the new G+ interface?  I can understand the usual "no one uses it!" complaints, but the minimized chrome and responsive layout make it one hell of a news reader/aggregator. #googleplusupdate  

#ifihadglass  I would combine Google's Speech-to-Text API with the onboard microphone and Closed Caption the entire world for the hearing impaired.  You could try lip-reading with Glass's camera and one of the open source Java-based AVSR libraries as well.
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