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We as a people have many unique features that separate us from other mammals. Among them is the ability to recall. WE are the only animal whose memory changes with time not in our ability to remember, but what we remember from events we experienced. Some people lie to change their past (Pseudologia fantastica), others truly believe that what they remember is the truth (Confabulation). There are no other mammals capable of such things and I find it sad that, in time, even the written word of history books have either been misinterpreted beyond its intended meaning or disproven by chance or assumption.
The point I’m trying to make is that however bad the world appears to be today, regardless of what you think or “know” it is better than yesterday. No matter how much chaos and however many wars there are in the world. No matter how many people died today. No Matter how much money you’ve lost. No matter what, the world is a better place. There’s been war, there’s been poverty, there’s been death, and there’s been disease, but guess what. Still here and we’re all better for it. Because when faced with adversity humanity either fights or flights and since we’re still here I’m going to assume that a fair majority of people are fighting.
And when tomorrow comes it’s not going to be the soldiers that fought and died to defend an ideal, it’s not going to be the countless masses that united under a banner and declared their rights to freedom, nor will it be the scientists that spent countless hours trying to develop cures for all that ails the world. It’s going to be the one general that led his troops, even if he never stepped foot on a battlefield. It’s going to be that one man that manipulated the masses into following him. And it’s going to be that one scientist that gets lucky and finds the right combination of chemicals.
In the end, even if you accomplish greatness there’s no real way to be sure that your name is going to be the one that is remembered. Examples: Antonio Meucci(Telephone) , Henri Poincare(Theory of Relativity), and Ernest Duchesne (Penicillin)
So Fuck being great. Fuck being remembered. Fuck making a difference. Just live your life and be happy. If someone needs a hand that you can lend then fucking lend it. Be happy because you’re alive and you, as a mammal, have the amazing power of free will. If you’re remembered as a fool, oh well. If you’re not remembered at all, oh well. If, by chance you do attained greatness, don’t stop being who you are. Just be happy.

It's fun to go out and party, to go to a concert, to go hang out with friends. The key word being "go" as in leave my home and "go" somewhere else to enjoy these things. When there's an event happening a few blocks away and it's loud enough for me to hear when i'm listening to music... then there's a problem.
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