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Sneak peek at the Frankie Frost - 2012 Holiday Edition Android mini collectible designed by +Scott Tolleson for my G+ peeps! Coming next week, release information and turn-around tomorrow!
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daaaawwwww he's kind of adorable.
Nice! Looking forward to adding that to my collection :-)
rudy s
nice, looking forward to collecting this one, keep us posted!
Tom S
Ordering one when it becomes available. One can never have too many android minis. :-)
Awesome! Definitely adding him to my collection!
Take my money!

Looks awesome, deffo need him to go along with everyone else :-) 
Don't tell me he has an NJ accent :D Yo Frankie
+Andrew Bell Where can I buy select Android figures instead of getting a mystery box? There are a few I want specifically and don't want to spend extra money on hoping on getting them
Been eagerly waiting this year's collectible! Will look good next to my Frosty and Toy Soldier.
Woot! Can't wait to get my hands on one or three of these!
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